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Unit 2 Study Guide

by: Matt Owens

Unit 2 Study Guide MC 101 - Intro to Mass Communications

Matt Owens
GPA 4.22
Introduction to Mass Communications
Fei Qiao

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About this Document

Here is the study guide for the 2nd test! hope it helps!
Introduction to Mass Communications
Fei Qiao
Study Guide
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by Matt Owens on Monday December 14, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to MC 101 - Intro to Mass Communications at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa taught by Fei Qiao in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 21 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Mass Communications in Communication Sciences and Disorders at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa.

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Date Created: 12/14/15
Chapter 2 Media Effects How Does Media Affect Us 0 When do you want it to affect you 0 When you are on the persuasive part of mass media advertisers want you to buy 0 When on entertaining part of mass media 0 When don t you want the media to affect you 0 Sometimes when you are the receivers History of Media Theory 0 Start with propaganda Propaganda and Direct Effects Model 0 Needle hypodermic o Audiences are passive Limited Media Effects 0 Twostep ow 0 Mass Media Opinion leaders General public KOL Key Opinion Leader Parasocial Interaction Horton amp Wohl o Illusion of quotfacetofacequot relationship with a media personality CriticalCultural Model 0 Analyzing how meaning is created within society who controls the media system the rolls the media plays in our lives Bandura Bobo doll Experiment 0 Affect Transfer Theory 0 People s residual effect will transfer to other person Commercials 0 One that follows a show will grasp attention Medium is the Message 0 Marshall McLuhan 0 Hot medium Audience wont get involved Deliver message directly 0 Baby got back 0 Cold medium Audience gets involved Weird a parody Connect before understanding this Newspaper Active vs Passive Medium 0 Newspaper Active 0 You can control how you read and interpret 0 Television Passive Mixed Effects Model 0 Media effect different people in different ways at different times Agenda Setting 0 Public Agenda vs News Agenda 0 News What is covered in the news 0 Public Issues the public thinks are important 0 A relationship between what the public think what is important and what covered in news report 0 Newspaper is able to transfer the issue salience to the public agenda 0 Media are not able to tell people what to think but they tell them what to think about Who Sets the Agenda 0 News Organizations 0 The New York Times 0 The President Topics You Think Are Important CrimeampVioence o StateFederal Desk 0 Economics 0 Business Desk 0 Politics 0 Political Desk The Internet Changes Something If you are an advertiser which desk do you want to keep 0 Business typically more educated However Page view become a much more important indicator 0 Media Framing VS Agenda Setting 0 Media framing is the second level of agenda setting 0 Media framing focuses on the salience of attributes 0 Agenda setting focuses on the salience of issues Gatewatcher 0 Information push Information pull Uses and Grati cations Theory 0 Cognitive Needs 0 People use the media for acquiring knowledge information etc Affective Needs 0 People use media to satisfy their various emotional needs 0 Catharsis When you feel sad you watch sad movies to help you clean your emotion Playing violent video games can help you clean your violent impulse Do you use Media as a chatartic tool for you emotion Personal Integrative Needs 0 SelfEsteem Need 0 People used media to reassure their status and gain credibility Social Integrative Needs 0 Have common topics to share with friends and families Tension Free Needs 0 Use media to escape and relieve from tension Social Learning Theory 0 People learn through observing others behavior attitudes and outcomes of those behaviors Spiral of Silence 0 When one opinion is dominant other opinions are silent Fear of rejections l fear of isolation o The Role of Media in Spiral of Silence 0 Ubiquity o Cumulation o Consonance Cultivation o The more television you watch the more likely you believe what is shown on TV is reality 0 Two Advancements o Mainstreaming o Resonance Symbolic lnteractionism Meaning of an object arises from two ways Blumber 1962 0 Interaction process between this person and other people 0 Selfinteraction process of this person Chapter 4 Books 0 EXTRA CREDIT 0 Pick a theory we talked about in the previous lectures 0 Prepare a 2minute speech on it You need to do 2 things in your speech Describe the theory Apply the theory to your daily life 0 Practice your speech in the speaking studio turn in your receipt and you will get 3 extra credit points Due on October 8th 0 Speaking studio Reese Phifer 166 MondayThursday 1000am1200pm 100700pm Friday and Saturday Closed Sunday 200pm500pm 0 Object Impermanence Books were the 1st mass medium 0 Gutenberg Bible 1452 o quotPulp Fictionquot 1872 Papyrus Egyptians 3100 BC 0 Parchment Dried animal skins o Turtle Back Bamboo Paper Invented by Chinese between 240 BC and 105 BC The Origins of Writing 0 Pictograph the earliest form of writing l Ideograph an abstract symbol that stands for a word or phrase o Phonography 0 Symbols stand for spoken sounds rather than objects and ideas Alphabet Movable Type 0 Gutenberg Movable Type He is the rst to make movable type on a wide basis He