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General Notes

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1 review
by: Zannah Leeds

General Notes 00

Marketplace > Full Sail University > 00 > General Notes
Zannah Leeds
Full Sail University
GPA 3.08
Music Merchandising and Retail Promotion

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About this Document

Music Merchandising and Retail Promotion
Class Notes
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1 review
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"Killer notes! I'm stoked I can finally just pay attention in class!!!"
Sarai Jacobi

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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Zannah Leeds on Monday February 2, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 00 at Full Sail University taught by in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 61 views.


Reviews for General Notes

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Killer notes! I'm stoked I can finally just pay attention in class!!!

-Sarai Jacobi


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Date Created: 02/02/15
Week 1 112514 742 PM Packaging The Silent Salesman o Visually attract o Stimulate interest and awareness o Affect consumer s decisions Help Define a Brand 0 Can mean many things to a consumer including o Promise 0 Feeling 0 Value Album Artwork 0 Typography 0 Font size weight 0 Number 0 Arrangement PositionAlignment o Kerning the spacing between each letter 0 Leading leding the spacing between lines 0 Contrast 0 Distance between product and consumer 0 Color 0 First thing seen Stands out Has meaning Psychological feelings Physiological effects YellowBlack danger Red heat power intimidation Blue cool refreshing OOOOOOO Week 2 112514 742 PM The artist is the initial product 0 Know the artist 0 Know the audience 0 What product makes sense Merchandisers 0 Services 0 Design Manufacture Staffing Accounting Inventory 0 Web Store Management 0 Tour Split Factors 0 For big acts royalty can be as high as 70 of gross Artist Recognition Advance Staff Attendees per show How much spent per head 0000 o Barcodes 0 UPC 0 First 6 numbers UCC Company Prefix identifies the Ll HAAL LJCII LUUCD 0 UPC 0 First 6 numbers UCC Company Prefix identifies the company releasing the product 0 Next 4 numbers Assigned inhouse number release number 0 Next number Product number format 0 Final number Check digit Trademarks Week 3 Used to identifydistinguish company s products from others Words symbols logos names color sound or number 112514 742 PM Distributor Exclusive Extension of label Vested interest in label s success Retail rep Role 0 Marketing Retail 0 Pick pack and ship product 0 Sale of music What Distributors Look for in a Label 0 Roster Sales History Back Catalog CurrentPrior Product in Retail Are Recourses Available 0 Staff Distribution Sales Timeline 8 Weeks Sales book artwork due 6 Weeks Sales book mailed to retailers 4 Weeks Solicitation by sales personnel 2 Weeks Orders due 1 Week Orders shipped Tuesdays Street Date 0000 0 00000 Wholesaler Nonexclusive Large variety of offerings Much less selective Little incentive to sell Distributer ProsCons 0 Eggs in one basket Multiyear commitment More demands Streamlined accounting Inventory management 0 Maximize sales force Wholesaler ProsCons 0 Variety 0 Spread out risk 0 Total independence 0 Pitch to onestop then pitch to buyers 0 Significant shipping workload What Retail Wants to Know 0 The Story A nwinw Awlinl Cllnnnnn OOOO U JIBIIIIIMUIIL DIIIPPIIIB VVUIRIUUU o What Retail Wants to Know 0 The Story Prior Artist Success Current Following Media Coverage 0 Past Radio Play 0 Marketing 0 Radio 0 Consumer Advertisements o Coop Ads 0 Retail Programs Retail in store Marketing 0 CoOp Ads Signage Bin Cards Light Boxes Banners Price and Positioning Listening Stations Circulars Retail Mailers PoP Point of Purchase anything by the cash register 0 Displays 0 Giveaways 0 Encourage impulse buys The Indie Coalitions Strength in numbers Represent mompop and other indies Offer national programs in medsmall retail There are still many stores not represented How the Money Flows 0 Distribution takes 2535 from each wholesale item sold 0 Distribution sells products at a predetermined wholesale price based on SRLP suggested retail list price 0 SRLP is a suggestion but locks in a wholesale price Returns 0 Policy almost always indefinitely returnable 0 Stores receive credit 0 Keeps releases flowing How Labels are Paid o Distributors usually pay labels on set terms net 60 70 90 etc after shipments o Distributors take their 2535 and withhold another 2035 to cover reserves returns on albums 0 Reserves can be held for longer than a year after the ship date based on terms in contract Discounts 0 Used to encourage retailers to preorder 0 Some retailers have clout to demand discounts Free Goods 0 Sometimes allowed as partial payment for marketing programs 0 Benefits labels and retailers 0 Label saves money because they only paid COGS cost of goods sold 0 Retailer can sell for retail price Risks with Programs Product is usually 100 returnable Programs are not refundable if not effective You may never recoup expenses Distributors sometimes get kickbacks from programs placed by Programs are not refundable if not effective You may never recoup expenses Distributors sometimes get kickbacks from programs placed by labels Long Tail Business Almost Unlimited Selection Deep Catalogs Variety Niches Can Thrive Virtual Inventory Minimal Overhead Unlimited Shelf Space Content Creator a Aggregator OR Label a Online RetailersServices Mobile a End UserFan Digital Distributor Aggregators Gather vast amounts of digital content Streamline content submission process Make content available distribution Manage accounting etailors amp mobile content providers Collect payments Promote What do they need 0 Content 0 Limited exclusivity 6 months 3 years 0 Some are nonexclusive o 9 30 of sales


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