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Final Exam Study Guide

by: Sydney Purpora

Final Exam Study Guide History 125

Sydney Purpora
GPA 3.62
World History Since 1500
Louisa Rice

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About this Document

World History Since 1500
Louisa Rice
Study Guide
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by Sydney Purpora on Friday December 11, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to History 125 at University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire taught by Louisa Rice in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 79 views. For similar materials see World History Since 1500 in History at University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire.


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Date Created: 12/11/15
0 Boer War 18991902 0 South Africa and Britain 0 Causes I Increasing BritishBoer con ict over resources diamond gold I Cecil Rhodes as emblematic of British ideology O War I Boer guerrilla warfare I British concentration camps I Gandhi in the war 0 Consequences I British victory I 1910 Union of South Africa 0 RussoJapanese War 19041905 0 Humiliating defeat exposes government weakness 0 Social disconnect boils over in Revolution of 1905 0 Young Turks O Ottoman Society for Union and Progress the young turk party I Founded in 1889 in Paris Constitution and parliamentary system Freedom of association speech and religion Turkish is official language All schools staterun free education Young Turk Revolution 1908 I Attempted to establish Turkish dominance over far ung empire 0 Boxer Rebellion 18991901 0 China 0 Antiforeign antiChristian society 0 Crushed by coalition of European forces 0 China forced to accept stationing of foreign troops 0 Qiu Jin 18751907 0 Cross dressed and wore Western clothing 0 Feminest and disagreed with foot binding 0 Left Family and moved to Japan 0 Returned to China to try and overthrow the Qing empire 0 Beheaded in 1907 0 El Nino 18961902 0 China 0 Set off the Boxer Rebellion 0 Severe droughts O Monsoon oods 0 Total War 19141918 0 Creating a homefront 0 Political and economic centralization OOOOO O Manipulation of public opinion 0 Demonizing the enemy I Resulting in 0 More women workers 0 Guilt 0 Rest of the world gets dragged into the war Trench Warfare 19141918 0 Used throughout the war 0 Men staying in the trenches and sacrificing those to go into no mans land 0 The use of gas in the trenches killing many soldiers Dulce et Decorum Est 1917 O Wilfred Owen Gas killing many men The gas was so think like sea Obscene as cancer The argument of dying for your country seemed ironic to the author not worth it Gallipoli 1915 O Ottoman empire modern day Turkey 0 French and British attempting to control the sea route from Europe to Russia 0 The attempt failed resulting in many French and British casualties Armenian Genocide 19151917 0 Ottoman Empire 0 Turkish nationalism O The Ottoman government s systematic extermination of their minority Armenian intellectuals I Hundreds killed Vladimir Lenin 1 870 1924 0 Russia 0 Communist revolutionist 0 Marxist ideas 0 Middle class 0 April Theses 1917 Peace Land and Bread 0 Russia 0 A phrase coined by Lenin 0 What he promised to give to the Soviets Treaty of Versailles June 28th 1919 0 Europe Germany and allied powers 0 A treaty the allied powers presented to Germany 0 Making Germany pay I Money I Guilt O O O O I Trading ports I Territories Selfdetermination 19141918 0 Europe 0 Idea created in World War One 0 a society sharing common language history and culture traditions should have the right to decide its own political future and govern its own affairs 0 Woodrow Wilson brought up this ideal in his Fourteen Points Mandate System 1918 O A compromise between the Allies wish to retain the former German and Turkish colonies and their preArmistice declaration that annexation of territory was not their aim in the war Sykes Picot agreement May 1916 0 Secret agreement between French and British cheating the agreement between British and Arabs 0 June 1916 Arab Revolt begins Lost Generation End of the war 1918 0 Europe 0 Kills 15 million military men 0 Those men are the lost generation Flapper 1920 s 0 Europe 0 The new woman 0 During the cultural shift after the war Five Year Plans 0 Russia 0 Mid 1900 s 0 Under Stalin s rule 0 Wanting to improve industry to be up to the rest of the world Indirect Rule 0 Britain Netherlands and United States 0 Theory and practice of colonial government favoring the appointment of local leaders as political intermediaries between the colonizer and the indigenous population Salt March 1930 0 India 0 Indians were prohibited from making salt forcing them to buy it from British 0 Gandhi lead thousands on a 200 mile march 0 Key moment in civil disobedience against colonialism Totalitarianism 0 Europe 0 Antiliberal O Dictatorships 0 Control of the press and propaganda 0 Strong armies Keynesianism 0 Economics view that states that economic output is strongly in uenced by total spending Haile Selassie 0 Mid 1900 s 0 Emperor of Ethiopia 0 Appealed to the League of Nations for help with finances for army to stop invasion I They denounced the invasion but refused to help further Guernica June 1937 0 Anti war painting Rape of NankingNanjing 1937 O J apanChina 0 Mass murder and rape of those in the city of Nanjing China by Japanese troops Aushwitz 19401945 0 German Nazi concentration camp Universal Declaration of Human Rights December 10th 1948 0 Aims I To enhance protection for individuals from state tyranny wherever they live I To foster peace those nations who treat their citizens well are less likely to be aggressive I To promote the inherent dignity and equal worth of all member of the human family Iron Curtain 19451991 0 Dividing Europe into two halves I Separating the east side who was connected with or in uenced by the Soviet Union and the west side who was not I Symbolizing the idea of the Soviet Union separating itself Berlin BlockadeAirlift 1948 0 Germany attempting to keep in the citizens of Berlin 0 All trains and ground passages were cut off so Britain airlifted supplies in Mao Zedong 0 Applying Marxist theory to a largely agrarian society 0 Chinese Revolution I CCP gradually gains control 0 Declares creation of People s Republic of China 1949 Kitchen Debate 1959 0 Nixon Khrushchev O Impromptu discussion about capitalism and communism Cuban Missile Crisis 1962 0 Russian leader agreeing to put missiles in Cuba 0 United States is threatened Patrice Lumumba 0 Leader of Congo 0 Founded Congolese National Movement in 1959 I Not targeting a specific group all of Congo coming together Partition India late 1930 s 0 Separating of India into two separate territories I Hundi I Islam Dien Bien Phu 1954 0 Where the French were defeated by Vietnamese in the Indochinese War Apartheid 1948 0 South Africa 0 Separating blacks and whites Anthropocene 0 The era beginning in the nineteenth century in which human beings have become the primary agents of change in the earth s biosphere Terrorism 0 Transnational dimensions 0 Significance of electric revolution 0 Motivates political violence Mikhail Gorbachev 1985 O Perestroika restructuring O Glasnost openness


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