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Intro to Computer Science: Week One

by: Katie DeRose

Intro to Computer Science: Week One CS:1110:0AAA

Marketplace > University of Iowa > CS:1110:0AAA > Intro to Computer Science Week One
Katie DeRose
GPA 3.4
Introduction to Computer Science
Denise Szecsei

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About this Document

These are the first Week's Lecture notes for Intro to Computer Science! Anything colored means she was typing in Python and those colors appeared. Everything Italicized are things written in...
Introduction to Computer Science
Denise Szecsei
Class Notes
Intro to Computer Science; Computer Science
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Katie DeRose on Tuesday February 3, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CS:1110:0AAA at University of Iowa taught by Denise Szecsei in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 352 views.

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Date Created: 02/03/15
I Introduction 1202015 A Python 3something 1 Install Python rst B Wing 101 free version environment we are using to write code 1 Wing is the environment C Python commands in Python Shell 1 can use it as a calculator a quotdoes not exponentiate in Python b exponentiates c example 5225 1 integer division in version 3 but it is a different answer in different versions of Python and different computer languages 2 must do 522 3 521 d if there is an in nite loop you can restart the command shell in the options button 2 Error in the shell a Python says the reason for the error in the last line of the error message b you can de ne something in the shell 1 example hello is a variable 4 is its assignment 2 he04 then type hello and python will tell you the answer is 4 3 if you restart python or restart the shell it will not remember what you de ned 3 ask python what is the datatype 1 type ie o a will respond that it is a ltclass oat gt 2 if you say he0 3 he0 4 a it will say it is a ltclass st gt for class string b Can add oats together can add a oat with an integer 1 changes its datatype to whatever works c Can add strings and strings but not strings and integers d if something has quotes it is a string e if no strings it is a variable f example yjbbje hello yang world yjbbje yang h ello world example in t 4 1 0 14 4 str1 0 41 0 D Top left screen 1 Where to write code a write word for function wing turns blue means not a good variable name def i then write function de nition wing turns green t1yth1 sa 19 ii need colon at end of de nition don t mess with the indentation indent is good no indent means you forgot the colon at the end of the de nition 1391 139 return a 19 iv means comments Python knows to ignore after 1 write comments before code in future work v pressing green arrow at top 1 sends the function to the shell 2 in the shell you can quotcall the function try15111563 6 9 trythisquothello 4 an t add integer and a string try151219 quoth ello 4 h elloh elloh elloh ello II Lecture 1222015 A Outlines are useful for Python a lists i in shell you can make a list X 1 2 3 4 WpeCX it will return ltclass ljst gt y 45 75 95 it will return y 45 75 95 y1 it will return45 1 adding lists X123 z45 6 xz it will return 1234 5 6 2 can append lists a object oriented programming b Xappendz i type X in shell 123 4 5 6 3 can nd length of lists IenX it will return 4 b quirks in python i variable changing x3 yX y it will answer 3 1 change to x7 Y it will still answer 3 ii midterm question 1 lists are mutable 2 integers oats and strings are not mutable in python at least 3 why a variable for integers have own memory for X and y even if one is a copy of the other b but if one list variableX is supposed to memorize rst list they use same memory as X for y not a copy c functions and lists i nd maximum python will not know aList is a list that is for you to recognize when you are reading it def ndMaXaL139st return a 19 Some people would want to do aList425348 bad idea because it is hardcoded instead trust that when function is called you can give it a list that you are working with set the maXValue to be the initial value in the list maXValue aLjst0 go through the list and compare each value in the list to the maXValue for element in aLJ39st if a value in th elist is larger than maXValue if element gt maXValue maXValue element set maXValue equal to this larger thing in the list otherwise do nothing once you have gone through the entire list return maXValue return maXValue 2 press play in shell and see if it works a check for errors and don t let it crash i befor e turning in check green arrow for errors b give it a list ndMaX4 62 3 9 3 2 9 f Next try glmmeN 12 125 print 12345 def gimmeNn n should represent a positive integer n5algorithm is going to start with 1 go to 2 and so on until it reaches n n5 start1 while start lt 12 less than or equal to prjn ts tart start start1 press play to send it to the shell in the shell type glmmeN4 it will respond 1234 C on quiz she will give us a function that doesnt work and we x it


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