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Unit 1 Study Guide

by: Matt Owens

Unit 1 Study Guide MC 101 - Intro to Mass Communications

Matt Owens
GPA 4.22
Introduction to Mass Communications
Fei Qiao

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About this Document

Here is the study guide for the 1st test! Hope it helps!
Introduction to Mass Communications
Fei Qiao
Study Guide
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by Matt Owens on Monday December 14, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to MC 101 - Intro to Mass Communications at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa taught by Fei Qiao in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Mass Communications in Communication Sciences and Disorders at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa.

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Date Created: 12/14/15
Matt Owens MC 101 112415 Media Law First Amendment Protects 5 freedoms 0 Religion 0 Speech 0 Press 0 Right to Assemble 0 Petition the Government 0 History of the First Amendment 0 Written by James Madison 0 Ratified in 1791 0 Virginia Declaration of Rights George Mason Key Areas of Media Law 0 Personal Rights 0 Intellectual Property Rights 0 NewsGathering Rights Marketplace of Ideas 0 Ideas should be allowed to ow freely Alien amp Sedition Acts 0 1798 o Signed into law by President John Adams 0 Limit people s right to freedom of political opinion 0 Matthew Lyon rst arrested for violation of this act 0 Four month s imprisonment 0 1000 ne Lincoln amp Free Speech 0 War Time Limit free speech The Balancing Effect 0 Balance between right to free speech and other interests Political Speech 0 2008 protest in New Hampshire 0 Burned American Flag 0 JB Stoner o Said quotniggerquot in political commercials Internets 0 Internet vs Print 0 Same rst amendment protection National Security 0 Key Case 1972 a Pentagon Papers Prior Restraint 0 When the government says you re not allowed to sayprint something Public Endangerment o The most stringent protection of free speech would not protect a man in falsely shouting ire in a theater and causing a panic 0 Oliver Wendell Holmes The Key Areas of Media Law 0 Personal Rights 0 Defamation slander libel Libel Publish something that s not true 0 Libel and Private Figures 0 Published 0 ldenU ed o Inaccurate o Hurt Reputation Libel and Public Figures 0 Published o IdenU ed o Inaccurate o Hurt Reputation 0 Reckless disregard to truth andor malice Pdvacy False Light Publication of private facts Intrusion Misappropriation Intentional in iction of emotional distress OOOOO Slander Say something that s not true 0 Privacy Pornography vs Obscenity o Pornography Usually legal 0 Two types of porn are not protected by the First Amendment Obscenity Justice Potter Steward o quotI know it when I see itquot Roth and Miller s Standards 0 Individual community standard 0 Taken as a whole 0 Prurient interests Child porn Intellectual Property Rights 0 Copyright 0 Works of authorship writing music etc Trademark 0 Words names symbols 0 Patents News Gathering Rights 0 Sunshine Laws 0 Freedom of Information Act 0 Shield Laws MC 101 Test 1 Chapter 1 0 Four Communication types 0 Transmission Model Noises in the Model 0 Contemporary Model of communication 0 Four Dimensions of Media Literacy Chapter 15 0 Four theories of press 0 Media framing Know some basic facts about other countries READ o How BBC operates o What is the most watched Arablanguage news channel 0 What is most used medium of mass communication in Africa Chapter 3 o Chris Anderson s quotLong tailquot phenomenon 0 Short head 0 Long Tail 0 How to apply it 0 Basic concepts like synergy vertical integration etc 0 Basic facts like which company is the larges newspaper publish etc READ


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