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Module 1 Notes

by: Caitlin Notetaker

Module 1 Notes INS201

Marketplace > University of Miami > INS201 > Module 1 Notes
Caitlin Notetaker
GPA 3.0
Globalization and Change In Word Politics
Margarita Rodriguez

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About this Document

These are the Module 1 notes from January 15-January 22nd
Globalization and Change In Word Politics
Margarita Rodriguez
Class Notes
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This 9 page Class Notes was uploaded by Caitlin Notetaker on Monday February 2, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to INS201 at University of Miami taught by Margarita Rodriguez in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 55 views.

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Date Created: 02/02/15
Global and Transnational Perspectives Global Persoectives Formally An analysis that includes the entire world planetary scale Substantively The understanding that there are worldsystematic forces which are articulated or connected with regional local events and processes From a substantive point of view you may study 1 Processes and phenomena on a planetary scale for example global trade patterns related to global changes from a global perspective 2 A very localized phenomenon let s say narcodeforestation related for example to the use of remote forests as transit hub locations for clandestine roads and airplane landing strips in Central America from a global perspective Example of Substantive Global Persoectives Worldsystem perspective unequivocally a global perspective from a substantive perspective not the only one Establishes that there is a worldeconomy not just a world economy What is the difference between worldeconomy and world economy The conceptualization on the worldeconomy builds upon a research assumption according to which there is an overarching predominant mode of production capitalism which filters into and shapes economic relations in every single society The term world economy is also used when embracing a substantive global perspective but the use of worldeconomy points unequivocally to a global perspective Theoretical Relevance of Apparentlv Simple Concepts Worldeconomy and world economy The core semiperiphery and periphery of the worldeconomy worldsystem analysis perspective Developed countries and underdeveloped countries visavis developed countries and developing countries Emerging markets may imply the understanding of the world economy and even societies as a marketdriven outcome Example of Kev Conceptualizations based on a Global Perspective Global Commodity Chains GCC Production processes are further integrated through the expansion of Global Commodity Chains Global Commoditv Chain GCC Original formulation of the definition by Hopkins and Wallerstein 1986 A network of labor and production processes whose end result is a finished commodity Hopkins and Wallerstein 1986 Example of a commodity chain in the global leatherfootwear industry 0 Raw material leather from Argentina 0 Product manufactured in Brazil 0 Product marketing and internal and international distribution strategized and deployed from firms located in the US GCC Global Commoditv Chains More Recent Formulation of the Definition Sets of organizational networks clustered around one commodity or product linking households enterprises and states tone another with the world economy Notice that the state is not the focus of the analysis although it is not irrelevant the emphasis is on the commodity and economic forms of articulations of different phases of the production of a commodity process globally Emphasizes power and how to deal with different power structures Dimensions of the Global Communitv Chains InputOutput Structure production Territoriality dispersion of production and distribution across borders Governance Structure Governance is understood here from a businessmanagerial point of view The governance structures of a global corporation determine how resources are allocated within the commodity chain The led firms eg global manufacturers global brand name companies global retailers determine key issues concerning allocation of resources production and distribution Example ll of a Concept Stemming from a Global Perspective Global City What is a Global City Sociolooicallnternational Studies Persoective Global City Advanced producer services and production nodes High concentrations of high value type of producer services design engineering fashion etc services legal services accounting services financial services real estate services etc Economic Giants Large economic output and budget International Gateways Measures of the importance of a city in the international flows of people and goods Examples are the airport and cargo gateway figures migration etc Political and Cultural Hubs with great symbolic value globally recognized as such The global commoditv Chains and the GlobalCitv Conceptualizations The two conceptualizations study aspects of globalization without having the nationstate at the center of their analysis Does it mean the state has become irrelevant under conditions of globalization No It means that understanding the emerging phenomena associated with globalization requires new types of approaches that may not be centered in the nationstate if we want to advance our knowledge of specific phenomena and processes in relation to globalization The critique of methodolooical nationalism from a global ers ective What is Methodolooical Nationalism The intellectual political and research tendency to see the nationstate as the natural sociopolitical form of the modern world Methodological nationalism conflates society and the nation state It sees societies from a perspective of the container model of society societies are contained within nationstates when in reality this is not the case societies are increasingly reconstituted through transnational social fields Societies overflow nation states Many individuals households enterprises institutions and groups of all sorts operate transnationally Transnationalism and Transnational Relations What is the difference between International and Transnational Transnationalism The processes whereby international relations conducted by governments have been supplemented by relations among private individuals groups and societies that can and do have important consequences for the course of events Rosenau 1980 1 Transnational Relations Regular transactions across national boundaries when at least one actor is a nonstate agent or does not operate on behalf of a national government or an intergovernmental organization RisseKappen 1995 The Concept of Transnationalism Emphasizes The regular nature of transnational