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Final Exam Study Guide

by: Catherine Notetaker

Final Exam Study Guide Chinese 204

Marketplace > Kansas > Chinese > Chinese 204 > Final Exam Study Guide
Catherine Notetaker
GPA 3.41

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About this Document

This is a study guide I have created for Final Exam preparation. I hope this is helpful for understanding the grammar patterns.
Intermediate Chinese
Deborah Peterson
Study Guide
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This 5 page Study Guide was uploaded by Catherine Notetaker on Saturday December 12, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to Chinese 204 at Kansas taught by Deborah Peterson in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 319 views. For similar materials see Intermediate Chinese in Chinese at Kansas.


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Date Created: 12/12/15
Chinese 204 Final Exam Study Guide Helpful tips to know: 更- even 更更-more than or verb +更更 更- most Double le- V+了+ time duration +了- the action is still occurring Single le-V+了+ time duration- the action has stopped occurring 更 V+了 Used in there is/are something…somewhere sentences Place word+ V+了+ something *Also used to describe an on-going or static position resulting from a particular action Words to be used with 了 更-bai2 to put 更-fang2 to place 更-gua4 to hang 更-na2 to hold, to take 更-dai4 to wear 更-kan4 to watch, see 更-mang4 busy Sentence Examples using 了了 There is a clock hanging on the wall. 更更更更更更更更更 There are a few instruments on the table. 更更更更更更更更更更 Describing ongoing or static examples with 了了 She is holding a large Chinese book. 更更更更更更更更更更更 They have to stand while watching the play. 更更 更更更更更更 For two events occurring at the same time, 了 comes after V1, the background event, to provide a basis for which the more dynamic event, V1 is carried out. Da zhong is busy doing his homework. 更更更更更更更更更更 I am singing while in the shower. 更更更更 更更更 V+了了 Notes that an action has been previously experienced in the past. Time phrases commonly associated: 了了了了了了 了了了了 了了 indicates that an action has not been previously experienced at any point in the past I have been to China (before). 更更更更更更 I have not seen that Chinese play. 更更更更更更更更更更更 List of potential words for comparisons using 了了了了了了 了了了了了了 更-re4 hot 更-leng2 cold 更-gao1 tall 更- duan3 short 更- kuan1 wide 更- kuai4 fast Stative Verb- Anything that can have 了 in front of it and make sense 了 更 更 更 更 更 更 更 更 Potential Complements: 更更 更 更 更 更 更 更 These sentences exist in four different forms: Positive: V+ 了+ potential complement Negative: V+了+ potential complement 了 Question: V+ 了+ potential complement+了了 A 了 A question: V+了+ potential complement+ V+ potential complement? To have enough time: 了了了 I cannot find my computer. 更 更更更 更更更更更 Those plane tickets are too expensive, I cannot afford to buy them. 更更更更更更更更 更更更更更 I cannot understand my Chinese homework. 更更更更 更更更更更更更 Resultative Endings- indicate some kind of result 更- dao4 to reach, succeed, attain 更-zhao2 reach, succeed, attain 更- jian4 to perceive 更-zhu4 hold on, constrain 更-dong4 to understand 更-bao3 full 更-hui4 master a skill 更-cuo4 incorrect, wrong 更-dui4 correct 更更- qing1 chu clearly 更更-gan3 jing clean 更- kai1 open, move away *This structure is used when a person does something with an object or when something is done directly to an object. Examples of 了 sentences: I parked my car in the garage. 更更更更更更更更更更更 I put my book on top of my desk. 更更更更更更更更更更更更 He didn’t hang up the clothes. 更更更更更更更更更 She forgot the name of that restaurant. 更更更更更更更更更更更更更更 I closed the window. 更更更更更更 He forgot to finish his homework. 更更更更更更更更更更更 The weather in America is even hotter than the weather in China. 更更更更更更更更更更更更 My brother sings better than I do. 更更更更更更更更更更更更 Directions: X 了 location: The restaurant is in front of the bank. 更更更更更更更更更 Da zhong’s house is next to the school. 更更更更更更更 更更更更 了 (starting point)+ 了/了+direction/location+ action verb Go from the library to the zoo, and then turn west. 更更更更 更更更更更 更更更更更 Go south from here, pass two intersections, and then turn right. 更更更更更更, 更更更更更更更更 更更更更更 Asking for directions: 了了 更更 refers to many types of transportation, not just limited to walking. Biking, driving, etc. Excuse me, may I ask, how do I go to X from here? 更更更更 更更更 更更更更 X 更更更更 Excuse me, may I ask, where is X? 更更更更更更更X 更更更更 V+了了To do something unexpectedly 了了了了了- begin to watch t.v 了了了了了- begin to do homework 更更更- begin to listen to music V+更更 Unable to do something unexpectedly


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