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SOC 325 Final Exam Reading Notes

by: Maria

SOC 325 Final Exam Reading Notes SOC 325

Marketplace > Michigan State University > Sociology > SOC 325 > SOC 325 Final Exam Reading Notes
GPA 3.8
Play, Games, and Sports
Toby A. Ten Eyck

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About this Document

Note set highlights the main points discussed within the articles that are being tested on the final exam.
Play, Games, and Sports
Toby A. Ten Eyck
Study Guide
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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Maria on Monday December 14, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to SOC 325 at Michigan State University taught by Toby A. Ten Eyck in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 66 views. For similar materials see Play, Games, and Sports in Sociology at Michigan State University.


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Date Created: 12/14/15
Monday December 14 2015 SOC 325 FINAL EXAM Reading Notes 12 1 Oldfather Chad M quotOf Umpires Judges and Metaphors Adjudication in Aesthetic Sports and Its Implications for Lawquot Marq Sports L Rev 25 2014 271 300 Judges and justices are servants of the law not the other way around Judges are like umpires Umpires don t make the rules they apply them The role of an umpire and a judge is critical They make sure everybody plays by the rules In purposive sports the goal of the sport is to a considerable degree independent of the means of obtaining it In a purposive sport one may win ugly since what matters is obtaining a higher score than one s opponent rather than doing so in a graceful or other wise pleasing way One can never win ugly in an aesthetic sport at least when compared to one s direct competitors for an ugly performance is by de nition a bad performance Constitutive rules are those that constitute the game in the sense that the sport of baseball for example would not exist without a set of rules de ning the nature of the activity Regulatory rules place restrictions on the manner in which an activity may permissi bly be undertaken For example the notion of a pitch exists only as a product of the constitutive rules of baseball while the prohibition against doctoring the ball is the product of a regulatory rule 123 Slack Liam A et al quotFactors underpinning football of ciating excellence perceptions of English Premier League refereesquot Journal of Applied Sport Psychology 25 3 2013 298 3 15 Referees taking part in this study mentioned how continually enhancing performance was a key feature contributing to refereeing excellence at this level Three lower order themes encap sulated this hi gher order theme a Select Group development b self analysis of refereeing performance and c application of performance aided technology equipment In particular eight referees revealed performance scrutiny of PGMOL management while ve referees acknowledged receiving constructive criticism from peers as important factors underscoring Select Group development Referees also talked about high Select Group cohesion and how they discuss their on eld involvements It is clear that EPL referees rely on various mental toughness attributes to deal with the many demands in this elite level football environment These ndings have implications for the way sport psychology consultants work when enhancing effective referee development Monday December 14 2015 128 Turner Paul quotThe impact of technology on the supply of sport broadcastingquot European sport management quarterly 7 4 2007 337 360 o The digital distribution platforms comprising wired and wireless options Within these distribution platforms are the digital media available terrestrial satellite microwave cable telephone power utilities and the digital devices emerging the many and varied options for displaying content such as PC on TV high de nition DVD etc The digital output comprising audio visual text interactive opportunities represents how the information is presented to the viewer 1 Wireless platforms are represented by terrestrial satellite microwave and mobile telephony services 2 Wired platforms are represented by cable power utilities and telephone services 0 The digital distribution pathways available Within the distribution pathways are the digital services free to air subscription pay per view PPV the digital windows that exist live delayedreplay rolling high lights archivalvideo on demand VOD news and the digital coverage international coverage national coverage local coverage narrowcast coverage 0 Digital Services In the digital environment the incorporation of additional interactive services such as gambling or merchandise sales will emerge across all service options 0 Digital Windows De la Fuente 1998 identi ed six distinct rights windows available for interested broadcaster parties associated with the digital broadcasting environment These were identi ed as live live coverage superlive multicamera options data etc prime primetime repeat best exclusive late prime coverage of highlights news premiere associated with controlled news coverage and review walltowall repeat coverage These windows were extended by de la Fuente in 2002 to be termed live delayed highlights news rolling wallpaper channel of delayed coverage ClubFan TV club channel Internet narrow information and stills Internet wide rich media content on the Internet mobile mobile telephony and archive past events Each of these windows presents an opportunity to develop an exclusive category of sport content that would be of some value to a broadcaster The distribution could involve a free to air or subscription option to be made available to the consumer coupled with a clubleaguebroadcaster revenue sharing or distribution policy


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