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by: Ashley Blair

IntrotoTerroristGroups.pdf FORP 6120

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Ashley Blair
GPA 3.5
Dr. Ben Sheppard

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About this Document

Week 2- we talked about what Terrorists really want for their organization. It is a lot more than political or religious reasons that these groups of people band together. Take a look to read more!
Dr. Ben Sheppard
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ashley Blair on Monday February 2, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to FORP 6120 at George Washington University taught by Dr. Ben Sheppard in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 72 views. For similar materials see Counterintelligence in Physiology at George Washington University.

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Date Created: 02/02/15
Week 2 Intro to Terrorist Groups 12115 A major terrorist group after WWII was the PLO Palestine Liberation Organization What is Terrorism My definition 0 A violent or propaganda act that brings attention to a specific group of people ideals religious or political beliefs There is no ONE definition to describe what terrorism is EX AP Schmid 0 Terrorism is an anxietyinspiringthe fear method method of repeated violent actionemployed by semi clandestine individual group or state actors for idiosyncratic criminal or political reasons whereby in contrast to assassination the direct targets of violence are not the main targets These specific people are not the targets but the overall political leaders of that state political government to get their attention Targets are chosen randomly OR can be chosen for selective reasons representative or symbolic targets Blowing up airplanes Serve as a message generator Target or terror causing fear Target of demandsget northern Ireland separate from southern Ireland Target of Attention now we have your attention 0 Ex Bombing in Paris Demand stop writing about our leader Attention knew the media would cover it Terror throughout the city Lawrence Freedman O Twostage process first independent deliberate acts of violence or threats of violence against a populace intended to produce a particular psychological effect terror on the assumption that second this will influence the target39s whole political system through shifting its attitudes and behavior Brings in the psychological aspect Create fear among the political regime as well as the population D People will stop going out to eat going to work due to fear and may eventually give into their demands Terrorists tend to overthink how much the terrorist attack will affect the population D Doesn t always cause as much fear as they think people are stronger than they think Worth while in papers to define your definition terrorism and why you are writing what you are writing Social Revolutionary Terrorism Ex Red Army Faction RAF 0 Started off as a student movement but become so much bigger O Separating from the beliefs of their fathers who grew up during the Nazi area 0 They wanted more of a quotmarxistquot attitude 0 Did a series of kidnapping and attacks 0 Provided some support for a Palestine group the Black Septemberist 0 They kidnapped athletes and killed them at the Munich Olympics 0 They came to an end because their leaders were arrested Ex Red Brigade Italy 0 Set themselves up as a corporation more of a pyramid style 0 Kidnapping of factory owners and moved to fire bombs 0 They kidnapped and killed a religious leader named Aldonoro They lost a lot of public support ltaly told them that if they turn themselves in they will receive a lesser punishment than if they wait to get arrested Neither of these groups owner territory Ex FARC Colombia 0 Founded 1964 0 Looking to overthrow the government 0 12000 fighters at their peak 0 Set up their own health and judiciary system education system social support network These policies can help produce public support 0 Marxist ideation 0 Use more of drug money to fuel their funding 0 Government trying to break them up Right Wing Terrorist Timothy Mcvey 0 Oklahoma bombings 1995 O Turnerdaries Right wings version of the Nazi Minkemft White supremacist Eric Rudolph O Operated on his own Many right wing terrorists in South and Latin America NationalSeparatist Terrorism IRA 0 Not very effective 0 Wanted independence 0 Separate northern Ireland from southern lreland ETA Spain 0 Looking to gain independence from the Spanish government 0 They have not been very effective 0 Nor have they been very active since the 9039s LTTE Tamil Tigers 0 From Sri Lanka 0 They felt they were under represented by the government 0 Created their own city 0 About 65000 people where killed while they were active 0 They conducted a lot of suicide killings 0 They aren39t doing very well and their land was taken over by the Sri Lanka government in a pretty bloody battle Religious Fundamentalist Terrorism AlQueda 0 Usually involve mass amount of civilians O Reinforces the 39us39 vs 39them39 approach They are trying to change the whole order of that region 0 Take over who is running what 0 Throw away the way the order is done western way and take over and have their own way of doing things 0 They want to create their own religious state and have things ran that way Ex ISIS D Wants to create an Islamic state Develop more unattainable goals 0 How can to try to create an agreement with people who want to get rid of all western ways of life Not really possible Ex Bin Laden and the guy second in charge wrote one of their affiliates that he needs to stop so many pointless bombing because your are killing too many muslims and we need supporters as well AlQueda and ISIS did have a alliance but then AlQueda did not agree with what ISIS was doing and they separated New Religious Terrorism Japan Ume Supreme Truth 0 Formed in the 80s 0 Committed an attack on their subway system Single Issue Terrorism PITA 0 Animal rights activists 0 Not violent acts Antiabortion acts Earth Liberation AP Schmid Frameworks for Conceptualizing Terrorism 1 Terrorism andas Crime a These can be criminal in nature b Arrest someone for a terrorist act you are arresting them for what the law of the area says i Ex Boston Bombing 2 Terrorism as communication a Terrorism coupled with media to create propaganda b Media and terrorism need each other in a sick way c Social media has changed so much that anyone can put something on the internet i You don t have to send it to CNN and have it posted d Ex ISIS i Directed toward the Western Civilization 1 EX the japan prisoners dressed in orange signifying prisoners a Guantanamo Bay prisoners dress in orange i This is not a coincidence 3 Terrorism and Religion a How religion is used as quotjustificationquot their particular cause b It is part of the quotinternal strugglequot within yourself 4 Terrorism and Politics a Madrid bombing attack done days before the election i From Al Queda saying get out of Iraq and stop supporting the United Stated ii Try and disrupt the whole electoral process 5 Terrorism and Warfare a Terrorists see themselves are warriors not so much as criminals fighting for their cause What Terrorists Really Want Max Abrahams


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