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Test 1: India StudyGuide

by: Melanie Viering

Test 1: India StudyGuide ARH 254

Melanie Viering
GPA 3.5
ARH 254- Survey of Art III
Cathy Pagani

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About this Document

Entire discussion of India broken down into slides with images and descriptions.
ARH 254- Survey of Art III
Cathy Pagani
Study Guide
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This 38 page Study Guide was uploaded by Melanie Viering on Sunday February 1, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to ARH 254 at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa taught by Cathy Pagani in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 154 views. For similar materials see ARH 254- Survey of Art III in Art History at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa.


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Date Created: 02/01/15
ARH 254 Test 1 India Lee 3 titlename of work The High Priest site Mohenjo Daro medium limestone cultureperiod Early Indus Valley Civilization Lee 4 title Nude Male Torso site Harappa medium Red Sandstone cultureperiod Early Indus Valley Civilization Lee 5 title Dancing Girl site Mohenjo Daro medium Copper cultureperiod Early Indus Valley Civilization Lee 7 object name Seals site Mohenjo Daro medium Steatite cultureperiod Early Indus Valley Civilization Lee 105 titlename of work Lion Capital site Sarnath medium Chunar Sandstone date 274237 BCE 3rd cent period Maurya who commissioned this work Ashoka 1st ruler to adopt Buddhism Lee111 title Exterior of Chaitya site Bhaja medium living rock date 1st Century BCE period Shunga imitates wooden architecture n a f 0 H U 0 C e h t r e V O a r d m b u t earthly king site Bhaja medium living rock date 1st century BCE period Shunga Lee113 title Stupa Railing site Bharhut material Stone date 1st century BCE period Shunga s W title Dream of Queen Maya site Bharhut w w a medium stone I date 1st century BCE l I w period Shunga a describe this image a railing 39 I r medallion Q Maya Buddha s mom dreams a white elephant Buddha walks in her side She awakens pregnant Lee 116 title Great Stupa site Sanchi date 3rd century BCE 1st century CE period Andhral Shunga aniconic remains of Buddha inunder stupa circumambulate meditate by walking around stupa Lee 121 quot15395quot title of work Great Chaitya Hall site Karle medium living rock date 2nd century period Andhra mwr E I i Ii L i i i E F I EJ r Ii 9 i i a ij l i i I i E I r i i 3 J m i j H quotEgFir T er i i i ii i 7 L I L i i i ii 4 L 4 El F E J I D Lee 123 medium living rock date 2nd century period Andhra what does this imitate wooden architecture what is the main focus of this structure stupal Buddhal aniconic Lee 125 object Slab depicting stupa site Amaravati medium Marble date 2nd century m e 1 period Andhra F what is significant about this piece aid m U H r w B 7 i i i m IiiI a a n ill 7 7 Wings 1 Egg first time seeing Buddha in 39 L J 9 human form u r it 7 7 I ii I 1 7 j W s 3395 E ii r k j r 7 r iJ J i i r i Lee 129 title Kanishka site Mathura medium red sandstone date 120 CE 2nd century period Kushan What two elements of this work are characteristic of art of this period stiff linear geometric Lee 139 title Reliquary from Bimaran region Gandhara medium Gold date 3rd century period Kushan describe the influences you see here GrecoRoman dress architecture and hair Formerly held relic of Buddha Lee 141 title Buddhist Triad region Gandhara medium grey schist date 182 2nd century period Kushan Buddha in center Bodhisatva on sides Hindu gods in back Lee 142 title Standing Bodhisattva region Gandhara medium Grey schist date 2nd century period Kushan Lee 147 title Standing Buddha site Mathura medium red sandstone date 5th century period Gupta 3 standard characteristics of the Buddha image 3 lines on neck mudra long earlobes cranial bump 2 characteristics period sculpture snail shell curls string drapery Lee 148 title The First Sermon site Sarnath medium Chunar sandstone date 5th century period Gupta dharma mudra devotional mudra on base Lee 151 title Chaitya Exterior site Ajanta medium living rock date Late 5th century period Gupta what does this imitate wooden architecture main focus of this structure stupa Lee 152 title Chaitya Exterior w w Dr site Ajanta 39 medium living rock date Late 5th century period Gupta what does this imitate wooden architecture main focus of this structure stupa Lee c8 title Beautiful Boddhisattva Podmapani Holding Lotus site Ajanta medium wall painting date 500 CE period Gupta title Nagaraja snake king and his Queen kw site Ajanta g x period Gupta date Late 5th century Egan Lee 256 1 object name 5 Raths site Mahamallapuram 7 medium Living rock granite 39 date 7th century emphasis on horizontal knobIike capitals Lee 260 F title Descent of Ganges 39539 iii45 site Mahamallapuram x w medium Living rock granite L date 7th century 39 L quot r J water landed in Shiva s hair to i J shield Earth from force of water Lee 274 temple name Kailasantha site Ellora medium living rock volcanic stone date 760773 8th century how was this produced excavated what does this temple represent Mt Kailash home of Shiva Lee 276 J I title Nandi Shrine Kailasantha quot a site Ellora quot w material living rock volcanic c stone a 3 date 8th century what story do these carvings relate to Ramayana Lee 291 title Lingaraja Temple site Bhubaneshwar material stone date 1050 CE construction emphasis on vertical flying saucerpillow capitals Lee 293 temple name Surya Shrine site Konarak I material chlorite pa w date 1240 CE r what does this temple represent 39l quot l L Surya sun god s chariot a i 3 aka Black Pagoda 39Fs main structure collapsed temple name Surya Shrine site Konarak material chlorite date 1240 CE E what does this temple represent Surya sun god s chariot aka Black Pagoda main structure collapsed Lee 297 title Celestial Beauty site Khajuraho temple to Shiva material chunar sandstone date 1000 CE communication with other figures vs being in box Lee 314 title Akbar viewing a wild elephant captured near Malwa title of full work Akbar Nama material inklcolor on paper date 513 CE period Mughal Persian influence color pattern storytelling face detail W Lee c18 l l l l I l l W l JL 3 ll ll title Alam Shah Closing the Dam at Shishan Pass title of full work Hamza Nama medium color amp gold on muslin date 1570 I 16th century period Mughal 3 influences from Persian painting color pattern storytelling Lee C19 title Allegorical Representation of Emperor Jahangir Seated on an hourglass throne by Bichitir media color amp gold on paper period Mughal 3 influences from Persian painting color pattern storytelling Lee c20 title Sultan holding castanets media gouache on paper region Bijapur period Mughal Lee c21 title Madhu Madhavi Ragini media color on paper region MalwalRajasthan date 17th century period Mughal Extra A title Taj Mahal medium white marble site Agra E period Mughal I date 163254 17th century who commissioned this work Shah Jahan what is it mausoleum for wife Persian influence dome minarets tight skin geometric carving


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