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by: Ashley Blair

Counterintelligence.pdf FORP 6120

Ashley Blair
GPA 3.5
Dr. Ben Sheppard

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About this Document

Week 3- We talked about how people, governments, and groups of people gather intel on other groups.
Dr. Ben Sheppard
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ashley Blair on Monday February 2, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to FORP 6120 at George Washington University taught by Dr. Ben Sheppard in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 101 views. For similar materials see Counterintelligence in Physiology at George Washington University.

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Date Created: 02/02/15
Week 3 Counterintelligence 12815 Intelligence Definition Collection analysis and dissemination of information on behalf of decision makers engaged in a competitive enterprise and that its performance can be judges according to some relatively simple measures Sims 2009 Suppose to inform the decision makers and aid in their process but does not completely guide them Post ColdWar the Soviet Union was going to fall couldn t count on that info Counterintelligence my definition The actions involved in protecting and keeping a countries knowledge safe from their adversaries as well as the process of collecting their adversaries knowledge Michelle Van Cleave quotStrategic Counterintelligencequot We need to identify the threat and go to that country and neutralize the threat Casebycase analysis 0 We need a a general rule to deal with these cases and events 0 Working at a global level would allow us to know more as well Foreign Intelligence Threat Strategic 0 Economic intelligence See their funding and where their budgeting is and try and find the weaknesses ex Attempting to manipulate the currency 0 Military Seeing what other countries are building for wars D Ex drone leakage 0 Political Look at the way people vote and try to sway it one way or another 0 Electrical Looking at the electrical grids water treatment what are the control systems like 0 Biological a biologicalepidemic attack Ex weak points in vaccines or medical evacuation areas 0 ImportExport How countries get their supplies and what routes they take 0 Energy What is the energy capacity of a country If their was a blockade on a country how long would it take them to deplete those resources 0 Take a look at the weak points and try to figure out how to manipulate them Dualuse Capability Technologies developed for civilians but could be transferred to the military region 0 Ex nuclear energy give citizens energy but if you produce much of it together in one area it could be used as a weapon Offensive Counterintelligence Idea of manipulating intelligence to give foreign countries the wrong information Finding the person39speople39s weakness and manipulate it 0 Ex trust quotOh well we would not do that it youquot Make them feel their organization against them Using psychology to deceive people Problems Cleave 0 FBI They work more as law enforcement and do not really have the tools and trade crafts to gather information on counterintelligence 0 UK They have their own regular law enforcement Ml5 that gathers more on the counterintelligence side of things 0 Resource Constraints There are different agencies but they do not communicate with each other Cleave They all have their own area of expertise but none of them specifically focused on counterintelligence Operational Risks Reluctancy from the intel agencies Jennifer Sims quotDemocracies and Counterintelligencequot Capitalize on what they were doing as well as what they were not doing Before 911 the US were not taking much on an effort in identifying terrorists on their soil 0 Ex Airplane security Passive Security Measures 0 Keeping the valuable information from people Locks vaults or passwords O No cellphones allowed in certain areas 0 Locks on USB ports 0 Offensivelooking to manipulate the foreign assests Counteranticipation O Helps to anticipate the next few moves of the enemy no surprises but interesting 0 Might be able to make the opponent more risk averse Blake Mobley p119 3 primary factors that shape a terrorists groups counterintelligence capabilities 0 Popular Support 0 Organizational Structure A tight and centralized command D Can control more of what information is being shared with others and have their own specific groups ex Their own counterintelligence group D Disadvantages able to track you easier and it does not encourage innovation D EX Al Qaida had a tight command structure from 1989 to 2001 A loose and decentralized command D Not centralized quotleaderquot D Harder to dictate who knows what sensitive information D Disadvantage harder to train systematically but less predicator to state operatives in tracking their behavior 0 Controlling your own land Counterintelligence 3 subprocesses 0 Basic denial 0 Adaptive denial O Covert manipulation


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