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Study Guide for Exam 1

by: Heath Fienman

Study Guide for Exam 1 NROSCI - 0080

Heath Fienman
GPA 3.69
Brain and Behavior
April Dukes

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About this Document

Study guide for exam 1
Brain and Behavior
April Dukes
Study Guide
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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Heath Fienman on Sunday February 1, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to NROSCI - 0080 at University of Pittsburgh taught by April Dukes in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 127 views. For similar materials see Brain and Behavior in Science at University of Pittsburgh.


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Date Created: 02/01/15
Heath Fienman 13015 Brain and Behavior 9593 gt19 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 Exam 1 Review Recitation The CNS includes the cerebral cortex is protected by bone and includes the spinal cord The Sensory cortex is found in the Parietal Lobe Frontal lobe contains the motor cortex The sensory cortex is the most rostral back part of the parietal lobe The division of Nervous System in the Fight or ight response is called the sympathetic nervous system Peripheral contains sensory and motor pathways Motor pathways include somatic voluntary and autonomic involuntary nervous system Autonomic includes sympathetic and parasympathetic The threshold potential of a typical neuron is 50mV The primary area of a neutron that sends info is the terminal The function of the axon is to transmit the action potential generated at the axon hillock In an Unmyelinated axon AP is propagated all along the axon Which of the following is true about myelin sheath It is produced by glial cells Oligodendrocytes and Schwann it increases the speed of signal conduction along axon reduces signal decay and saves energy The Golgi apparatus works with ER and helps distribute folded proteins is not found in the axon or axon terminals of neuron forms cisterns and vesicles Plasma Membrane is made of 2 layers of lipid forms wall of neuron contains ion channels A neuron that receives many IPSP signals and only a few EPSP signals within a brief time will have a more hyperpolarized plasma membrane during that time Main location of the noradrenergic norepinephrine cell bodies in the CNS is the locus coeruleus Brain body mass ratio is a better indicator than absolute brain mass Many ion channels are not normally open but must be gated or opened by some event Which of the following is a typical means of opening ion channels Enzymatic breakdown of NT activation of an intercellular second messenger change in voltage across membrane binding of NT to external binding site Impulsive and socially inappropriate behavior is due to damage in the frontal lobe Occipital lobe damage Visual impairment The effect of a given transmitter depends primarily on the type of receptor it activates Glial cells whose function most closely resembles that of the immune system are called microglia 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 The resting membrane potential is a direct result of the SF of the neuronal membrane and the uneven distribution of ions inside and outside the cell Damage to which structure is most life threatening Medulla Hippocampus Patient HM Long term memory Your heart races and you hear voices that aren t really there this drug is categorized as either a hallucinogen and or a stimulant Heavy alcohol use impairs long term memory formation because of its effects on the hippocampus You might be able to partially counteract the effects of LSD With Dopamine receptor antagonist LSD causes activation of dopamine and serotonin receptors How does cocaine increase monoamine NT activity It inhibits the reuptake of monoamines from the synapses MAO inhibition


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