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MidTerm Study Guide

by: Nia Notetaker

MidTerm Study Guide ENGL 114L

Nia Notetaker
GPA 3.72

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About this Document

This exam includes materials from class discussions, the Norton Anthology of American Literature (Shorter 8th edition), and other documents posted on Blackboard.
Study Guide
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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by Nia Notetaker on Thursday December 17, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to ENGL 114L at Old Dominion University taught by RICHARD L SLOAN in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 18 views. For similar materials see AMER WRITERS AMER EXPERIENCES in Foreign Language at Old Dominion University.


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Date Created: 12/17/15
For the midterm You must match keywords to the passage here is what was tested previously with some other words which may be added in the future Tomahawk ManPlutoEdgar Allan Poe Smaller RealismsEdith Wharton Soledad and DeloresSandra Cisneros Socialist politicianBill TottsJack London FreeSoilerPhotographyclothes Walt Whitman Harlem RenaissanceLangston Hughes FasciclesEmily Dickinson Obscenity trialAllen Ginsberg PhiladelphiaTeacher at ODUTim Seibles The MisfitPity SingFlannery O39Connor Multiples choice Notes Section What does the tone of a poem convey about the author Attitude toward the subject 19th century poets said to have quotexerted the greatest influence on American poetry to come Dickinson Whitman A quotrecitatifquot is a vocal performance in which a narrative is sung rather than stated What is the name of Edgar Allan Poe39s quotblack catquot Pluto Who used photography to market himself to the common manaligning himself with working people Whitman Jack London believed that poems and tales should be short enough to be read in one sitting FALSE What is the name of the cat in Flanner O39Connor39s short story PITTY SING What color is the cocktail dress in Jhumpa Lahiri39s short story SILVER Twyla and Roberta were at St Bonny39s because their mothers were both sick FALSE What aspect of the black speaker was Paul Laurence Dunbar committed to rendering AUTHENTIC VOICE PASSAGE IDENTIFICATION This previous fall the midterm and final were offered online Therefore with passage identification you should be able to google the quotes if the ones below are not chosen quotWell they39re wandering by the sea with their young men and here we sit and it all brings back the past a little too acutelyquot quotIt means loving someone you don39t knowquot quotI died for Beauty but was scarce l Adjusted in the Tomb I When One who died for Truth was Iain I In an adjoining Roomquot quotOut of the ash l I rise with my red hair I And I eat men like airquot quotWe sing but oh the clay is vile l Beneath our feet and long the mile I But let the world dream otherwisequot quotBut it is written that the house divided against itself must fallquot quotShe would have been a good woman if it had been somebody there to shoot her every minute of her lifequot quotWithout one thing all will be useless I I give you fair warning before you attempt me further I I am not what you supposed but far differentquot Even I the gloss on her lips sighed l Kiss me and you39ll neverl do homework againquot quotI am your father I will never abandon youquot Wharton39s quotRoman Feverquot Lahiri39s quotSexyquot Dickinson39s quot448quot Plath39s quotLady Lazarusquot Dunbar39s quotWe Wear the Maskquot London39s quotSouth of the Slotquot O39Connor39s quotA Good Man is Hard to Findquot Whitman39s quotWhoever You Are Holding Me Now in Handquot Seibles39 quotDelores Eppsquot Cisneros39 quotWoman Hollering Creekquot ESSAY QUESTION The questions this course answers for all texts in the lecture portion of the class is how does the work transcend or represent this era In the previous semester of this course students were prompted Pick one of the poems or short stories studied during the rst part of the semester and write three wellformed paragraphs explaining ways that it both represents and transcends the era in which it was written Below is a sample essay that received full credit Jhumpa Lahir touches on many societal moral truths in her works In the Interpreter of Maladies her Short story Sexy is about Miranda the focal character having an affair with Dev a married man In this story the author vividly depicts a moral truth and an accurate human character analysis which transcend many subgroups Miranda regardless of her retrospective View of being the woman cheated on given by Laxmi Cousin stills goes out with Dev the married met she met at the department store She even settles into what she presumed the role of mistress Lahiri invites the reader to be in the affair with her giving us the go after what you want feeling Her soft and subtle diction does not lead the reader to impose judgment on Miranda Yet Lahiri reminds us through Laxmi that often we choose what provides immediate satisfaction than long lasting happiness This message transcend all ages race nationality and era Lahiri suggests there is an epiphany to be found in going after temporary pleasures and indulgences When Miranda realizes through Rohin when she puts on the dress to satisfy him much like she puts on the lingerie to satisfy Dev that there is only a shortlived happiness when you are trying to pacify someone She at the end of the story feels empowered to know she can have more than a man sleep next to her for only 12 minutes and that his definition of Sexy was childish but more childish that she played into his unrealistic situationship As an Indian woman she purposely does not rely on their nationality to futher explain that this moral truth does not apply to one particular subgroup This piece represents the era of which it was written in that the author re ect the time period of enlightment by giving the lead character an enlightening anf empowering change in character Many people refer to the 9039s and 0039s as the turn of the century where social we began liberation of many subgroups and many people in search for their identity In this time period finding ones true identity was at the utmost importance Miranda found her identity which did not include waiting for each saturday to experience lust with a married man for a few hours In conclusion Lahiri gives insight to the human form which desires to pleasure yet does not seek initially to have satisfaction Lahiri also suggest that in unpredictable places the boy Rohin we can nd our re ections in order to grow as a person furthermore This can apply to any person in any hemisphere other the earth Lastly I believe the resolve in the story is a call to actionza dare by Lahiri to be settled in your own identity and not sacri cing it for a smalltemporary joy FINAL TIPS THE THINGS HE REPEATS IN THE LECTURE WILL BE TESTED THIS TEST IS NOT DONE THROUGH PROCTORU SO YOU CAN USE NOTES WHEN YOU SUBMIT YOUR ESSAY TO BLACKBOARD IT GOES THROUGH SAFE ASSIGN IF YOU COPY AND PASTE THE SAMPLE ESSAY ABOVE THE SYSTEM WILL IMMEDIATELY REPORT YOU TO ACADEMIC INTEGRITY AND STUDENT CONDUCT


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