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AMH 2020 Week 13

by: Jocelyn

AMH 2020 Week 13 AMH 2020


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About this Document

The Good War
American History 1877-Present
Dr. Noll
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jocelyn on Wednesday April 6, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to AMH 2020 at University of Florida taught by Dr. Noll in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 21 views. For similar materials see American History 1877-Present in History at University of Florida.


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Date Created: 04/06/16
Monday, April 4, 2016 AH 2020 Week 13 The Good War? - Spring of 1940, Hitler has conquered almost all of continental Europe and the only country left is Great Britain/England - Nazi Germany not Japan - With the Neutrality Acts dead, we have to help the British • Lend-lease - The US gives money, weapons, and military support - If your neighbors house is on fire, you get your hose and put out the fire - Sends military goods to England. We are preparing for the war before we are actually in the war. - The American economy is growing and we are producing weapons - Roosevelt recognizes that the US may have to enter this war - German submarines are prowling the Atlantic that are sending American goods there - Our citizens are dying before we are even in the war London has suffered the blitz, an intense bombing • - America First • Isolationist organization - Roosevelt believes that Hitler is a bad guy and doesn’t want fascists to take over • Roosevelt has to convince the Americans to support the English • He has to convince people that naval personnel are dying for an important cause even though we aren’t in the war yet - Charles Zindbergh • He is a celebrity because he flew across the Atlantic and doesn’t believe that Hitler is a bad guy because he hates Communists 1 Monday, April 4, 2016 • He thinks Hitler can provide a brake on Stalin • He thinks that the German war machine is amazing - In the summer of 1941, Japan behind to expand into Southeast Asia • US stops steel exports tot Japan • This is important because Japan needs steel for weapons • Japan sees this stoppage of steel exports as an act of economic warfare Their response is the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941 • - 3,500 American sailors and army personnel are killed - The US declares war on Japan • BUT, if we are going to fight in the Pacific against Japan, why not fight in the Atlantic? • Why, in two days later, does Hitler declare war on the US? • The assumption is that the Germans and the Japanese underestimate the US - Admiral Yamamoto • Unless we really wipe out America, we are poking a sleeping bear • He is correct that after bombing Pearl Harbor America was going to strike back - We gear the economy towards a war footing and Roosevelt has to convince all Americans of fighting against them • It’s not difficult to fight against the Japanese because they attacked us first • It becomes easy to fight against the Germans is because Hitler is the epitome of evil - Before Pearl Harbor, June 20, 1941, Hitler invades Russia • Stalin thought the peace treaty actually meant something • What does that do? Starts the war with Russia • Now, we are on the same side as Russia somehow • We have this incredible transformation in leader 2 Monday, April 4, 2016 • He is the starter of worldwide communist expansion but now he is Uncle Joe as an ally • This is an alliance of convenience - We’re willing to put our distrust aside for each other because we are against Hitler - Everyone will tell you that we won the war on D-Day • But who really wins? - The Soviet Union - As the war in going on, Roosevelt develops a personal relationship with Stalin with the Big 3: FDR, Stalin, and Churchill - Women are doing jobs and they are doing a good job and women feel that they are entitled to being treated fairly after the war • Women assume that this will allow them to work when the war is over • WRONG - They fight in segregated unions because the assumption is still that African Americans aren’t smart enough to be leaders - Blacks begin a campaign for Double V (Victory)—against fascism in Europe and Jim Crow here at home • Why should we die and fight against Hitler to go back home to sit in the back of a bus? - A. Phillip Randolph: Black union leader • Tells Roosevelt that it’s not right • Roosevelt can’t antagonize white southern democrats • Randolph is going to organize a black only march on Washington to demand equal pay of the races for the military industry • Roosevelt can’t afford to let that happen, so he passes an executive order that creates an agency to ensure that African Americans get equal pay in defense industries, Fair Employment Practices Commission • 20 years later, Randolph comes back to Washington to organize MLK’s march - Jackie Robinson will integrate African Americans in baseball 3 Monday, April 4, 2016 - German POWs are captured in Europe, brought back to America, and placed in prison camps • German POWs take the place of African American veterans on the bus system… ridiculous - Hyphenated Americans • Japanese-Americans - Put under scrutiny because they are assumed to have supported the emperor - We round up thousands of Japanese-Americans, confiscate their property, and place them in internment camps for the rest of the war - These Japanese-Americans sue in 1944 • Korematsu vs US - Says it is illegal for you to round me up and place me in an internment camp - Supreme Court says that military considerations outweigh civil rights - Ironically, the most decorated unit int he war is Japanese Americans fighting in Italy Japanese Americans are only rounded up in the west coast and not Hawaii • • Finally, we realize that this was an atrocity, and America does what they always do: give reparations to those that were interned and we recognize the internment as wrong • We did this because they were unfairly treated after we had time to figure out that this was unacceptable 4 Monday, April 4, 2016 - Why don’t African Americans get compensated? • The Diaspora: they were throughout the country while Japanese were mainly just in the West • We owe them too much • 4 million slaves were emancipated while 100,000 Japanese people were interred • It was a finite period of time whereas slavery from colonial times until the 1860s • We already “paid” them with rights - Nuremberg Trials: • The prosecution of the Nazis for crimes against humanity • This shows that America is the good guys since we are fighting against fascism - What do reparations do t white people? • An apology, admitting that we did something - Rosewood • Town in Levy Country • 1923, Rosewood was a thriving, small town that was all black • It was wiped off the face of the Earth because a white woman in the next town claimed rape • White people had to avenge that by destroying the town • After this property is burned to the ground and black people don’t pay property taxes on the property anymore and legally black people don't have claim on the land anymore. • The State of Florida provides reparations to those that can prove they are descendants to those in Rosewood • White governmental entities have done something to fix it • Slavery was a widespread phenomenon whereas Rosewood was a finite, contained place • We have to decide what’s the cut off - The people that are alive today were not necessarily affected 5 Monday, April 4, 2016 • White guilt - Does this make us the moral equivalent of Nazis? - FDR symbolically appoints blacks to the black cabinet • Symbols are nice but symbols without action are just words - Is it really the Good War if the Nazis got their ideas from us? - The world is a morally ambiguous place - 1950: Sweatt v.s. Painter • UT creates a separate black law school - 1954: Brown v.s. Board of Education • Separate cannot be equal 6


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