relations The role of some forms of governmental agency in shaping transnationalism as long as they imply a high degree of autonomy from governmental agendas and courses of action That there is a sort of blurring of boundaries between international and domestic areas lntermestic issues International and domestic based on the forces leading to them and their implication Migration Trade etc That transnational does not mean geocentric since actors that develop transnational practices still tend to rely on strong ties with at least one nationstate That transnational relations do not necessarily imply physical mobility across state boundaries which has become more apparent after the widespread use of the Internet for Globalization as a Complex Process Globalization is not a single set of processes and does not lead in a single direction It produces solidarities in some places and destroys them in others It has quite different consequences on one side of the world from the other In other words it is a wholly contradictory process It is not just about fragmentation I see it more as a shakeout of institutions in which new forms of unity go along with new forms of fragmentations Anthony Giddens Kev Universal Asoects of the Process 1 There is negation of an old quality and affirmation of a new quality 2 The old quality is not completely destroyed it is partially perserved even if under new forms NonLinear Approaches on Globalization The global partially inhabits and even gets constituted inside the national Sassen 2007 o The fact that a process or an entity is located within the territory of a sovereign state does not necessarily mean it is a national process or entity it might be a localization of the global or denationalized instance of the national lbid Is a new quality emerging as a result of a simultaneous affirmation and negation in relation to the role of the state under conditions of globalization Are we witnessing A The shrinking role of the state in domestic and global international issues B The expansion of the role of the state C A new quality 0 even a new form of state Implications of Globalization For the state and the interstate system c For individuals households families enterprises social classes political groups ethnic groups religious groups markets etc Role of International Financial Institutions two examples International Monetary Fund World Bank Policy of conditionally of the two institutions What does it mean That money is lent based on the agreement with certain policy prescriptions this mechanism has become more sophisticated since the 1990s A global perspective challenges pervasive dualisms in the social science such as The state visavis the market 0 The local visavis the global 0 North and South demarcated through rigid state boundaries Globalization and Develooment understood as the phenomenon by which markets and production in different countries are becoming increasingly interdependent due to the dynamics of trade in goods and services and the flows of capital and technology OECD Globalization can be defined as a process by means of which most of the world s developed countries and some of the developing countries aim to improve the free flow of information money ideas cooperation detection exchange and prosecution of criminals technology and trade between nations People around the globe are more connected to each other than ever before Information and money flow more quickly than ever Goods and services produce in one part of the world are increasingly available in all parts of the world International travel is more frequent Globalization is what we in the Third World for several centuries called colonizations Globalization is not an output of the real forces of markets and technologies but it is rather an input in the form of rhetorical and discursive constructs practices and ideologies which some groups are imposing on others for political and economic gain What is Develooment National development Human development Global development What is National Develooment Dimensions of National Development Economic Aspect Sustained and sustainable economic growth Social Aspect Education Health Welfare and the Population Social justice aspect Other sociopolitical aspects Economic Asoect 1 Sustained Economic Growth Measured using GDP poverty levels coefficients of inequality among other indicators 2 Sustained and Sustainable Growth Sustainable growth is built upon the idea that social life should be understood holistically across an integrated series of domains economics ecology politics and culture Social Asoects Widespread access to effective education and healthcare for most of the country s population Social Justice Asoect To reduce inequality Sociooolitical Asoects 1 Sociocultural integration 2 Granting of citizenship rights 3 Respect for human rights Global Persoectives on Develooment 1 Predominant perspective in policy making for example the UN World Bank and other multilateral organizations 2 Critical Global Perspectives in academia by some advocacy groups such as the Foro De Sao Paulo for example reading by Robinson on the nine theses of capitalism Human Develooment The enlargement of people s choices United Nations definition People s choices refer to choices that lead to a long healthy life to acquire knowledge and to have access to resources needed for a decent standard of living Emphasis Individuals producers consumers communities Economic indicators and issues pertaining to the creation and distribution of wealth are examined in relation to how they relate to people s choices and as aspects of their development The Two Sides of Human Develooment 1 The formation of human capabilities knowledge skills improved health 2 The use people make of their enhance capabilities as they participate in productive cultural social and political affairs Both production and leisure are important aspects of human development c The concept of Human Development likewise the notion of personal development emphasizes also on selfhelp selfdevelopment efforts at individual improvement economically intellectually emotionally Human development has been defined also in a narrow sense as the development of human capital Development Globalization and Citizenship Citizenship sa a status related to rights and obligations within a given nation state Citizenship as enabling condition United Nations Millenium Development Goals The declaration committed their nations to a new global partnership to reduce extreme poverty and setting out a series of timebound targets with a deadline of 2015 that have become known as the Millenium Development Goals National Security Foreign Policy and Global Development Is there a link between the two of them


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