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SOC030 Lesson 3 - Gender and Families

by: Katrina Iobst

SOC030 Lesson 3 - Gender and Families SOC030

Marketplace > Sociology > SOC030 > SOC030 Lesson 3 Gender and Families
Katrina Iobst
Penn State
Sociology of the Family
Dr. Silver

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About this Document

Notes from Dr. Silver's third week of Sociology of the Family. Discussions include the topics of sex vs. gender, the various categories of intersex, and the phenomenon of changing gender roles.
Sociology of the Family
Dr. Silver
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Katrina Iobst on Tuesday February 3, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SOC030 at a university taught by Dr. Silver in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 177 views.

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Date Created: 02/03/15
SOCO3O Lesson 3 Gender and Families We learn about gender from our family Tasks are typically divided by gender women doing housework amp childcare De nitions Sex label put on us by a doctor at birth based on external appearance of genitals part of biological makeup Two categories M amp F don t t all lntersex variety of conditions in which a person is born with a reproductive or sexual anatomy that doesn t seem to t the typical de nitions of female or male Appearing female on outside but internally no uterus but testes Genitals quotin betweenquot F amp M Mosaic genetics XX amp XY chromosomes These people would normally be assigned as girls because easier to create a F via plastic surgery As they grew up many became angry that they were put into a gender track without their consent Today parents try to see what gender they gravitate toward How many sexes are there The US tends to recognize 2 Transgender physically M or F but feel internally opposite still work under 2 gender system Important part of baby showers is the sex of the baby quotIt s a boyIt s a girlquot People talk toabout boys and girls differently Knowing amp having a sex label seems important in US culture Mainstream culture recognizes only M amp F We are gender binary Sex biology Gender cultural instruction kit Gender a culture s de nitions of the appropriate behaviors attitudes and beliefs for F amp M Gender is socially constructed Gender Biology Culture Where does gender come from Example quotAs Nature Made Himquot byJohn Calapinto David Reimer born mid sixties suffered a botched circumcision and lost his penis John Money a researcher at John Hopkins argued that gender was completely social and babies are quotblank slatesquot He argued David should be made a girl via socialization therapy plastic surgery amp hormones Parents never told David the truth He later confronts them and they confess His story suggests that socialization is not allpowerful gender isn t 100 socially constructed probably biology involved Culture lays on top of biology and directs it certain ways Changing Gender Expectations in US Culture Are expectations for gender socially constructed quotWhen groups decide what is true or 39right and they live by teach and enforce these rulesquot Enforcement through both laws amp social attitude gossip shunning general talk Traditional longstanding expectations for men 0 Dominant stern smiling conveys subservient nature Confidentselfassured powerful or protective Unemotional sex gt love Breadwinner hard worker capable More modern expectations for men 0 Communicative nurturing to children amp wife sharing the work Traditional expectations for women 0 Nice amp loving gentle interest in homemaking and children 0 Emotional amp communicative Liked by others sweet amp submissive Sexy but not quottoo sexyquot pretty More modern expectations for women 0 Sharing breadwinner role being competitive pursing careers in male dominated elds combine career amp family Gender expectations are socially constructed They change over time evidence they re quotmade upquot Masculinity l Femininity Continuum Combinations Circumstances The Big Picture Traditional 1960 Creating equal opportunities for women Civil Rights CounterCulture Modern 1960present Convergence of Expectations for Women amp Men more similar expectations since 1960 Traditional Expectations for Men Modern Expectations for Women Traditional Expectations for Women Modern Expectations for Men Why have gender expectations changed 4 Public Explanations 1 Economic Change 0 More opportunities for women 0 Fewer opportunities for young less educated men 2 Increased Education 0 More education obtained by women 50 of law amp medical students 45 dental some disciplines are virtually all women 3 Social Movements 0 Women s Rights Civil Rights Hippie 4 Changes in Law 1920 Right to vote 1964 Job discrimination by sex illegal 1972 Equal athletics Title IX 1996 First female Secretary of State 2013 45 of attorneys 39 supreme court justices 98 in House amp Senate


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