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Study Guide/ Notes

by: Jaylin Crockett

Study Guide/ Notes BSC2010

Marketplace > Biological Sciences > BSC2010 > Study Guide Notes
Jaylin Crockett

General Biology
Dr. Steven Marks

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About this Document

If you have any questions or concerns with the study guides/ notes just shoot me a message or email me at :) If there are any problems with it not being able to download or if pri...
General Biology
Dr. Steven Marks
Study Guide
BSC2010, FSU, BSC2010 FSU, BIO 1 FSU
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by Jaylin Crockett on Thursday December 17, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to BSC2010 at a university taught by Dr. Steven Marks in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 9 views.

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Date Created: 12/17/15
3C2010 STUDE GUEDE LECTURE NOTES Jaylim Emmett PRGFESSQR DR STEVEN MERE F LL 2015 Fiarida State University FIRM1 mm mm 3091 M m mm 90 I W 04 wan mmg 04 omsrajnmia Rm m elm l t MW M gamma 1 014 rmquot amp d kren r 4 a nwkor s am I 1 OWENS mfch 181 391 WWW m cnm 3amp6le war Moret guum map 65 Comm W mm a la Mama by a00mm r an 0334 Rum 39 Shell nag H m M i a fetedroman 0 L J 7 am I Fchence aledmns Hz mm H elccjfom L N w I 39HUO We b3 ne We comEm 1 W quot7 iohicBords 5Flt V E Wn 39 395quot I mima agpgg Y Cg oh 41 39 00 rd 9 b 39 I Won a H I J 39 s U quotIan on Cub Had quot9 rmed CDmbo 01 W Siu xusma l nga gg H 2 0 el cdfons 39 Dnceedmn mun Rom J ft CL 39 NPr 90th 2 quot 9301 itue 04quot mm km 7 r r r e kv bleH I236 Wm 904 Ed an w equall Shared gnectualg and quotWar 7 V 39 r th 396un fiDriLLW LDE 39 a QuadHun MEWan a 53539 at c h V I WE VE WM in g5 7 r ubsaommr rm cm tarEarp 5 39 ribH V W M S can vsEr 21 04F Mo39mml S 0139 Qatari gwsm mm wwwcomw 1 TimL QUnQQNW HD Pig C12 6er imamquot trad1un momma are am ham5e oF Hljdrogm IL Cohesion OP Ehablc lo 5 abin39q 0 Luau Ir iihm Came mcw e I 3 Oh z 0 was jnqei erlbelpfb quotCOail Haleaule ran batik big g rm a 91 0mg mm HOlEcul 22de dqmgwglmi m og wqu tymw lc ga lm Q 7 Wis MET4395 IHMQ 33quot ri e 0 rg 6 r ppmmee 39 C P0113 hkderOgen land s Md V mallhe Pmml mm 16 1 M W n3 wow s 39DWFCSIS39B 0 bhggJLg rmsquot the WEBErm L r r I gt are gag E MR5 Mark quottnme l Poi 1F MEL L09quot weir ie 39 901Smqoi able 95w i3 wroPhI hi 40 dissolve in War i 6 4 039 IslI dewt 159er in H103 Hokey3391 3mm L M hm Of Law 5 39 amer m ion Um r LNG of awake hm 09 a mm m mar HLLQS r Helm Hmmih I M ers of a 9le 7 We max k I 3 0quot he motc 0012 x101 I am eomemm M 3 045 8M1 Carbcm can ym CW91 for 7 quot 39 mic badme 0 3 H5 CW gg m QLblll I39LB 0 Rat m EngHq A quot39 hm 39 39 m a WWGJ mhqle hugs embkequot bonds H 7 C W 19196 band and Q smcbk We mdggbke pp n cm 39Duc h hls WNC thq ue sz am ne H C Wd mble and 1 4 Hr Mlquot Wdl duem 39139 I I Es mm ers H H H OC H 039 15304 wagea 7 we mme i gg H Mb Wane Mr E I E aPe enj H H H m I I 391 l M Hhcnc c quotC H r MOICL IJLQ perm GIFFhrarl EWMmsSJh 2 pmk 4 blacLJU5f 9quot ed blue 04 5195 1 539 capm 4Eg d 3 i mm 3 Wudure 1 smears if 3 12 39iquot f 7 HC H 74 q 7 Hi Ii 1 Ci H VS I BHGM Fer hybrid wL4 J H H w wag L 3 H H H ngavwa r39ut on quotHugech have we M Ma safari abng 3pr gamma bu dymaren am Hoar unparkan39r In 39 5 quot imam 0 W5 HT3 ltF 39 C56 rans OH H IGVOW A v f39o Emboan K ca N 7 Carbowl OH 3 Ms machr mu 3 SMPYdr l39 w um he lt2 un kjlea b 640la i E 4 f 39 6 0 PhasPhaic Mm 33 05a 0 H are um 33 5 H WW one H AH SOLUTIONS Ail E HYDEOPHIU Grog 39 3E SIDES EJLFV 09911 wafer is a raaiea 0 h16gr039up WWW MEAN ARE ABLE 39 mama MS W have 4km cc sup 1353 qu N H10 sum as SU dJ Bmcl 3 1 isowe in V r toxiccms I Carbon I HAWan 39 i If d v we e 39 mm 1 535ng El 09 Wang owns Goybo I lo I ad39s r diam c 9ng mlccuie I39rnpo w m PET as a hydrogen ion awn ads as ma er biologicak Macroudccm a39a C HKBOW D a rTES PRO IE39WS w POLVMERS NUCLEIC st D3 L p DS LIMA POHMEm DebtI dJG HUW an mags DOME HUhprhm 39tn39io 30ngch bq raaccesxr q mm f HONOMthquot A MUME I v 1 Mam Hx drO WSWS lqs break BKCCLLS Fol mm i39IPvl39D Limos quot polqmers quot he a u Per wattquot 594 mam This is a summation of the concepts that I are most important for students to understand for the first test of the semester The test wiil cover material from chapters 2 5 and will focus mainly on the information that I stressed during lecture This is not meant in any way to be a oomptehensive coltection of knowledge required for the test instead it is a list of general principles on which you should focus your studies If you thoroughly understand and can apply all of the ooncepts listed here you should do well on this test In order to perionn well on this test each student should Know the chemical basis for acids and hoses focus on the oonoentration of H and DH ions and the relationship between the two what molecules can change either the H or CH concentration of a solution it Understand the pH scale a the nature of a logarithmic scale H1i0H1a 1044 at pH 4 H 13904 and OH1a 1040 Lipids the only nonapolyrher of the bunch e identify a lipid from its structure understand the structural differences behveen fatty acids and phospholipids appreciate how the structure of phospholipids is responsible for cellular membranes 39 amphipathic molecules with a hy drophilic end and a hydrophobic end Carbohydrates e know the general chemical formula for sugars monosaccharides know how monosaccharides combine to form polysaccharides identify some common polysaccharides made speci cally of glucose monomers recognize the structure of glucose identify the speci c regions that form glycosi dic linkages in a glucosebased polymer Proteins appreciate the importance of proteins to cellular function understand the diversity of amino acids and how different groups contribute to different types of interactions know the structure common to all amino acids know how amino acids are joined together into polypeptides understand the four different levels of protein structure o What type of bonds are SpBCi c to each level of structure What part of the polypeptide molecule interacts at each ievel of structure appreciate the role of each structural level on the overall 3 dimensional shape of the protein molecule and how that affects protein function


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