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Bone II notes

by: Lauren Kinker

Bone II notes 21910

Lauren Kinker
GPA 3.78
ANAT-A 215 Lecture
Steve Dougherty

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About this Document

Here is the Second section on Bones if anyone needs these notes! They are very detailed and will help if you weren't there!
ANAT-A 215 Lecture
Steve Dougherty
One Day of Notes
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This 4 page One Day of Notes was uploaded by Lauren Kinker on Wednesday February 4, 2015. The One Day of Notes belongs to 21910 at Indiana University taught by Steve Dougherty in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 161 views. For similar materials see ANAT-A 215 Lecture in Anatomy at Indiana University.


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Date Created: 02/04/15
02032015 I Introduction A Osteology study of bones B Bones are Organs C Adult skeleton 206 bones 1 Skeleton subdivisions Axial skeleton head neck and vertebra trunck Appendicular skeleton upper and lower appendages ll Gross Anatomy A Bone Shape 1 long bones longer than width phalanges 2 short bones carpels tarsals 3 at bones thin broad surface skull 4 Irregular bones vertebrae B Long Bone 1Diaphysis cylindrical shaft 2 Medullary Cavity hollow inside of diaphysis o Lined with endostuem connective tissue 0 Contains yellow bone marrow adipose 3 Epiphysis epiphyses ends of the bone 0 Outside layer of compact bone surrounding spongy bone 0 In the spaces of spongy bone red bone marrow hemopoietic tissue 4Articuar Cartilage hyaline cartilage on the epiphyses o Helps joints move easily 5 Epiphyseal plate hyaline cartilage plate between diaphysis and epiphysis 0 Function Lengt hwise bone growth 6 Periosteum dense irregular CT covers outside of bone l Ossi cation osteogenesis the process of bone tissue formation two A intramembranous ossi cation preexisting tissue is mesenchyme used primarily for at bones 1 mesenchyme cells differentiate into osteoblasts 2 weak woven bone and surrounding periosteum form 3 compact bone amp spongy bone replace woven bone BEndochondral ossi cation preexisting tissue is a hyaline cartilage model surrounded by perichondrium used to form long bones 1 First perichondrium is invaded by blood vessels a cells in perichondrium turn into osteoblasts b perichondrium transformed into periosteum every bone has this 2 Osteoblasts secrete osteoid onto cartilage glue that hardens a forms bone collar periosteal bone collar 3 Chondrocytes enlarge win shaft Why Penetrating periosteal butblood vessels a Calci cation b Chondrocytes die because of 02 4 along with the periosteal bud osteoblasts and osteoclasts penetrate inside a this forms primary ossi cation center in diaphysis 5 Process 3amp4 are repeated at the ends of the bone ephiphyses a Secondary ossi cation centers happens after the shafts 6 Cartilage removed except at articular surfaces of bone and ends of diaphysis a Cartilage plate between epiphyses end of bone and diaphysis shaft of bone epiphyseal plate b Responsible for lengthwise growth c Plate is active for 1525 yrs Then oxygen penetrates inhibiting lengthwise growth 7 as bone dev New bone is laid down by osteoblasts a osteoclasts remove bone from inside of disphysis making medullary cavity Appositional Bone Growth process of bone formation and removal remodeling Occurs throughout life 0 Productionremoval Means by which diameter is maintained yet renewed Bone Fractures A Kinds of Fractures 1 Simple closed not through the skin 2 compound open penetrates the skin 3comminuted many pieces 4Compression Crushed vertebrae accordion appearance 5 Depresses portion pushed inward at bones skull bones 6 impacted ends forced into one another falling wrists 7spira ragged break due to twisting forces skiing accidents 8 Greenstick incomplete break common in the clavicle B Fracture Repair 1 hematoma 2 brocartilaginous soft caus is formed 3 soft cause is replaced bony hard callus 4 newly repaired bone is remodeled


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