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UGC 112, Week 1, Boyd

by: Bella

UGC 112, Week 1, Boyd UGC 112 - Timothy Boyd

World Civilization 2

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About this Document

World Civilization 2
Class Notes
UGC 112, world civilization, University at Buffalo
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Bella on Tuesday February 3, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to UGC 112 - Timothy Boyd at University at Buffalo taught by Gabriella in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 443 views.


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Date Created: 02/03/15
O 09 UGC 129 The Renaissance C 14001500 AD Late Feudalism gt King who claims that God has given him the country and therefore the crown I Gives land to big nobles in return for Loyalty Troops when needed Money taxes I Big nobles give land to smaller nobles and knights who owned individual farms called manors Increased stability increased trade came growth of towns gt Merchants guildsmen craftsmen I Guild kind of union I Oversaw training quality prices 1 King 2 Nobles 3 Knights 4 Freeholderspeasants 5 Serfs in late medieval western Europe new class 9 merchants wealth in land In Italy various forms of government developed gt Citystates cities rich and powerful enough to control country side I Run by oligarchs gt States w nobles counts dukes as overloads gt Papal state gt Kingdom As towns grow in power nobles wland marry into town power create urban nobility gt People who hold land but have town houses and power as well gt Town houses doubled as forts because of fight for power From wealthy merchants and urban nobles will come the Renaissance art gt rebirthquot nothing really but 15th C gt People used ancient past I Spur the present I Model I Element to be combined with modern ideas and things gt Ancient world was asleep sleeping beauty sleeping in publicquot buildings were being abandoned or reused but left standing Why Renaissance then gt Increased wealth gt In uences from Byzantine world to east gt Urge for class status gt Urge to imitate classes above you C1450 Invention of gt Printing press gt Movable type I Adding printing to the mix ideas spread through printed books Florence 14001500 AD gt Rich from wool trade and banking I Sheep I Cathedral S Maria dei Fiori II Duomo gt Duomo needs a dome 9 how I Contest winner Filippo Brunelleschi 1420 Medicci family asked him to redo building O Rediscover geometry pp stood for church Refurbished San Lorenzo contest winner to to build dome I 1436 Duomo has a dome 1600 Henry IV of France marries Maria de Medicci in Florence at a party a very early opera was performed gt Prologo la Tragediaquot gt Peri s Euridice gt 1607 Monteverdi s L Orfeo Early opera attempt to recreate Greek tragedy with modern music and staging WHEN YOU THINK RENAISSANCE THINK gt CLASSICAL MODELS AND MODERN 15TH CENTURY STUFF COMBINED AND RECOMBINED TO MAKE NEW THINGS


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