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KIN 235 final

by: Ashley Roehrig

KIN 235 final KIN235

Ashley Roehrig
GPA 3.7
Personal and Community Health
Justin Tatman

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About this Document

Personal and Community Health
Justin Tatman
Study Guide
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This 10 page Study Guide was uploaded by Ashley Roehrig on Monday February 2, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to KIN235 at University of Miami taught by Justin Tatman in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 156 views. For similar materials see Personal and Community Health in Kinesiology at University of Miami.

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Date Created: 02/02/15
World Health Organization 0 health as a state of complete physical mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease and in rmity o This takes into account state of mind and body and O recognizes health is a dynamic process Means being free from symptoms of disease and pain as much as possible being active and able to do what you want at the appropriate time and being in good spiritsemotionally healthy most of the time Models of Health 0 Medical health is absence of one or more of the quotfive Ds death disease discomfort disability and dissatisfaction Relies on biological explanations of diseaseillness Environmental modern analyses of ecosystems and environmental risks to health such as socioeconomic status education and various environmental factors Health is quality of one s adaptation to the environment as it changes Holistic health in terms of the whole person Physiological mental emotional social spiritual and environmental aspects of people and communities Focuses on positive wellness mentalemotional state Unity of mind spirit body incorporates selfhealing Wellness Dimensions 0 O Emotional understanding emotions and coping with problems in lifehow to manage stress lntellectual having a mind open to new ideas seek new expedences Spiritual state of harmony with yourself and others ability to balance inner needs with the demands of the rest of the world Occupational enjoy what you are doing to earn a living and contribute to society having critical thinking problem solving skills Social ability to perform social roles effectively comfortably wout harming others Physical healthy body by eating right making informed decisions about health exercising avoiding harmful habits seeking proper medical care Behaviors responsible for most actual causes of death 0 tobacco unhealthy dietactivity alcohol Lifestyle disease 0 Due to environmental circumstancesbehaviors and not by genech Health Issues of College Students 0 O O O O 0 Mental health stress depression isolation anxiety inferiority insecurity Food and weight time pressuresavailability of junk food using food to cope with stress eating disorders 12 adults are overweight Health care no health insurance because colleges don t have comprehensive services Substance useabuse cope with stress t in alcohol abuse leads to rape pregnancies and STDs Sexual and relationship health to relieve stress gain acceptance relieve loneliness can be damaging Stress in couples from school Accidents and injuries rushingcommuting drunk driving sports injuries Mindbody communication 0 O O O O O O Biofeedback using an electronic device to quotfeed backquot information about the body to alter a physiological function ANS nerves that control some of the body s organs and funcUons Relaxation response physiological changes in body from mental relaxation techniques Autogenic training autosuggestion to establish balance between mind and body through changes in the ANS Hormones chemicals produced in body that regulate body funcUons Psychosomatic illness root of physiological abnormalities causing symptoms are thoughts and feelings Somatization physical symptoms without bodily disease Placebo effect healing from one s belief in treatment with no medicinal value 0 0 Worked in depressed individuals quotantipain cream Expectation of pain relief releases endorphins Faith and Healing O Healed many people power of belief to produce placebo effect 0 Spirituality associated with reduced mortality among healthy but not ill Meditation o Focused awareness o Zen sitting crosslegged while trying to quiet the mind 0 Transcendental focus on a phrase mantra repeated internally o lnsight observe thoughts with detachment focus on religious image mandala Image visualization 0 Mental images to promote healing and change behaviors Stress 0 Stress physicalemotional reactions to a stimulus that disturbs harmony of body and mind 0 Stressor physicalpsychological situation that produces stress 0 Eustress stress from pleasant stressors o Distress stress from unpleasant stressors Environmental component of stress 0 Harmandloss death assault theft injuryloss of body part or selfesteem o Threat likely to produce harm or loss whether it actually occurs Constantly watching for potential dangers 0 Challenge opportunity for growth mastery and gain Mental component of Stress o Appraise situation as damaging to one s wellbeing threat to survival 0 Believing personal resources insuf cient to ward off threat Emotional component of Stress o Unpleasant anxiety fear frustration depression anger Physiological component of stress 0 Automatic responses to real or imagined situations considered damaging 0 Fight or ight defensive reaction preparing for con ict by hormonal