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by: Ashley Blair

IntrotoPsychopathology.pdf FORP 6104

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Ashley Blair
GPA 3.5
Dr. Lopez-Sharifi

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About this Document

These notes are my addition to the notes that Dr. Lopez posts on Blackboard. These notes are on class discussions and extra things that the professor says. Enjoy!
Dr. Lopez-Sharifi
One Day of Notes
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This 5 page One Day of Notes was uploaded by Ashley Blair on Monday February 2, 2015. The One Day of Notes belongs to FORP 6104 at George Washington University taught by Dr. Lopez-Sharifi in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 97 views. For similar materials see Psychopathology in Physiology at George Washington University.


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Date Created: 02/02/15
Monday February 2 2015 Slide 2 How do we define a psychological behavior Risk Significant distress to you or others Harm to yourself or others Perception MaladaptiveIearned behavior Societal deviation Mishaps in the actual brain functioning Slide 3 DSM 5 and 4 Definition Slide 4 What is not a mental disorder If there are certain circumstances that result in bizarre behavior it can be a disorder but the behavior itself is not a disorder itself different behavior than the norm gt different political views or adopting certain views from joining a cult Slide 5 Other Definitions The basic elements are there but it is very vague Spitzer39s Definition 0 Combines medical and psychological together 0 Not the most useful for our perspective but gives a good medical view of it Slide 6 Lack of Consensus Definitely a lack of consensus in a quotclearquot definition of a disorder Ex 2 experts giving 2 completely different explanations and diagnosis of the same person in a court setting Slide 7 Causes of Psychopathology The field of information is constantly growing Its more about the interaction rather than pinpointing one specific cause Ex resilience how do some people go through so much and their dispositions and never develop the disorder Compared to this who have a low threshold and develop the disorder a lot quoteasierquot Slide 8 Cause cont Predisposing heredity inherent factors 0 One of many factors that can dictate the type of psychological dysfunction a person can experience Precipitating Ex PTSD a person needs to experience some sort of trauma and without that trauma a person would not have developed the disorder ex death of a parent exposure to traumatic experiences Slide 9 GeneticBiological Factors Monday February 2 2015 Genetic and biological factors can be influenced by the environmental factors that surround it Slide 10 Developmental Factors Can be influenced largely by early childhood experiences and during developmental stages These are likely to have a deep and significant affect on how we develop Single and severe experiences CAN leave a long lasting impact on the person Slide 11 Mental Illness vs Insanity What s the difference between a mental illness and the legally insane In this class we will be looking more at what is a mental disorder and diagnosis Case of Cannibalism 0 Was ruled legally insane O Ended up being diagnosed paranoid schizophrenia Week 3 Mood Disorders 2215 Slide 1 Understanding Mood Disorders Mood disorders are characterized by clinically significant symptoms related to a mood disturbance They include a presentation of mania depression or both lndividulas suffering from a mood disorder go through periods of symptoms also known as episodes People go through episodes which is different than the disorder itself they are not interchangeable Slide 2 Major Depressive Episode Includes 0 Depressed most of the day almost every day for at least 2 weeks 0 Cognitive symptoms also go towards that depressive side of thinking Feel depressed about being depressed Somehow they are to blame C Energy all tend to decrease during periods of depression sexual energy daily energy Somatic or vegitative symptoms of depression More likely that the person will respond better to medication If it is more focused on cognitive issues then it might not always work best for medication 0 Anhedonia lacklost of interest in usual activities 0 Fleeting thoughts of suicide and death Want to be carefulthey can be thinking suicide or actively suicidal U Need to see a risk involved there or that somebody would act on those thoughts 0 DSM 5 Symptoms must be present for at least 2 weeks Slide 3 Manic Episode Their thinking can be grandiose thinking they can do everything Elevated energy When they are coming down from their mania they can become irritated and become aggressive However their behavior can be dangerous such as O Spending lots of money 0 Sexual behavior 0 Grandiosity bungee jumping There is the possibility of the psychotic feature that go along with it mania and depressive state Criteria 0 Duration of at least one week can be less if severe O lrritability at end of episode 0 Excessive involvement in pleasurable high risk activities Slide 4 Hypomanic Episode List of symptoms between manic and hypomanic but BIG DIFFERENCE O Delusions and hallucinations are not present in hypomanic Different from manic because it is not severe enough to cause marked impairment in social of occupational functioning Slide 5 Major Depressive Disorder At least 1 MD episode with no Hx of manichypomanic episode 0 Very rare to see this with no recurrent episodes 0 85 of patients experience a second one Q If we do se just ONE there is normally a stressor or a single factor that caused that isolated incident High degrees of cooccurence with alcohol abuse No single age range for which episodes to start 0 Cant really pin point it Q It could start in your 3039s with no hx of ever having this Slide 6 Persistent Depressive Disorder Dysthymia Shares many of the same symptoms as MDD 0 However the symptoms are milder and the duration is a lot longer Persistent for at least 2 years and only a few months wo symptoms 0 This is a lot more chronic not a lot of fluxuation A lot of people experience a major depressive episode but not everyone has to Double Depression suffering from depression and then the chronic depression kicks in dysthymia 0 Already in a low state not a high accountability There is usually some type of substance abuseself medication that is used Slide 7 Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder NEW ONE Added to address over diagnosis of bipolar disorder in children 0 Not a clear fluctuation in mood cycling 0 Having emotion difficulties and acting out due to the disruptive mood irritability C These kids would be put on major mood stabilizers psychotropic but no research on kids whose brains are still developing faulty diagnosis 0 Deals with teaching them how to cope not necessarily putting them on meds Most kids when they grow out adolescents gt will not develop a bipolar disorder 0 Once you have bipolar disorder you cant quotgrow outquot of it Slide 7 Cont More of temper outbursts Recurrent in more than one setting or situation Evident before age of 10 Hx or observation This has to be more than what you expect for the normal developing child Focusing more on the presentation of the symptoms not necessarily the cause Have problems at home 0 But have good functioning at school or after school activities 0 But once home everything falls apart Slide 9 Bipolar Disorders ln DSM 4 you needed to have evidence of a depressive episode to be diagnosed but not anymore Two Types Bipolar l and Bipolar ll Most will have depressive episodes in their cycle Slide 10 Bipolar l Disorder Suicidal attempts usually occur during a depressive episode During a manic episode they can kill themselves but it is not necessarily when they are trying to end their life 0 Ex jumps off a building to try and fly Age onset 18years Slide 11 Bipolar ll Disorder Important distinction between the two NO HX of a manic episode Commonly referred to as quotmilder bipolarquot Q But not to be minimized because it can be severe If it starts out as hypomanic and depressive episodes it can progress to Bipolar l O This is the exception not the rule Suicide rates higher 0 The episodes last longer Depressed for a longer period of time more vulnerability Q There is some reward involved in a manic episode and with this one it does not come as often Slide 12 Cyclothymic Disorder Fluctuation progression tends to last longer 0 They aren39t as marked and severe Q It s something people learn to cope with on their own and not seek treatment Their symptoms are quotsubclinicalquot they don t fully meet the criteria for any of the full blown cases This can often get mislabeled 0 Ex a medical doctor diagnosed it as Depression rather than seeing a psyc Using mood stabilizers with bipolar You give antidepressants to someone who is bipolar and you can trigger a manic episode 0 Diagnosis is Key Presentation Ex Misery The movie By Stephen King Treatment Therapy seems to work best for relieving the depression


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