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Study Guide Stats 326 (Quick Review before Exam)

by: ANM Notetaker

Study Guide Stats 326 (Quick Review before Exam) STAT 326

Marketplace > Iowa State University > Statistics > STAT 326 > Study Guide Stats 326 Quick Review before Exam
ANM Notetaker
GPA 3.82

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About this Document

Study Guide
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This 10 page Study Guide was uploaded by ANM Notetaker on Tuesday December 15, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to STAT 326 at Iowa State University taught by PETRUTA CARAGEA in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 241 views. For similar materials see INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS STATISTICS 2 in Statistics at Iowa State University.


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Date Created: 12/15/15
EXAM La\ rnortal te? NOrrnol cl.lSbrzrion in b^nal r? * is lt-e\rNzC{Vrnode"t Ptof C.ons-lqntvslt Rfn5E 'lhe rnoa +ha v4r;ah\ 1l\z le,J 11,,L eci3ron. * we c.&n qr/. (l2-rl^s,E CcgF p tc otr DE IERinrpATr 5s siirllPUC-tp.iULAjir,t,i'i'['ff t. O. =pffi- +!v vaia. + li*-oort, 5) arzl lJ tr.5cfu\nesr c4 +n" do+<r EXAM tct\n ode) te? Norrnol cLrSfinrrdron in b^nd r? * lS {t-€\rNz(r.Vn Ode"l C.ons-lqnt ya.ui Ptuf pfnsE "Jh,z ft:tova+h@ v4t;abrl 1l\e lg,s 41,q eci.jron. qr/. f we c.ern IArvtgE CDSF p tc Otr 0E IERintNAT(cN) PuE colrLLAlleN {$EfF l. O, =pffi +!.€vctva. + li*-aout arzl 5) lJ [5efutnesr o* +u" dcttcr \ ND (x a>,,-) , {t^n "'€ fY\Ltr Sup- : : fl -a = '.; ftedicfion roodd 3 1Q slion M odet EXANA" n , si tes{ ',r,,rril,.1;tilrsr.'!;;r!'ll. H",=8,"8 =0 {t.,.e*}rr,rrorro : ert Slc.hhc: +el+ ! vsttr4( O"oot rub = O'qt'. Qejec{ F'.aito Hff,e modnl iE overcrtt,,teA,rto S we have rLo s*at e-ur*olt@ rud*rc* 'f..o^+1ha+e rs q u.Ao0rorfic relotronshi Air.,'"i.rAl-. i, Lti :.Ll^---lU - --- ' al {eatl vaLql,: ( O-OOt /A < O.oOo5 < o-or L*H * fhere rS Sffi Sifrnifi-cqn-lrtdence I {hq+ +t^&ke 6 o (,ncav e {trotov tueat{{ncore oost )L b fotcdionShrp belr,eerr rl tLtptrptoR InpD HIG R. p-t\A-sE ) Norrorrr pred,rc,hnn tn+grvql # mod-al gMALLE.P. ) ATC ASSurvrph-ons' rnL MrrtticottineontttY there I[ no prob beLelute.. O vlF < tr) o constant vqvtanle 6 No stn>qe eorreLqtron 9l) r eerlda+<, bfueen exol.crflcifr vav-c,bie.t )firesi6brAVllolI no lll t'i)t hcr.roppttik ooYretafian t) Norma\ bisfiavtt-rn $iqn brrt ool ttron4 to be*in # oQ Prot wilh -{qtts ,^lin ba" d-s @ Ar +r.."D-Yc,rtuer Gre veru tt.a:runnofion ln dLpJle il $ rqnotorn ,5motl - sampte 1 ANoVA torworr:t Etqc.tron(step qP) rutob$erVottron ore inclependenl -raho O (ro6"1o* sarnote) mortt p-vrtu-e) <O O C.VLo SrnqtteI .-/\Jv\ (i\Nor*cttriq atsumptton Ose $,.e I l{orrl ra \ ( u-J d.ow tl fq[ u/in bandr? [,c^otrv,adEhfiindio n'. 1 ELUqtN u (il n sump fin c* w ncldr{-ovlanq - Ettnin CrtC o or r(6tgh<.st p -vair/.€ -need o^^{6oien+ lortqeclcrtor S{onclqd otev D.3"a _r -,\r.-r cll\/ t5'1 9+d^daivd- r{ its \ 1 I thq. qssum rS rnel - do*n ANovA rnodzll" W nte. + 6i; *t g A,, (0,tr uo,^-ulttel i-- (r 5) Uh DttM r.r\V vAPTAbLES' 1 Cat( t nqmerica I I{ .,s? (rntc.,-".ion) r t Pr11 lx.4 tj{rX,,f{art ).(.' I I t"]ts' z'' q I ca+egz --bareline LAq o(e, betuje en I I rl\ea,ai?uag \o ce) Brn.c. F ratr-o tr i?\n ra{r'o 4nAor\*(ffi."n) -tt\s rr\-L&^-sr\A ttlz vcrrtabrl.\. ornnl sina t+te F rz,.lr-pil means fd + *im-e.a er than vari obtl' wffh;o. rtt4fio n : frr{.anYe-l c 7(,> o I : nO fneon; I re.apon6< \--_ a =re lahve fo Lqac-avi \.l- -ta C,bncatvg -z. 666gavC C, w 'iL doe.I no+ a[sooCIte Of one un{t chan* e n ncc v) art € tX conrfan+. rY?eu h"l& ,e(-5u-&1n h"i& qll oyl*eu vuuabLu oonila^1 - sh(t oftl',rg.1eu v€494 - ( .Ctle tonco* l- vut;a,blo-l t- LonVfqnl' l- l-- tuinn f\Lo ctql ssu_ MSR flq.s e- SSE. ir M5E , SSE n-r-l I lslal n-l s5J ,fl: ,t ! I -T.i I "" SSB 2 MSYa SSl MSE I I w+tver{n5\ iYld,tv,.t^Lrrar rAfe 5on si]4- ,--'L .!: , k= 3 trepttrvrenrS = O.O!- -/: Dilad,r I -_J- i- Mo need to have gampts r"€ -ne,€{iVp - ' i.'- . i tn gro,r?aor .f-var,,^er/ Cnae*r stronSere-viderrea) ..-, lX EEVtErrl TUSI€ Y FXAMPLU [sti:*e 3o lorvrPayin? rav grouF a,aanE) --., ;linear #end rnoclel - ,g+= Po + + Rg . P,*t "T + st* Rg " k +CYh ranctoryt L { --&,.t16 y,@t I ( lu"ecqr+l .r 8. L, feUUa,l fil\ re-rrdu-at I I I I (o) = 1159 tal +[, r.= xr+.1] 0-161 x t*'1 * 2&tr- lcrl " : ?t)OLt"g+ . Zotlq ^ 3t ao :LnYl g I I Lct fbbJ6 l3 I I d) roga,bV ) (l;;688s.Br )


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