cardiovascular metabolic changes 0 HPA axis response to stress hypothalamus of brain and pituitaryadrenal glands Basic needs and mental health 0 Maintenance needs physical safety and survival 0 Growth needs social belonging selfesteem mental stimulation 0 Behavior motivated by basic human needs when satis ed feel joy Positive emotions in health 0 High selfesteem likely to engage in healthy behaviors o Selfef cacy belief one can carry out actions to accomplish a goal 0 Optimism agency one can in uence nature of one s life Coping o Alter interaction with the cause of the distress o Alter thoughts and beliefs about signi cance of need not being met o Alter distressing feeling without changing the situation or how you think about it Depression 0 Consuming more alcohol than usual a drop in grades 0 Withdrawal from formerly pleasurable social activities 0 Inability to concentrate on school work 0 Sleep disturbances not from studying Sleep and wellbeing o Enhances attentiveness concentration mood motivation 0 Lack of sleep impairs judgment Dietary Guidelines 0 Make half grains wholegrains half your plate fruits and veggies o 12 servings of fatfree or low fat milk Three functions of food 0 Provide chemical constituents of the body 0 Provide energy for life 0 To be pleasurable satisfy hunger associated with enjoyable social activities be appealing Seven components of Food 0 Proteins 20 of body mass essential and nonessential amino acids 0 CHOs used for DNA not essential bc body can manufacture them from other substances 0 Lipids cholesterol lecithin linoleic acid is essential must be from food whole milk eggs olive oil nuts corn fatty sh cottonseed soybean o Vitamins facilitate biological processes watersoluble or fatsoluble ACE are antioxidants 0 Minerals inorganic elements fresh veggies o Sat 3 g a day ketchup salsa frozen meat sh poultry o Phytochemicals help body destroy toxins veggies and fruits Macronutrients consumed the most give us bqu of energy CHO fat pro BMI 0 Between 1925 or high risk for T2DM HBP CHD Sensible Weight Management 0 Go for health not slim don t feed feelings little alcohol imit mindless snacking 0 Set realistic goals eat only when hungry eat healthy foods exercise Components of physical activity 0 Motivation cardiorespiratory tness body strength endurance exibility and body composition Dimensions of sexuality 0 Physical psychological orientation behavioral relationship Fertilizationimplantation o Sperm cell fuses with ovum to form rst cell of child zygote o Zygote moves to uterus and develops as an embryo in inner lining Labor 0 1st stage uterine contractions until cervix fully dilated longest o 2nCI stage cervix fully dilate amp infant descends farther into birth canal 30 min to 2 hrs 0 3rd stage time of birth until delivery of placentaafterbirth 30 min after birth Combination Hormonal Contraceptives o Nausea weight gain headaches tender breasts spotting depression lowered sex drive 0 Less acne absolute regulation absence of cramps less bleeding days ProgesteroneOnly o Irregular bleeding prolongedfrequent bleeding 0 99 efficacy Barrier methods 0 Diaphragm thin rubber dome with exible rim lled with spermicide o Cervical cap ts snugly over cervix put in 48 hrs before lled with spermicide o Condoms spermicides o Sponge foam lled with spermicide gradually released into vagina over 24 hrs Fertility awareness methods 0 Calendar rhythm estimation of fertileunsafe days for sex 0 BBT daily body T after waking to see ovulation time 24 hours after BBT increases 0 Mucus method examine cervical mucus o Symptothermal T and mucus method together 0 Chemical methods measure LH in urine peaks at ovulation STD Risk factors 0 Multiple sex partners false sense of safety absence of symptoms untreated conditions impaired judgment lack of immunity body piercing value judgments denial STDs o Trichomoniasis symptoms in women itching and cheesy discharge caused by Trochomonas vaginalis o Chlamydia eye infection pneumonia most no symptoms pain during peeing whitish discharge can be reinfected treated antibiotics Gonorrhea clap dysuria antibiotics neisseria gonorrhoeae o Syphilis treponema paidum chancre rash hair loss growths death antibiotics o Genital herpes HSV cold sores HSV 2 lesions on penisvaginarectum blindness no cure o Genital warts HPV contagious medicationsurgeryfreezingburninglaser genital contact vaccines o Pubic lice crabs licekilling agents or shampoos o Scabies small mites Sarcoptes scabiei itching topical agents that kill 0 HIVAle weakening immune system Antibodies don t prevent growth of viruses block essential biochemical reactions of microorganisms that infect the body prevent them from growing lmmunizations prevent diseases caused by bacteria and viruses Cancers o Sarcoma about 2 originates from connective tissues such as bone muscle fat and blood vessels 0 Lymphoma 5 most common is Hodgkin s abnormal production of WBCs by the spleen and lymph systems 0 Carcinoma 8090 originates from epithelial tissues like skin membranes around glands nerves breasts linings of respiratory urinary and GI tracts o Leukemia 4 cancer of lymph glands bone marrow and organs that form blood cells and is from overproduction of immature WBCs Environmental factors that cause cancer 0 Ionizing radiation infectious microorgansisms viruses and bacteria and carcinogens chemicals in the workplace smoke xenoestrogens Treatment of cancer 0 Surgery radiation therapy chemotherapy Risk Factors for heart disease 0 Smoking overweight and diabetes hypertension