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SOC 325 Final Exam Lecture Notes

by: Maria

SOC 325 Final Exam Lecture Notes SOC 325

Marketplace > Michigan State University > Sociology > SOC 325 > SOC 325 Final Exam Lecture Notes
GPA 3.8
Play, Games, and Sports
Toby A. Ten Eyck

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About this Document

Sociology 325 final exam lecture notes highlights main themes discussed in class that will be featured on the final exam. Study guide includes notes on media effects on violence, animals in sports,...
Play, Games, and Sports
Toby A. Ten Eyck
Study Guide
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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Maria on Wednesday December 16, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to SOC 325 at Michigan State University taught by Toby A. Ten Eyck in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 76 views. For similar materials see Play, Games, and Sports in Sociology at Michigan State University.


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Date Created: 12/16/15
Wednesday December 16 2015 SOC 325 FINAL EXAM Lecture Notes Media effects on violence Mean world hypothesis studies before many video games were mainstreamed studied people that watched many crime shows Discovered that people who watched violent TV shows started to see the world more violently Led to the notion how do you deal with the violence When studying the media there are basically four components on which scholars focus 1 The creator of the message 2 The way in which the message is disseminated Ex a lecture in person is different from a lecture online 3 The receiver of the message 4 The message Animals in sports The use of animals in sports has long been considered a mark of distinction among the higher classesonly recently have sports such as dog fighting and horse racing been seen as something for which the lower classes can be engaged The use of animals in sports has long been considered a mark of distinction among the higher classonly recently have sports such as dog fighting and horse racing been seen as something for which the lower classes can be engaged This is their culture this is a sport that was invented to create a certain sense of culture Besides the camel there is really nothing cultural about it Horse racing in Italy the oldest running horse race in the world Siena Italy Cultural Capital In which you can exchange for something else One of the more interesting aspects of cultural capital is that most of us had very little input into those things we think of as a national culture Social Capital Who do you know and who do you trust I know What you re going to do quotWho are your friends and what are they willing to bring to the table We as humans tend to know the same number of people as everyone else Corruption in Sports Judges in aesthetic sports have been accused and occasionally found to be guilty of corruption as well as less pernicious forms of bias The same is true of judges in law Indeed given the enormous cognitive demands associated with judging aesthetic sports it is unsurprising that some extraneous factors influence officials determinations That too can be said about judging in law Constitutive rules You have to have bases going that are so far apart from each other you have to have X numbers on the field so that all the games are similar Regulatory rules Restrictions on the manner in which an activity may permissiny be undenaken Wednesday December 16 2015 As a referee you don t have the discretion to determine weather a performance should be equal to a greater to another performance If a goalie falls down and you tap it in you get one point Judges don t have the say in how many points is allotted no matter the skill Studies have found that more favorable calls are given to players who are of the same race as the umpire The availability heuristic making a determination based on what happened on the field or the rink they are being very objective they are not favoriting one team or one player Everyone makes mental shortcuts what do I know about what just happened from prior expenence Justifications and orders of worth Inspired aims to get publicity to become famous Market talking about exchanges Different types of capital social political economic I m going to do something in exchange for something else Renown develop a justification based on something or someone that is famous Scientific world I want to be the next Steven Hawking I m justifying my actions based on someone who is famous I m doing it because I want to be someone famous Domestic based on tradition The reason ldo what I do is because everyone before me does it the same way doesn t matter if it s famous or not The way we re going to celebrate different days we re going to celebrate it the way our parents did it quotThere s a tradition a way to symbolize a penalty ect Civic best to justify why officiating takes place in the first place What would games look like without officials The whole notion to have officials is to keep the game together Being fair Industrial the reasons that we re doing what we re doing is because it is the most effective way Efficiency and effectiveness Instant replay is effective and accurate efficiency is We re taking more time we re making better calls to be more accurate Broadcasting The costs when 1 company controls a market They control the costs Broadcasting becomes biased Each broadcasting technology era has seen an evolution in the content and regulatory requirements associated with broadcasting where the basis of influence has shifted from high levels of control by the broadcasters to a greater influence of content creators and digital technology providers


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