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PSYC 120 Week Three NOTES

by: Kristin Wismer

PSYC 120 Week Three NOTES PSYC 120

Marketplace > Kansas > PSYC 120 > PSYC 120 Week Three NOTES
Kristin Wismer
GPA 3.5
Steve Ilardi

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About this Document

This is PSYC week three notes!
Steve Ilardi
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kristin Wismer on Tuesday February 3, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSYC 120 at Kansas taught by Steve Ilardi in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 133 views.


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Date Created: 02/03/15
2315 Week Three Notes PSYC 120 0 Common beliefs about what determines personality 0 00000 0 Date of birth I position of the planets in sky astrology Shape of head phrenology Hair color redhead fiery blond ditzy etc Potty training Freud Birth order youngest favored Parenting style e g lax vs strict spanking vs grounding etc Viewing violence TV movies video games 0 Why study personality scientifically O 0 Human thinking left to itself often gravitates toward bias common fallacies self deception rigidity and narrowness Science and attempt to understand the world despite our built in biases Confirmation bias I once we hold a belief we cherry pick confirming evidence and ignorespindistort evidence on the contrary someone could make professor Ilardi look however they chose by picking out specific parts of his lectures over time I Disconfirming evidence yields cognitive dissonance Motivated reasoning I We instantly spot weaknesses in opposing views ignore own Ingroup bias I People naturally divide the world into ingroup and out group To question out groups core beliefs is to risk being sent to the outgroup I Beliefs can coordinate with reality or coordinate with our social group Arguments from authority fallacy I Belied must be true because authority says so Critical Thinking Evaluating each claim based on available evidence and logic I It s difficult and takes effort also Dunning Kruger Effect A few key scientific principles and ideals I A Arguments from authority mean nothing its ok to question everything I B Innovate new ways of thinkingunderstanding without being kicked out of in group I C Stay humble You have lots of biases and your beliefs may be false I D You need a community to hold you accountable for biases point out blind spots I E Be wary of groupthink social coordination function of belief I F To settle disagreements and get closer to the truth Evidence and logic are the key I G Stick to natural rather than supernatural explanations for what you observe 2515 Trait a stable of personality Examples impulsivity warmth hostility grittiness grit dominance etc 0 Grit has been shown to tell as much about people as IQ 0 There can be an inverse association between talent and grit Traits are dimensional with each person somewhere on a continuum Trait approach ignores underlying causes just focuses on traits as predictors of future behavior Situationist critique Mischel Are traits really that stable across situations 0 Maybe traits don t really exists maybe it s the situation that really drives the situation I No one exhibits the same level of traits everyone varies in expression of traits in the given situation I The correlation between any measured trait and any little snap shot of a behavior is often very low 39 Correlation coefficient Shows strength and direction of correlation 10 10 10000 hour rule The idea that you need to spend at least 10000 hours studying deliberate practicing at something in order to be world class Over time you become more attracted or less attracted to someone depending on their personality


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