hypercholesterolemia DNA 0 DNA is the chemical substance that carries genetic info in chromosomes which are structures in the nuclei that carry 0 genetic info They are made of genes which are arranged along chromosomes 0 Down Syndrome extra Chromosome 21 heart defects mental retardation facial features 0 Hemophilia altered gene on X chromosome required for blood clotting o Muscular dystrophy essential muscle protein is defective muscle develops abnormally o PKU defect in enzyme needed to digest phenylalanine causes abnormal brain development Familial disease 0 Children at higher risk not solely caused by defective genes also by environmental factors 0 Drug vs Medicine 0 Drug single chemical substance in a medicine that alters body s biological functions 0 Medicine drugs used to prevent treat or cure illness aid healing or suppress symptoms 0 Drug receptors 0 They bind to receptors on the surface of cells in the body and alters the process Side effects because it binds to a variety of receptors on different cells 0 Lifestyle drugs for conditions from living habits aging process Psychoactive drugs 0 Stimulants increase CNS activity mental arousal euphodaHRBP o Depressants reduced arousal motor activity awareness sedation reduce inhibition euphoria at low dose 0 Marijuana THC modulate appetite pain sensation mood memory 0 Hallucinogens alter perception producing sensations that aren t real 0 PCP can be stimulant depressant or hallucinogen Heightened sensitivity mood relaxation Most unwanted sideeffects and dangerous 0 lnhalants depressant effects like alcohol of CNS loss of inhibition euphoria Anabolic Steroids 0 Liver tumors jaundice high BP acne uid retention trembling Cigarette Smoking 0 Heart disease lung disease stroke T2DM high BP premature aging cancer of lungesophagusbreast 0 Physiological effects increased HR adrenaline brain stimulatory lowers skin T nausea and vomiting from nicotine radon o Smokeless tobaccohighly addictive nicotine cancer of mouthlipgum white patches on gums gingivitis increase in BP tooth decay receding gums Smoke on nonsmokers o Spontaneous abortion newborn death SIDS lung cancer asthma bronchitis Why people smoke o Stimulation handling relaxation craving habit reducing negaUv y 0 Alcohol 0 Longterm neurological problems gastritis hepatitis high BP cirrhosis cancers 0 Alcohol abuse binge drinking 0 Alcoholism loss of control over drinking 0 Healthcare Consumer 0 Working in partnership with your healthcare provider 0 Sharing in healthcare decisions 0 Becoming skilled at obtaining health care 0 Health Care Plans 0 Feefor Service Indemnity plans Freedom in choosing physician for a xed monthly fee Pays 80 of medical costs doesn t cover everything 0 HMOs Prepaid insurance plans alternative to private insurance Organization of physicians hospitals and support staff that provides medical services to members 0 PPOs Physicians who belong to the organization provide medical care at reduced costs negotiated by the org 0 Point of Service Plans You can be referred to a physician who s not a member of an HMO and still get coverage 0 Costs of Healthcare rising o Unhealthy lifestyle in aging population 0 Physician salary malpractice insurance health insurance costs costs of prescription drugs emergency services tools rooms marketing of new technologiestests Alternative medicine o Spiritual psychic or mental approaches prayer meditation hypnotherapy and faith healing o Nutritional therapies change in diet fasting and the use of supplements o Therapies using herbs or other substances derived from natural sources such as homeopathy herbal medicine or immune system boosters 0 Physical therapies such as chiropractic acupuncture massage and yoga 0 Used because Western medicine failed to relieve suffering or cannot cure disease 0 Cultural reasons Accidents 0 Unintended injuries result of an accident the event Epidemiological triad 0 Agent or source of energy exchange 0 Vehicle for transmission of mechanical energy 0 Host or object Haddon matrix developed to investigate motor vehicle risk factors and develop programs to reduce the occurrence of them 0 Phase 1 Preevent phase factors that may determine whether an accident will happen lack of skills alcohol 0 Phase 2 Event Phase When host comes into contact with forces of energy use of helmets seat belts 0 Phase 3 Postevent phase emergency procedures provided after injury re alarms emergency transportation care of injured person Theories of Aging 0 Biological Clocks Genetic mechanisms speci c for each species of animal and determine its max life span and rate of aging 0 Environmental factors such as nutrition susceptibility to diseases and exercise Stages of Dying 0 Denial and isolation anger bargaining depression acceptance Interpersonal violence 0 Causes anxiety depression chronic pelvic pain GI upset substance abuse obesity headaches nausea muscle tension PTSD o lntimate partner violence rape Child Abuse o Shakenbaby syndrome physicalemotional abuse sexual abuse neglect Sexualassau 0 Violent actions including rape incest unwanted sexual touching Elder abuse 0 Physicalsexualemotional maltreatment or nancial exploitation of adult 60 or older Alcohol emotional illness mental impairment threat to be sent to a nursing home screaming crying Air pollution 0 Breathing problems cough bronchitis asthma death 0 Ozone hoe intense UV radiation skin cancer and cataracts Growing population 0 Too many people needing scarce resources


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