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Final (Exam 3) Study Guide

by: Kaitlyn Hamke

Final (Exam 3) Study Guide DANC 100

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Kaitlyn Hamke
GPA 3.5
Intro to Dance History

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About this Document

This is a study guide over all of the information needed for the final! Enjoy and happy studying!
Intro to Dance History
Study Guide
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This 5 page Study Guide was uploaded by Kaitlyn Hamke on Saturday December 12, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to DANC 100 at Ball State University taught by Lund in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 275 views. For similar materials see Intro to Dance History in Art History at Ball State University.


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Date Created: 12/12/15
EXAM 3 Study guide What role has nonclassical dance played in our lives in the last century 0 Major impact on people s lives 0 Function of dance changed 0 Technology played What role has technology played in the accessibility of dance music 0 Dance became more accessible to all kinds of people 0 Music became more portable Where did social dance forms in America come from prior to the 20th century 0 Originated in Europe 0 Mass migration 0 Information revolution Which dance formed ruled the dance oors of America at the beginning of the 20th century 0 The Waltz Why was the waltz such a controversial dance 0 It was more risque because of the intimacy of the dance frame Went from dancing open 9 dancing in a closed frame 0 People were dancing closer than before and because of this the church looked down upon the dance Understand the changes brought about by the quotBostonquot 0 It contained the last elements of court dancing 0 No more turn out Why were minstrel shows popular 0 Most popular stage dance form from 1900 1930 o Amalgamation of styles 0 Entertains directly to audience 0 Whites dressed as blacks although some were allowed on stage What was a cakewalk When was it done 0 First indigenous black dance to gain public attention 0 Competition Understand the evolution of blacks and the stage 0 They weren t allowed to dance in public 0 It was rare that they actually performed o Eventually performed onstage 0 Had to dance in pairs Why was the Cakewalk important 0 It brought the culture of black dancing to the stage Where did Ragtime music come from 0 Came from slave dances 0 Introduced from new music styles The most popular of the quotAnimalquot dances 0 Turkey trot 0 Fox trot o Bunny hop Why did the quotAnimalquot dances tend to outrage the moralists of the day 0 More physical contact What was the role played by Vernon and Irene Castle in the evolution of social dance 0 Toned down and found ways to make many of the social dances more stylish What are the most important characteristics of Jazz music 0 A lot of improvisation to the music What were the Broadway Revues of the 2039s and 3039s like 0 Dance became integrated into the actual storyline of the show ex Oklahoma What is the most famous precision chorus line 0 Ziegfeld Follies Eventually came to be known as the Radio City Rockettes Understand the development of Latin American dance and how black culture mixed with Latin American cultures to produce their dances Know which dances come from which countries Why did Latin musicdance go into decline amp the role of Salsa o Infusion of black culture into Spanish culture of South America Tango AfroCuban Habanera Samba Brazilian dance that gave African culture expression Rumba AfroCuban Pantomime of seduction Mambo AfroCub an rhythm with a mixture of swing Cha cha faster rhythm solo dancing What role did movie musicals play during the depression What were they like 0 Sound was integrated into musicals on screen 0 Busby Berkley and lm 0 Discovered that lm could do what could not be done on stage What role did Shirley Temple play in musicals of the 3039s 0 She represented the dream of America 0 Biggest box of ce star in Hollywood in 1935 to 1938 The most celebrated tap dancer and the biggest box of ce draw from 193538 was 0 Shirley Temple Where did the Lindy Hop get started and where did it evolve 0 Started in Harlem in the black community and then evolved to the white community 0 White community toned it down 0 Developed from the Savoy Ballroom What was the most popular theatrical dance style from 1900193039s 0 Tap dance How did the soft shoe differ from clogs 0 Showed grace and individuality Why was Bill Robinson such an amazing dancer 0 He had unparalleled skill 0 Perfected steps 0 Developed rhythm tap What role did Arthur Murray play in social dance in America 0 He created his own personal styles for ballroom dancers 0 Made expensive ass dance studios 0 Made learning dance accessible to people What made Fred Astaire such a popular dancer 0 Took elements of ballroom and tap and created his own personal dance style What event helped classical dance break onto the stage dance 0 The decline of tap dancing Why was Slaughter 0n Tenth Avenue important Who created it 0 Created by George Balanchine 0 Ballet is integrated into the plot of the musical What was the rst show that utilized dance to signi cantly advance the show39s plot Who created it 0 Oklahoma 0 Created by Agnes DeMille Who was the 1st dancer to dance with animation in lm 0 Gene Kelly What are the characteristics of the Fosse style of Jazz Dancing Why did it come about Sexy women Bowler hats Jutting hips Limp wrists Toollt all of his aws and incorporated them into his dances Where did Rock and Roll get its name 0 It was coined by Radio DJ Alan Freed Early on why was Elvis Presley promoted 0 He was a white man with a black sound 0 Danced intuitively 0 Elvis the Pelvis due to his dancing gyrations De ne Rock and Roll 0 Swing dancing with lots of sexual energy What were the technological advances that contributed to the success of Rock and Roll Transistor radio 45 RPM singles TV Dick Clark s American Bandstand What role did American Bandstand play in the success of Rock and Roll It was national television air time Invested in a lot of startup record labels and then promoted them on the show Showed various dances styles clothing and hairstyle trends Development of the Twist What were dances like in the 6039s 0 Politics SeX and Rebellion o Individualistic 0 Soul Music James Brown Why was Soul Music so important 0 Catalysts black people singing groups became widely popular In uence of James Brown 0 Brash Catalyst What role did Motown play in promoting black artists 0 Packaging marketing established recording studios Origin of word Discotheque o Bibliotheque Library of music record library 0 Glamour 0 DJ s o Partnering in dances again Role of the DJ 0 Played different tracks for dancing that seemed to ow seamlessly Origin of Country Western Square Dancing 0 Country Western spinoff of disco 0 Square Dance quadrilles caller Role of Hip Hop DJ 0 Played different musical tracks for dancing 0 The turntable becomes the instrument httpsquizletcom171631 15 dance 100 exam3 ash cards


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