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HY 104, chapter 6

by: Jen Sirkin

HY 104, chapter 6 HY104

Jen Sirkin
GPA 3.5
American History since 1865
Prof John M. Giggie

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About this Document

American History since 1865
Prof John M. Giggie
One Day of Notes
25 ?




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This 3 page One Day of Notes was uploaded by Jen Sirkin on Monday February 2, 2015. The One Day of Notes belongs to HY104 at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa taught by Prof John M. Giggie in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 159 views. For similar materials see American History since 1865 in History at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa.


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Date Created: 02/02/15
2315 Going to war Wilson and America s entry into WWI Critical thinking questions 1 Why did America enter WWI a Democratic and economic impulses making the world safer 2 What were the effects of the Treaty of Versailles a Laid the groundwork for the rise of Hitler and WW2 1 Wilson39s Early Focus as President a Wilson was the most unhappy president b Saw himself as a local politician c He was against trust and monopolies trying to regulate them d Wants to separate quotspecial interestsquot from the quotgeneral interestquot e Wanted free government from business f Foreign policy was missing from his focus and speeches but in the end foreign policy becomes his legacy 2 Backdrop to the War Foreign Policy and Economics a The same day the war starts he also loses his wife b Policy of neutrality c Was happy they were separated from the war with the Atlantic Ocean but in the end it didn t matter d He wanted to be neutral but also wanted to train for the war Wilson eventually thrust America into war Re ected the expansion of us interest over seas Wilsons foreign policy will become known to people to establish democracy around the world h The foreign policy he practiced was heavily expansionistic 3 War Breaks Out in Europe a Re ected a long unstable balance in Europe b Allies powers i Great Britain France Russia Italy ii Italy initially had a treaty with Germany but recanted and secretly allied with the Allied powers iii The US join the Allied powers in 1917 c Central powers i Germany AustrianHungarian empire ottoman empire Bulgaria ii These nations came together mostly out of national pride and for revenge for precious losses iii Very unstable alliance LQTth 2315 0 Why the war started i Nationalism ii Imperialism iii Militarism iv Lack of international organization e Trigger was the killing of Fernando 4 America39s Evolving Responses a Neutrality and strict accountability i Wilson insisted that they could trade whoever they wanted to the British or the German ii Wilson announced that their ships could trade freely and the citizens can travel without fear iii Re ects how he pushes the political interests in front of all of the strategic ones iv British set up a blockade and wouldn t allow America to trade with Germany which Wilson allowed because great Britain becomes prime place for us economy v Germany then gets upset and retaliate with a submarine blockade and start a new kind of warfare submarine warfare vi America has now declared great Britain as their number one trading partner which is leading to a crash b Lusitania i If this ship could be lost what do we have to say for American lives ii Then later on points out that that ship was carrying ammunition iii Even after all of this he still wanted to continue to trade iv The biggest fall out from the Lusitania was Brian s ring c Zimmerman Telegram i If Germany and the US declared war on each other then Mexico would be Germany s alliance ii Germany sank 5 US ships that were seeking to trade with Great Britain Wilson then went to congress asking for a declaration of war d These policies pushed America into a position Where they had to go to war pretty much Wilson 5 push of neutrality is What got them there e Neutrality as a policy put America on the track to war 5 America39s War for Democracy a Wilson gave an inspirational speech when he went to ask to declare war 2315 b quotThe world must be made safe for democracyquotWilson s most famous words c Over 2 millions Americans volunteered 28 million were drafted d General John Cushing America changed how modern battles were fought e Older ghting techniques became obsolete now tanks mustard gas machine guns were being used f Used deadly tactics Staggering losses of life Flank attacks the point was to draw the enemy in and then attack from the side 6 End of the War i The end of war did not mean the end of con ict ii The end of world war one leads to greater con icts along the way iii Marks the start as Wilson s biggest disappointment as president b WW39s 14 points i These points mapped out how to establish world peace for forever ii Point 14 calls for a league of nations Wison s key contribution to the world c Treaty of Versailles i Leaders of France Britain and Italy wanted to blame everything on Germany ii Germany was blamed for the war and had a 33 billion dollar payment plan to the countries they went to battle with iii This debt plunges the company into a deep depression iv When Adolf Hitler came to power he put this treaty as a boogey man and this is why they are in so much trouble today v League of nations failed vi Wilson s dream never came to be shortly after he had a stroke and died vii quotTo kill the league of nations killed Wilsonquot viii He died 4 years after the treaty was rejected D39LQ Extra main points from the lecture European powers blaming Germany American president failing Path way to German y s path toward Hiter taking over


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