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JMU / Foreign Language / FL 248 / When was the weary blues written?

When was the weary blues written?

When was the weary blues written?


William Faulkner

When was the weary blues written?

known for very long sentences

antiquated words & Structure claims to have seen war but never really saw combat implosion of Fam. dynasties. dark humor burden of past

characters show up in other novels

• stream of consciousness

- unfiltered access to conciousness of each char. - char. talking to sewes & we're eaves clropping

As I Lay DYING * suggestion - chart for main characters

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i p9.82

a meticwous

by the book emprasice


Focus on

details -

how he

copes wl


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Fine Clothes to the Jew


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lazy[lazy) lo money oriented


ho are alies


didnt lite motive/ NIN TETH students ar kias except TO NEW WIFE I

for Jewel fallure of languseid

• seeking revende Wascy mom's coffin in river becomes a Fish" & drill holes in her fcice - dark humour.

pron's corpse rotting leonards Pallow the right the y * words just an approximchon shape to p alack perture in language.

romaly few thin guste ott tebu doto barn under the but

s study soup

gurs to mental hospital.



p a 605 -

what their rele




Verdenman can prekistond l.proud independlant not very educated a ctor notre what nossaur erelate more to I tho one infam. is) -

Who is William Faulkner?

Don't forget about the age old question of vhlcentral com

heroes than young detail onented eloquent

wants to see toy people

no sophisticated Speater breaks reg ax

tram set on mom horse

language to tell - ses via cement la por sneaks out a I talking machine nove 1 (pg. 4 night to work

younger than another coum or experience allitorahon

to make $ $ For

I Dewey bell

pressured toy OF lo morelocure and I himself.

to have sex

. mother & fish than parents a Don't forget about the age old question of smallest unit of language that carries meaning
Don't forget about the age old question of guagua instrument

-doesn't want to so questions of baby exudes education

decide, leaves o prophecy.

•speaks more

to bend chance than every

1st char innover & banaras! other person

to cearly leave sense concerned about mont

or that many pelin luced in box * seems most

novel have alterar o DOESN'T get toy run bustwortu

Molue 1400 towali BOT does ciet banques ble more edu.

go to town for ELOQUENT


- daughter evojone thinks to's weird

Atenor motive, weird aus

stan loch stations

get cabochon deambut WO We also discuss several other topics like ece102

doesn't get cu even ve

- manipulated by Orects in

e mocy guy otthovel

apels raped

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& arrair w/minister. Dewey sell

JEWEL get - not very educated (no ore in the form is)

bock & Arme ufa py 27

JEWres moms e horse.

pg 173 - space to fill a lack

- no word, big blank space - model foulure of language Core & devout christian always talks about sin & salation,

- Add & thinks only wordt, words empty can't go all of that

• Addie dorokt really want / care about being buried w/ pamily

what she recally wante is revenge on her family.

• pg.233 Oy

- Carl set barn on fire (coro said he was touched by God)

duel save mom sromcire (sold horse to continue Journey) - Cash on Dart & his craziness (potentially Dunl was doing the vight thing)

compare to Emily Dickenson's much madness & The Yellow Wallpaper - pe o burning barn- oct Darl committed to mental hospital

could've been the savest ad anyone in this family have done oto end it (burn ot & turn around & go back home)



(Darl talking about Dari


pg a -354

- Dart spraks about self in so person - Does he have PTSD (Shell shock)

o wor in France - spy glass.

psucho sexual radnets throughout novel - bram injury in war? DARL GOES MAD

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Don Fools

ERNEST If you want to learn more check out ecu genetics


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Steins Fone pupil o interested in certain things about writing

wrote in Paris as part of lost generation - Americans abroad.

• similar to Pound o eliminate ornamentation

- elminate unnecessary things just write the twith

even JUST ONE TRUE sentence ICE BURG Theory of writing

- don't need to write about what you know (can cut it out)

- omit things he knows & the reader will feel it if you're Don't forget about the age old question of bmgt 110

a good enough writer - give reader absolute minimum to understand story served in warup


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• Jump awund in own memory

V has stream or conscious crucelity. "things he's remembring are things he never got around to writing.

w railure to write these things is a failure or integrity

chosen comportover difficulty

• talented young writer that hasn't done a whole lot.

- rich women attracted in much rather drink& have ton than actually write some more - live in too much comfort.

- blames on women For Failure Hemmingway doesn't like Hening James - two fancy"

pem. or im. culture pa so - lose money commit suicide no one can handle

• pg 53 - injured in war & begs to be killed 7 tough situations anymore! SO LAST WORDS death by hyenas sneaking up on him.

- call me a bastard curse death

• pg 54 - after weight of death lifted, break

• pg 55 -

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y Solo

6 main MODEBRIST POEMS POUND - founded imagism, help eliot get published.

Moore – Formal constraint /experiment, RAWNESS Williams - seal poetics, modern world = inspiring

Cummings Stevens Eliot - obiective correlative, modern world - bad! HUGHS VS DUBOIS

limpact) Dueois - concerned about art caving legitimate complications

politically . Sout opportunity & responsibility to portray the best

o on art (poems, writings, paintings, etc) - talented 10th high class blacks


HUGHES – didn't believe talented 10th is a good rep. for blacks

. 90% remaining NOT repped - wrote themes of violence & sexuality - thought talented 10th acted like the white mid-high

Colass - younger gen .

vernacular culture


Advancement of blacks in society (talented The vernacular culture (Extazz).

10th) vs.

CHARACTER over Personality

20th cent cent of personality

- stand out from crowd character - 19th century

Follow the rules

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