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by: Mason Lutterbach

ddd Hist 1020

Mason Lutterbach

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About this Document

World History II
Michael B. Smith
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mason Lutterbach on Wednesday April 6, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Hist 1020 at Auburn University taught by Michael B. Smith in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 7 views.


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Date Created: 04/06/16
Cold War, II McCarthyism:  Idea of communist subversion –  McCarthy’s Speech –  Investigations – Changing Attitudes in 1950s:  Russia o European Recovery – Economic miracles in Western Europe o US Willingness to fight in Korea – Said to the Soviets that the US and the Allies are willing to fight, to end communism. o Food Shortages – Eastern Europe is still suffering from food shortages, which doesn’t put communism in a good light. o Hold over satellites weakens – Their control over their satellites are not as strong as they once did.  United States o Eisenhower Elected – Campaigned against Truman by saying he wasn’t tough enough against communism, but when elected Eisenhower did the opposite. o Hungary (1956) – Didn’t want to be communism, so they began to rise up against their government, and the United States did nothing. o North Vietnam goes Communist o Russia’s Atomic Bomb – This could have been a reason as to why the United States backed off a little bit.   Relaxation o Peaceful Coexistence Berlin Wall:  3.5 million people fled East Berlin, and this made Communism look bad. These people were skilled workers as well.  Due to this the Soviets built a wall overnight to prevent these skilled workers from fleeing.  The Berlin Wall became a symbol of the Cold War. Cuban Missile Crisis:  Castro – Came to power in 1959 due to a Revolution. He overthrew the corrupt Batista. When he took over Cuba was very poor, so he wanted to carry out a communist reform.  Bay of Pigs (1961) – An invasion force of Cuban Exiles who were trained to invade Cuba and overthrow their government. But this failed miserably.  October 1962 – JFK and his administration discovered that the Soviets were sending over nuclear missiles to Cuba, this was taken as a huge threat. JFK wanted to “get tough” so he sent in the navy as a blockade, turning away any ships that were trying to bring in nuclear missiles. After much debating Kruschev decided to remove the missiles, as long as JFK would remove their missiles in Turkey. Space Race:  Sputnik (1957) – First satellite to reach outer space  Education – A report was released saying that Soviet Russia’s education was much better than that of the 2 United States. This pushed the United States to make reforms, kids began to learn much more science and math based classes in school.  NASA – Due to Sputnik the United States Government created this program to push the US into Space.  The first 7 astronauts were the new heroes of the United States. Everyone loved them, and their families. To learn more and get OneNote, visit 3


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