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MA 137 Lesson 1,2,3 Notes

by: Danielle Gilbert

MA 137 Lesson 1,2,3 Notes MA 137

Marketplace > Purdue University > Math > MA 137 > MA 137 Lesson 1 2 3 Notes
Danielle Gilbert
GPA 3.0
Math for Elementary Teachers
Renee Figueroa

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About this Document

Math 137 Lesson 1, 2, and 3 notes with examples. Sections 1.1-1.4
Math for Elementary Teachers
Renee Figueroa
Class Notes
Math, Elementary, Teaching
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Danielle Gilbert on Tuesday February 3, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MA 137 at Purdue University taught by Renee Figueroa in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 258 views. For similar materials see Math for Elementary Teachers in Math at Purdue University.


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Date Created: 02/03/15
MATH 137 LESSON 1 SECTIONS 11 amp 12 DEFINITIONS A QUANTITY IS ANYTHING OBJECT EVENT ETC THAT CAN BE MEASURED OR COUNTED CAN BE MEASURED THE VALUE OF A QUANTITY IS ITS MEASURE OF THE NUMBER OF ITEMS THAT ARE COUNTED NUMBER AND OR UNIT QUANTITY OR VALUE Length oF chalkboard quantity 20 Feet long value Number oF tables quantity 32 inches value Window in classroom Not enough information what about the window It39s length Width Classroom size Not enough information are we talking about how many students or how many Feet wide it is PWPPPT QUANTITIVE ANALYSIS What is it the ability to analyze a situation in terms of the quantities and the relationships present in order to gain an understanding that can lead to a meaningful situation Quantitive Analysis Steps Step 1 List the quantities Step 2 List the values put a For the ones you don39t know Steps 1 and 2 should be in table Form Step 3 Draw a meaningful picture with labels Step 4 Solve the problem using the picture Example problem Albert ate 2 and 34 hot dogs and Reba ate 1 and a haltquot hot dogs What part oF all oF the hot dogs they consumed did Albert eat Step 1 List the quantities Step 2 List the values Quantities Values 0 Amount oF hotdogs Albert ate 2 34 hotdogs 0 amount oF hotdogs Reba ate 1 12 hotdogs 0 Amount oF hotdogs they ate altogether 0 Part oF the total hotdogs Albert ate oF total Step 3 Draw a picture Albert ate Reba ate I total number eaten together Step 4 Solve using picture To nd total hotdogs 2 34 1 12 4 14 To nd Albert39s part 2 344 14 1117 Albert ate 2 34 of the total 4 14 hotdogs which is 11 17 of the hotdogs This value is about 23 of the hotdogs MATH 137 LESSON 2 SECTION 13 VALUES OF QUANTITIES Given Length m to cm in to ft 1 I I 4lltmx1000mgtlt100cmX 1in 1ftgtlt 1mi 1 1km 1m 254cm 12in 5280ft I I kmtom cmtoin ftto mi DRUL Rule Down Righ r UP Lef r How to change From one Form to ano rher Example 1 27 cm to km 27cmx lm x 1km 27km 000027 km 1 100cm 1000m 100000 27c x 132 x 1km 27km 000027 km 1 10m 1000y 100000 Example 2 3 inches to miles 000004735 mi m x lF r x lmi 3mi 1 12in 5280F r 63360 xmx3 39 V 000004735 mi 1 12y 52805 63360 PREFIX SYMBOL MEANING APPLIED TO LENGTH kilo k 1000 km hec ro h 100 hm deka do 10 damdkm no pre x 1 m deci d 01 dm cen ri c 001 cm milli m 0001 mm REMINDER OF THE TIP DRUL Rule Down Right Up Lei39139 Another way to look of a problem like example 1 1 54 cm to decimeters 54 cm 54 cm 54 v 2 112 cm to kilometers 112cm 000112 W 3 83 cm to millimeters 83 cm 830 mm 830 U MATH 137 LESSON 3 SECTION 14 WAYS OF ILLUSTRATING STORY PROBLEMS WHEN TEACHING ELEMENTARY AGED STUDENTS VISUALS CAN BE VERY HELPFUL IN FULLY UNDERSTANDING THE PROBLEM IN FRONT OF THEM IT IS IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER THAT PICTURES ARE JUST HELPING YOU SOLVE THE PROBLEM NOT CHEATING Example 1 Jim has 3 times as many books as Jane Together they have 20 books How many books does Jane have Jane39s books 2 Jim39s books l Since there are 4 blocks oF equal size adding up to 20 books total each book would then represent 5 books 2045 Jane has 1 block which represents 5 books and Jim has 3 blocks each equalling 5 55515 books Example 2 Jim has 3 times as many books as Jane Jane has 12 books How many books do they have altogether Jane39s books Z Jim39s books l J We know that Jane has 12 books and Jim has 3 times as many as she does This would mean that Jane would have 1 block representing 12 books while Jim would have 3 blocks representing 12 books since he has 3x more than her 12 x 4 48 books altogether Or 12 12 12 12 48 books 00 gt x 0 Example 3 Anne rook 13 oF her allowance and spent if on a new shirt She had 22 oF her allowance left after buying the shirt How much was her allowance Allowance El Since Anne spen r 13 oF her allowance on the new shirt we know to divide the allowance box in ro rhirds 2 of the 139hirds equalled 22 so we divide that in half to know what each box would equal 222 11 per box Then we can multiply if by 3 to get her Full allowance 11 x 3 33 Example 4 Anne rook 13 oF her allowance and spent if on a new shirt Her ro ral allowance was 75 How much did she have lei39139 75 Anne39s Allowance Since the problem rold us that a new shirt was 13 oF her allowance We know to fake the ro ral oF 75 and d


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