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Question 1

by: Jared Notetaker

Question 1 REL 150-01

Jared Notetaker
La Salle
GPA 3.5
Exploring Christianity
Robert Kinzler

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About this Document

Here is Question 1 from the Study Guide. It has more than enough information so when you make your flash card have some originality.
Exploring Christianity
Robert Kinzler
Study Guide
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by Jared Notetaker on Saturday December 12, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to REL 150-01 at La Salle University taught by Robert Kinzler in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 70 views. For similar materials see Exploring Christianity in Religion at La Salle University.


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Date Created: 12/12/15
Question 1 12122015 The reformation is an historical event What are the causes of the reformation Go back and establish a historical time frame for why the Reformation was possible Give speci c examples Could anything have prevented the reformation Could anything that anyone did while events were occurring have changed the outcome Causes of Reformation Renaissance rebirth 0 Italian renaissance rebirth of ancient Greek and Roman worlds 0 Characteristics 0 Secilar Urban society 0 Age of Recovery 0 European trade with Asia increased during the 13005 0 Italian merchants organized much of this trade 0 Florence became center of banking 0 Rome Venice Milan Genoa Florence main cities 0 Florence 0 Center of art literature and culture 0 Wealthy from manufacturing wool o Medici ruler of the city Aimed to make Florence the most powerful and beautiful city in the world Best artists and architects go to Florence o Niccolo Machiavelli Writes a book called quotThe Princequot better to be feared than loved ends justify the means All done to keep peace Philosopher and politician o Strict class society 0 Man the center of the universe humanism The impact opposite of medieval thought 0 Individual important 0 Man is good with dignity and value 0 Dignity and worth of all people 0 People can enjoy life and still be good Christians 0 O O Encouraged human achievement Finds the truth within himself Rough Timeline 0 Martin Luther O O O 0 Bible could tell you what to do not the pope Solo scriptora only scripture First person to translate the bible into German Responsible for the german language 95 thesis Everything wrong with the church Simply wanted a debate not a split from church rst break Wanted to reform church Because of the printing press his thesis was mass produced 0 John Calvin O O OO Literal interpretation of the bible Predestination before you were born you were chosen to go to heaven or hell No matter what you did and wont nd out until you die First major ideal break from Christianity Faith revealed by living a righteous life Expansion of the Protestant Movement Says Free will is non existent because it contradicts the omnipotent God 0 Set up Theocracy in Geneca Switzerland Theocracy government ruled by church leaders 0 Future variations Puritans Presbyterian o Reformation in England 0 Henry VIII The Anglican Tradition King of England Roman Catholic Opposed Luther s beliefs Named 39Defend of the Faith by Pope Leo X 0 Needs a Divorce Catholic Church does not permit divorce Marriage to Catherine of Aragon did not produce male heir only a girl a Mary Tudor Henry needed a male to preserve his throne Henry asked the pope for an annulment so he could marry someone who will give a male heir Pope denied it Henry created the Church of England to be ruled by the king not the pope Married Anne Boleyn and has another daughter Elizabeth D Beheaded for 39Treason Has 6 wives Act of Supremacy 1534 a Parliament passed the Act of Supremacy I Made henry the sole ruler of England 0 Elizabeth I Daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn Returned the country to the Protestant Faith after her Catholic sister Queen Mary 39Bloody Mary died Through compromise Elizabeth found middle ground with Catholics and Protestants Made England a rmly Protestant nation Little religious turmoil for decades 0 Catholic CounterReformation 0 Catholic Church wanted to stop the spread of Protestantism o It was losing followers which meant it was losing money 0 They refocused on strictly following the commands and rules of the Church 0 Council of Trent The Jesuits Met between 1545 and 1563 to male reforms Council of trent reaffirmed most church doctrine and practices a Salvation comes through faith AND good works a Bible is not the only source of truth 0 Practical Knowledge is the other Council took steps towards ending Church abuses o Ignatius of Loyola religious leader who was devoted to the Catholic Church o Formed the Society ofJesus the Jesuits to defend and spread the Catholic faith around the worl 0 Sent missionaries to Asia Africa and the Americas 0 Known for setting up schools 0 Spread of Christianity 0 Protestant England Settled in what is now the United States 0 Catholic Spain and France settle in what is not Mexico and South America 0 Summary 0 Protestant Reformation began as a theological dispute between Martin Luther and the Catholic Church o Theological dispute becomes religious con ict as Catholics and Protestant are persecuted for their beliefs 0 Religious con ict becomes a political con ict between states seeking to advance their positions 0 Possible Preventionevents o If Protestants were taken care of by the Catholics o If the church listened to Luther in the rst place then Luther may not have been forced to split This most likely inspired many others to split as well


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