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PSYC 120 week one Notes

by: Kristin Wismer

PSYC 120 week one Notes PSYC 120

Marketplace > Kansas > PSYC 120 > PSYC 120 week one Notes
Kristin Wismer
GPA 3.5
Steve Ilardi

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About this Document

These are thorough notes going over what was presented in class week 1
Steve Ilardi
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kristin Wismer on Tuesday February 3, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSYC 120 at Kansas taught by Steve Ilardi in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 57 views.


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Date Created: 02/03/15
Week One Notes PSYC 120 12215 I Personality An individual s characteristic pattern of behavior thoughts and feelings stable over time and across situations effects what you do feel think 0 It s something that it stable I Maj or Theoretical Models of Personality 0 Biological I The mind is what the brain does I Mind and brain are ip sides of a single underlying reality I To understand personality need to understand brain function I Genes program and regulate brain function but modified by experience epigenetics I Many think mind and body are different but biological think they connect I If you want to understand your personality you need to understand brain function I Two critical points 0 Experience changes your genes 0 Experiences changes the brain Determinism once we have perfect knowledge about one s brain we know exactly what they are going to do 0 Psychoanalytic I Developed by Sigmund Freud Beginning in 1890 s I Critical stages of early psychological development I Focus on childhood experiences as determinant of adult personality I Most of the mind is unconscious and irrational I What happened to you as a young child I Lorenz example used ducks when they hatch whatever is closest and largest around them they imprint on imprinting Lorenz Showed there is a critical window after they hatch if you are there they will imprint on you I Freud used this with people to see how there early childhood connections play a role on their future 0 Behavioral Learning I Environmental determinism I Person born mostly a blank slate shaped by environment I Specifically pattern s of reward reinforcement and punishment I You are born a blank slate and your environment determines what happens in your life 0 Cognitive I Newest theoretical model I O Trait I I Focus on personality as result of information processing in the brain Personality arises from cognitive processes memory attention judgment categorization schematic selfrepresentation etc Views your brain like a computer the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior Agnostic doesn t care about underlying causes of behavior Just wants to get most accurate description and measurement of personality use it to predict important life outcomes Focus on traits stable attributes of personality The longer you have been doing something the harder it is to change very hard to change ones personality because they have doing it for so long 0 Example girl scared of harming in him the stapler 0CD 0 Neuroticism how much negative emotion ones experiences how emotionally reactive are you 0 You can better predict ones grades knowing their personality traits rather than IQ O Humanistic Existential Nonscientific not antiscientific Says science has limits Focus on free will science is deterministic Focus on conscious subjective experience


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