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M330 - SPIN - Chapter 5 Notes

by: Lauren Detweiler

M330 - SPIN - Chapter 5 Notes BUS-M330

Marketplace > Indiana University > Business > BUS-M330 > M330 SPIN Chapter 5 Notes
Lauren Detweiler
GPA 3.98
Consultative Selling
Dick Canada

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About this Document

These are comprehensive notes over Chapter 5 (Giving Benefits in Major Sales) of the SPIN Selling book by Neil Rackham. This was part of the reading for Week 3 of M330.
Consultative Selling
Dick Canada
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Lauren Detweiler on Tuesday February 3, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BUS-M330 at Indiana University taught by Dick Canada in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 107 views. For similar materials see Consultative Selling in Business at Indiana University.


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Date Created: 02/03/15
M330 Week 3 SPIN Selling Neil Rackham Chap 5 Giving Bene ts in Maj or Sales 1 Features and Bene ts The Classic Ways to Demonstrate Capability a Features facts data or information about your products or services i Examples 1 It costs 15000 2 There s a fiveweek delivery 3 We have two machines in this range ii Research shows Features 1 Have a positive effect on small sales 2 Are neutral or unpersuasive in larger sales b Different Types of Benefits i Writers have many different definitions ii Huthwaite chose two for their major research test 1 Type A Bene t shows how a product or service can be used or can help the customer a Found these are strongly related to success in smaller sales but only slightly related to success in larger sales 2 Type B Bene t shows how a product or service meets an Explicit Need expressed by the customer a Found these are strongly related to success in all sizes of sales iii Named Type A Bene t an Advantage and Type B Bene t a Benefit c Advantages Type A Benefits i Show how a product or service can be used or can help the customer 1 Examples a which means it s cheaper to operate b The automatic feed will save you time c It s quieter than the competition s machine 2 Research shows Advantages a Have a positive effect on small sales but little effect on larger sales b Have less impact late in the selling cycle ii Why do advantages run out of steam 1 Not sure the Huthwaite team still debates it a One thing they do know it never pays to offer an Advantage if you can go that bit further and offer a Benefit d Bene ts Type B Bene ts i Show how a product or service meets an Explicit Need expressed by the customer 1 Examples a You need immediate deliver We can order it from stock b This energysaving circuit gives the economy you re looking for c This will give you the faster speed you want 2 Research shows Bene ts a Have a strongly positive effect on sales of all sizes b Are the most powerful statements you can make in larger sales 11 Selling New Products a The BellsandWhistles Approach i When a new product is going to be released the marketing team calls together the sales force and tells them about the exciting new product ii They explain all the Features and Advantages bells and whistles iii Then the sales force goes out to sell it iv In front of customers they communicate the product the same way it was communicated to them listing all the Features and Advantages instead of asking questions to develop needs v Companies think of enthusiasm as a good thing when it is really because of their enthusiasm that sales do not live up to expectations b The ProblemSolving Approach i Company doing a new product launch would be in the category of a larger sale ii Product marketing team announced it to part of the sales force in the conventional enthusiastic FeaturesandAdvantages way iii Other part of the sales force didn t even get to see what they d be selling just told the problems the machine solved and the needs it met 1 Shifted group s attention away from product and back to customer needs 2 This group averaged a 54 higher level of sales than the rest of the sales force during the product s rst year 111 Demonstrating Capability Effectively a Three main practical points i Don t demonstrate capabilities too early in the call ii Beware advantages iii Be careful with new products


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