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HONORS Christian Theo Trad

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About this Document

theo 101 final exam study guide (only unit 4 material)
HONORS Christian Theo Trad
Study Guide
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This 5 page Study Guide was uploaded by Notetaker on Sunday December 13, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to 101/41603 at University of St. Thomas taught by MacMillan in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see HONORS Christian Theo Trad in Religious Studies at University of St. Thomas.




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Date Created: 12/13/15
2015 20 THEO 101H Test IV Study Guide PART I COMPREHENSIVE ESSAY QUESTION See the separate prompt for this question PART II This test will be formatted in a similar way to previous tests EXCEPT that there will be a chart re Luther Trent and Vatican II to fill in and there will be more multiple choicetrue false ll in the blanks than essay uestions You may bring I SMALL index card 5 x 3 to the exam with writing The writing must be large enough for me to read without a magnifying glass If you bring a LARGE index card I will give you a small one to replace it You are also responsible for all of the assigned questions from CTT since the last test as well as the questions from the beginning of the course re Vatican II If you re not sure what these are review the syllabus PEOPLE The Apostle of Goodness The Angelic doctor Charles Borromeo John Calvin The Dumb Ox Henry VIII Ignatius Loyola Martin Luther Julian of Norwich Katherine von Bora Cardinal Tetzel Rosemary Goldie Sr Mary Luke Tobin POPES John XXIII Paul VI John Paul II Benedict XVI Francis 1 PLACES Trent Rome Leipzig Norwich Augsburg Vatican City Wittenberg Cathedral VOCABULARY 3 CC Anathema sit anchoriteanchoress apocryphal Augustinian believers baptism Benedictine Calvinist Deuterocanonical Dialogue Evangelical Fundamentalist Small catechism Large Catechism 3 CC 3 3 6quot Dominican Ecumenical Franciscan Gaudium et spes 1conoclasm Inter religious Jesuit Nicea II NostraAetate Peace Churches Priesthood of all believers Reformation Reformations 3 CC CounterReformation Catholic Reformation resourcement sacraments servus servorum Dei signs of the times Sola Scriptura Scripture and Tradition Summa theologiae the substance of the faith is one thing the way it is expressed is another Syllabus of Errors Transubstantiation Tridentine DATES 1520 15451563 19621965 THOMAS AQUINAS 1 Thomas Aquinas is famous for using the Scholastic Method to argue different theological doctrines Be prepared to argue Whether God isquot using the Scholastic method and be able to identify the different parts of the scholastic argument JULIAN OF NORWICH 1 Julian of Norwich s theology is considered both psychologically and theologically sound Why What does she teach that is so sound Why is it surprising that it is so sound 2 Julian has some unique ways of describing God and Jesus What are they What is she trying to say about God and Jesus through these images 3 Julian was troubled by the question of sin and eVil How did God respond to her 4 What is the significance of the hazelnut in Julian s theology 5 Why wasn t Julian s theology as in uential as it could have been LUTHER AND THE COUNCIL OF TRENT 1 Explain what is meant by the phrase Luther is the spark that set the Reformation on fire 2 What is meant by the term Protestant Reformations plural Why were they able to spread so quickly Give at least 3 reasons 3 What 6 contributions to the spirituality of lay people did Luther make For each indicate Trent s response and Vatican Il s response if known Luther Trent Vatican II Bible In vernacular In Latin In vernacular Religious Education Worship Sacraments etc 4 Explain what the Council of Trent is why it was called and the reforms that it supported You will have a chart like the one above to ll in 5 Be sure you can answer the assigned questions for the Council of Trent that are in the Reading Guide and that we reviewed in class as well as the CTT assigned questions re Trent 0N CHRISTIAN LIBERTY l Luther s text 0n Christian Liberty provides a summary of his theology Summarize how Luther understands the liberty that Christians have 2 Luther s Open Letter to Pope Leo X does not win him any friends among the Roman Curia or even with the Pope Why not Give examples and be sure to explain what the Roman Curia is 3 In this letter Luther actually thinks he s being a loyal son of the Church Explain why and how using examples from the text 4 Why was Luther successful and previous reformers were not Name two previous theologians who tried to reform the Church and were unsuccessful 5 What was the indulgence controversy and what role did it play in the development of Luther s theology 6 Luther s wrote Ninety five theses that he wished to debate in his theology department What were 5 key theses for him COUNCIL OF TRENT 1 By the time the Council of Trent is convoked in 1545 the Reformation had spread like wildfire throughout Europe Trent in its documents responded to many of the teachings of the Reformers What did the Reformers teach and how did Trent respond Refer to the chart above 2 What was the Council of Trent s position re relics icons statues stained glass windows etc Refer to the Council of Nicea II in 787 to answer this question 3 How did the Catholic Church attempt to counter the Reformers ideas Justi cation l Distinguish between Justi cation by grace through faith Refer to Paul Romans Galatians amp Luther Justi cation by works and Justi cation by faith and works Refer to Trent and the Letter of James cf CTT as well POST TRENT lExplain the difference between the Reformation Reformations CounterReformation and Catholic Reformation 2 Between the Council of Trent and Vatican II the Roman Catholic Church increasingly adopted a fortress mentality Explain what a fortress mentality is how it manifested itself and why it developed 3 The Catholic Church felt that it was under threat from a number of external forces What were some of these Refer to the Syllabus of Errors to answer this question VATICAN II 1 Vatican II was a unique Council in the history of the Church Compare and Contrast the Council of Trent with Vatican II on ve different points You may include points of difference and similarity Trent Vatican II Point one Point two Point three Point four Point ve You may use a chart to outline the points but you need to be able to write a short essay explaining the similarities andor differences 2 Explain the following in relation to Vatican II a aggiomamento b ressourcement c liturgical movement d biblical studies e ecumenical movement 3 Nostra Aetate is the shortest document at Vatican II and the one that almost didn t get passed What does it deal with In light of our course why is it such a signi cant document 4 Pope John Paul II was the rst pope in the history of Christianity to visit the Jewish Synagogue in Rome Why was this visit so important to Jews around the world 5 Identify 6 ways in which Vatican II has directly in uenced the course material of THEO 101 Be speci c and refer to aggiomamento and resourcement N B Be sure to answer this with respect to the CONTENT of the course and not those taking or teaching it 6 If not for Vatican II I because 1 full paragraph Answer this in a full paragraph and relate it to yourself 7 The lms on Vatican 11 you saw in this course were part of a series called The Faithful Revolution Explain whether Vatican II was a faithful revolution or not Be sure to define faithful and revolution These can be interpreted in different ways so I will accept a variety of answers as long as you support your position 8 If Pope Francis were to call a Vatican 111 what issues do you think the Catholic Church needs to address today 9 What does Gaudium et spes mean and to what does it refer When Gaudium et spes was written what were the signs of the times If G et s were written today what are the signs of the times it would have to address RELIGION in AMERICA 1 The religious context of the US is distinctive because of the US born religious traditions Identify three of these and one interesting to you characteristic of each 2 Explain the Constitution s position with respect to religion and religious practice in the USA Christmas Carols amp The Bible 1 Christmas Pageants often combine Matthew s infancy narrative with Luke s infancy narrative Be sure you can identify the differences between these two narratives and the theological significance of each ie Which gospel has the Star The three wise men The Angels The Shepherds the manger To whom does the angel speak in each a house etc 2 Using your knowledge in q 1 you will be asked to identify lines from common Christmas Carols and associate them with the appropriate Gospel


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