invented typemold OilBased Ink Movable type Wooden press Technology Determinism Technology determines how we act and think as humans 0 Technology is an inevitable and autonomous force 0 Technology shapes us Technology lnstrumentalism Technology is a tool 0 Technology is under human control 0 We shape technology Books 0 A technology changed the quotoral societyquot 0 Books change the society to a literary society 0 Books in the New World 0 1539 The Spanish established the rst printing press in America 0 1640 Printing in North America began with the publication of The Whole Booke of Psalmes Bay Psalm Book 0 1731 Benjamin Franklin established on for the colonies earliest circulating libraries in Philadelphia 0 Literacy o Bibliophiles 0 Casual Readers 0 Required Readers o HHterates o Alliterates You can read but just don t want to 0 Functional literate quotOnce can perform very basic reading and writing but cannot do so at the level required for many society activities and jobs I 1 out of 7 American adults are functional illiterates 0 Most books lose money 0 23 of all books are produced by 6 big publishers 0 Types of books 0 Trade Books Aim at mass audiences ctions non ctions children literature etc 0 Reference Book Map Encyclopedia Dictionary 0 Educational Books Textbook College Sales 0 45 billion 0 K 12 Sales 0 44 billion 0 Google Book Copyright duration Author s life additional 70 years What about the book still under copyright protection but the author has died and the company that published the book died 0 Professional Books 0 Industry Players 0 Writer 0 Acquisition editor 0 Developmental editor 0 Copy editor Chapter 5 Magazines 0 Magazine 0 A periodical that contains articles of lasting interest 0 1672 the rst quotperiodical of amusementquot was published in France 0 1700s Three Essay Periodicals that se the stage of modern magazines Daniel Defoe s The Review Sir Richard Steele s The Tater Addison and Steele s The Spectator o The Gentlemen s magazine Published by Edward Cave in 1731 The rst publication to use word magazine The rst wideranging publication 0 Brow Continuum 0 High Brow Idea 0 Middle Brow Things 0 Low Brow People 0 Saturday Evening Post 0 Published weekly from 18211969 0 Founded by Benjamin Franklin 0 The rst real national medium 0 Revived in 1971 0 Magazines experience steep declinefailure 0 Many stopped publishing and began to go digital o Cant attract advertisers Ad Page 0 An indicator of the nancial health of a magazine 0 Magazine Types 0 Consumer Magazines Target All likeOminded consumers Advertise Consumers products Content Consumers lifestyle 0 Trade Magazines B to B magazines Target those in speci c businesses and industries Advertise Products and services that those industries need 0 Public Relations Magazines Target A corporation or institutions employees customers stockholders and dealers Purpose Enhance the corporations prestige 0 Miscellaneous Magazines Target Various types of readers and include 0 Professional and academic journals 0 Little magazines 0 Comic books 0 What helps magazines survive 0 Content 0 Postage Discount 0 Cover Dick Stolley s Rules On Cover Model 0 Young is better than old 0 Pretty is better than ugly 0 Rich is better than poor 0 Music is better than movies 0 Movies are better than television 0 Nothing is better than a dead celebrity o What magazines give us 0 Photojournalism 0 Native Ad 0 Designed to look like editorial content Usefulness o More consumers read the ads 0 Useful for branding Controversial Issue Fashion magazines vs women s body image News and Newspaper Purpose of Mass Comm Entertain o Persuade 0 Inform Seven News Values 0 Impact 0 Matters that are likely to have an effect on many members of the audience 0 EX gas prices Timeliness 0 Stories about recent happenings o EX Pope coming to US 0 Currency 0 More value is attributed to stories pertaining to issues that are in the spotlight of public concern 0 Prominence 0 Persons insitutions or issues that well known through past publicity or position in society or community 0 EX Me get married vs George Clooney 0 Con ict o Verbal open clashes between principals of the stories or between the principals and natural forces 0 Bizarrness 0 Dog bites a man not news if a man bites a dog it is Charles Dana Proximity 0 Stories about people or events in the coverage area 0 EX Care about ttown tornado not heat wave in France History of News Colonial Period l Partisan Period l Penny Period Yellow Journalism period Social Responsibility period 0 Colonial Period What the king or priest says PubHshen 0 Benjamin Harris 0 John Campbell Boston Newsletter 0 James Franklin New England Courant 0 Ben Franklin Pennsylvania Gazetter o Partisan Period 17801830 0 Penny Period 18301890 New York Sun Benjamin Day Publisher Invention of telegraph lnverted pyramid style of writing Pony express 0 Yellow Journalism Polzter vs Hears NYJournal Stunt journalism 0 Nellie Bly 0 New York Times 0 Social Responsibility Types of Newspapers Broad Sheet most common 0 15 x 20 inches 0 High Brow content Tabloids o 11 x17 inches 0 Gossip 0 Less educated readers 0 National Newspaper 0 New York Times 0 USA Today 0 Wall StreetJournal Hometown Dailies 0 Community News 0 Declining o EX Birmingham News Hometown Weeklies 0 Growing o Longer shelf life Alternative Newspaper 0 Black and white Black Newspaper o For black people Foreign Language Newspaper Who39s In the Newsroom PubHsher Editor in Chief Managing Editors Senior Editors Line Editors Staff writersphotographer Copy desk Art Director Designer Graphic Artists


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