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Psych Feb3

by: Brittney Okorocha

Psych Feb3 Psychology 2351

Brittney Okorocha
GPA 3.11
Psychology of Adolescence
Derek De La Pena

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About this Document

Notes from Dr. De La Pena's class today. Wanted to upload them before Friday since the exam is on Thursday.
Psychology of Adolescence
Derek De La Pena
One Day of Notes
UH, University, Houston, texas, psych, adol, adolescents, adolescence, Psychology, de la Pena
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This 4 page One Day of Notes was uploaded by Brittney Okorocha on Tuesday February 3, 2015. The One Day of Notes belongs to Psychology 2351 at University of Houston taught by Derek De La Pena in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 169 views. For similar materials see Psychology of Adolescence in Psychlogy at University of Houston.


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Date Created: 02/03/15
February 3 2015 Secular Trends of PubertV Secular trends Patterns over time During 20th Century onset age of puberty decreased US kids physically mature up to a year earlier than European countries likely due to improved health our healthcare thsiological Dimensions of Pubertv Preoccupation With one s body image is strong throughout adolescence especially during puberty During puberty girls become more dissatisfied With their bodies boys more satisfied both generally positive views by the end of adolescence Body art 0 Increased of adolescents and college kids are obtaining tattoos and piercings 0 Researchers don t agree Whether body art is used to express individuality self expression or rebellion Earlv v Late Maturation Advantageous to be an early maturing boy Early maturing girls are more vulnerable to drinking smoking depression eating disorders etc Social and cognitive immaturity may lure early maturing girls into problem behaviors Hormones and Behavior Hormones are a factor of an increase in variable emotions Higher levels of androgens are associated With violence in boys Increased levels of estrogen leads to depression in girls Social factors likely account for more of the variance concerning depression and anger than do hormones alone Are Puberty s Effects Exaggerated Looking at life span puberty has a less dramatic effect than is commonly though for most people 0 Not Wise to single out biological changes as dominant in uence during adolescence Risk Taking Behavior unstructured environments more risk taking Early adolescence seek experiences that create high intensity feelings excitement arousal Social Capital good schools diploma church less risky behavior Health Many unhealthy habitsbehavior in adulthood begin during adolescence In adolescence many people reach a level of heath strength and energy that ll never match during the rest of their life begin to develop the idea that they re invincible Health Services Adolescence underutilize other healthcare systems 0 They don t believe they ll help 0 Some doctors lack training time to provide health care to adolescents 0 Low use of health services by older adolescent males Leading Causes of Death 1Unintentional injuries 34th of these deaths involve car accidents 2Homic1de 3Suic1de Emerging Adults Health Emerging adults have more than twice the mortality rate of adolescence 0 Engaging in more healthcompromising behaviors more chronic health problems more likely to be obese andor have mental illness especially males Nutrition Eating habits of adolescents are health compromising increase of adolescents develop an eating disorder Parents play a role With What they eat themselves and What they serve Exercise Study done in 2000 I US adolescents exercised less and ate more junk than other countries TV computers phones RE and poor parental and peer role models Become less active as they each and progress through adolescence Decreased triglyceride levels decreased blood pressure decreased chance of type two diabetes and heart disease In those that exercise regularly Higher levels of task preparation and response inhibition patience and decreased drug use better sleep patterns better at dealing with stress and general life and improved cognitive skulls Sports Can lead to increased selfconfidence motivation to excel ability to work with others Can also lead to higher expectations from parents andor coach to win possible use of steroids academics may suffer Mastery focus leads to more persistence and skill development throughout a season 45 of adolescents got inadequate sleep on weekdays less than 8 hours Inadequate sleep leads to falling asleep in class being crankytired decreased mood consuming too much caffeine Adolescents given the opportunity slept for 9 hours and 25 minutes Older adolescents are more sleepy Delay in onset of melatonin in later v early adolescence O Decreased depression and discipline problems when school started at 830 instead of 725 Edina Minnesota Evolution Hereditv and Environment Evolutionarv Psvcholoav I Emphasizes importance of adaptation reproduction and survival of the fittest in explaining behavior Adaptive behavior modification of behavior that promotes survival in the natural habitat B andura criticized the biologizing of psychology Heredity We inherit half of our genes from each parent 46 chromosomes in each cell 23 in sex cells each chromosome has thousands of genes Genotype genetic heritage genetic material Phenotype genotype expression in observed and measurable characteristics personality height weight intelligence etc Behavioral Genetics study of the in uence of heredity and environment on individual differences in human traits and development use twins or adoption situations to study Twin studies behavior similarity of identical twins monozygotic is compare with fraternal twins dizygotic identical twins have more behavioral similarities than fraternal twins Adoption studies seek to discover Whether the behavioral and psychological characteristics od adopted kids are similar to their adoptive or biological parents


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