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Notes- Antigone

by: Juleah Aiken

Notes- Antigone ENG 210

Marketplace > University of Miami > ENG 210 > Notes Antigone
Juleah Aiken
GPA 3.78
Rulership and the Politics of Resistance
Elizabeth Oldman

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About this Document

Class Discussion Notes of Antigone by Sophocles, Antigonick by Anne Carson, and The Burial at Thebes by Heaney.
Rulership and the Politics of Resistance
Elizabeth Oldman
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Juleah Aiken on Tuesday February 3, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENG 210 at University of Miami taught by Elizabeth Oldman in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 213 views.

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Date Created: 02/03/15
Juleah Aiken Notes English 210 Elizabeth Oldman Sophocles Antigone Characters 0 O O CO 00000 O O Polyneices Eteocles AnUgone She associates herself with the dead more than the living She doesn t value her own life She is engaged to hamon Antigone is the only woman who hamon can bed with The people are pro Antigone lsmene a very emotional character Creon enemy of his absolute will king of thebes brother of jacasta Tiresias the prophet Haemon creon s son Zeus jurisdiction of the sky Posideon the sea and horses Hades the underworld burial rights they didn t believe in a heaven or hell The main issue was if the corpse had a proper burial It didn t matter if they sinned at all If you had a proper burial then your soul would be at rest Charon the ferryman who carries the living souls across the river styx to rest He only accepts those who were buried with proper rights into his boat across The chorus tells the viewer what to think about the action Cyprus trees grow at the land of the dead tree of the dead 0 Tyranny Bad leadership 0 O Tyrant as beast plays with the boundaries between human and beast Represented as a monster or wolf like Animalistic monster in disguise How will he deteriorate Tryrant as irrational Tyrant as quoteffeminate femininequot or adversely the female is usually associated with being irrational unsatis ed and having an obsession with power They are permeable Tryrany is associated with the woman in different ways H M 0 Background 0 Understand edipus the king to understand Antigone O O O O Edipus rex takes place in thebes He has been king for 10 years There is a great plague causes by zeus because the previous king was murdered No one knows who murdered the past king Edipus thinks that he is very smart He promises to gure out who the murderer is and punish him Edipus promises to discover the murderer He hires the prophet Tiresias because he knows all the truths Tiresisas tells him to stop looking for the truth However edipus is very stubborn The murderer killed his father and married his mother Turns out it is edipus He totally freaks out because he had heard this prophet before So he hightailed out of Corinth trying to outrun the prophecy A messenger comes soon and says that his father has died But a shepard comes in and that edipus was found long long ago He was then raised by adopted parents Edipus then gures out that when he ran away he had bumped into his biological father on the side of the road They began a duel for the right of way and edipus killed him king Leas he then marries jocasta but she hangs herself and then edipus takes the pins from her dress and pokes his eyes out King edipus and queen jocasta had 4 children and then they both died Sphinx wings body of a lion and the face of a woman her riddle what walks on 4 legs in the morning 2 legs during the day and 3 at night Answer man Edipus answers the riddle correctly so he gets the kingship and the queen jocasta Sophocles begins with polynicles and eteoles trying to gure out who rules thebes Polynicles cultivates an army If you don t have a proper burial then you are left to be stuck in the river styx in hell Polynieices and Eteocles fought over the kingship Renaissance rebirth of ancient greek roman paradimes Are subjects expected to follow unjust laws What de nes a good ruler Benevolency Generosity The play 0 O O O O Creon had just taken the throne He suggests that polyneices body be left out to rot because he was planning the attack on thebes He does this to establish his power from the forefront Eteocles is getting the proper burial Antigone is saying that the law is unjust and she must abide to the eternal law of burial O OO lsmene refers back to her father edipus Antigone is giving a speech about the importance of the afterlife over the present life She is similar to odysseus Creon values the state over anything else including the gods or spiritual beliefs Creon is very paranoid he thinks that there are conspiracies against him they start page 9 line 217 He thinks they involve money The guard comes in pg 10 his is super nervous to approach creon with bad news about the body The body was buried and ran away Takes place in ancient greek theatre big ampetheatre that was carved into the side of a hill Audience sits in the theatron The orchestra is in the middle where the actors perform The paradus is the walkway The skene is behind the orchestra where they did costume changes They wore full face masks At the beginning the chorus is procreon but as the play progresses they realize that hes not right Hamon is dating Antigone Chorus clari es the experience of the actors helps understand societal norms and translates the action and the effect of the action Antigone buries the body Line 407 they swept aside each piece of dust leaving it quite bare A sandstorm arises and they closed their eyes When the storm ended Antigone was there doing the burial rights Antigone doesn t care what happens to her She rejects the relm of the living She values the afterlife and listening to the gods more than she values listening to her king This is bad because she is not only breaks the law but she is a woman and women weren t allowed to perform the burial rights Creon decides to bury Antigone alive with very little food Slow death He does this because he wants to quotappease the godsquot Tiresias is saying that there is a widespread hatred not just for creon but all around It is polluting the cities and going to bring about widespread distruction The chorus is shaken but Tiresias is always right Antigone hangs herself hamon is embracing her dead body Lamenting her loss o Hamon tries to murder creon but when it fails he kills himself 0 Eurydice pg 40 is the wife of creon and mother of hamon She exists in this play long enough to kill herself She stabs herself in her heart 0 Blindness is a common theme 0 Creon is perceiving himself as quotblindquot to his families priorities too late 0 The chorus con rms the lesson to be learned pg 45 o Reverence to the gods Creons pride was too much and he is now schooled in wisdom The rule of his own law is extremely arrogant The gods have their eternal laws and those are the most important The burial at Thebes 2004 translation Antigone is all too happy to die She straddles the line between life and death Creon foreshadows his own demise quotthe bigger the resistance the bigger the collapsequot Antigonic Antigone has a thunder look paper writing Support what you say with direct quotes 45 pages double spaced you can re ne the topics to write about what you want could just talk about creon if you want to or just on Antigone and the narrowness of her thinking The scope of their viewpoints topic vs argument a topic is 2demensional an argument is something you have to prove it makes a claim and supports it a claim that is debatable


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