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Class Notes 2-4-15 Chapters 21 and 22

by: Allie Newman

Class Notes 2-4-15 Chapters 21 and 22 HY 104-320 Cindy Jones

Marketplace > University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa > HY 104-320 Cindy Jones > Class Notes 2 4 15 Chapters 21 and 22
Allie Newman
GPA 4.0
American Civilization since 1865
Cindy Alyce Jon Jones

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About this Document

Class Notes 2-4-15 Chapters 21 and 22
American Civilization since 1865
Cindy Alyce Jon Jones
One Day of Notes
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This 4 page One Day of Notes was uploaded by Allie Newman on Wednesday February 4, 2015. The One Day of Notes belongs to HY 104-320 Cindy Jones at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa taught by Cindy Alyce Jon Jones in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 81 views.


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Date Created: 02/04/15
Allie Newman HY 104 Class Notes 2 415 Chapters 21 and 22 Chapter 21 America in World War I o In preWWI America there was a belief that the world was comprised of two types of nations 0 Civilized l tended to be White as well as producers of industrial goods 0 Uncivilized l tended to be nonWhite and suppliers of raw materials 0 In essence civilized nations had the obligationmandateright to intervene in the affairs of backwards nations 0 This intervention would preserve order and stability for both types of nations quotRoosevelt Corollaryquot 0 President Roosevelt s beliefs known as Roosevelt Corollary says that the United States should intervene in the affairs of others if they cannot maintain order on their own quotDollar Diplomacyquot 0 Dollar diplomacy was the name given to US policies by its critics The policies in question spoke of American investments into less developed regions 0 Example the amount of money we pour into Nicaragua Explanation for US Involvement in WWI o The Allies or Triple Entente 0 Britain France and Russia 0 The Central Powers or the Triple Alliance 0 Germany AustroHungarian Empire and Italy The two dominant countries from each side were Britain and Germany The US initialy adopted a position of neutrality but we maintained a stronger connection to the ally side Most Americans felt connected to or sympathized with Britain Reports of German atrocities strengthened America s hostility towards that nation Economic realities made it impossible for America to continue to remain neutral The US could more afford to suspend a trading relationship with Germany but not with Britain 0 By the year 1915 the US moved away from a position of neutrality and towards an alliance with Britain Also by 1915 Germany employed submarine warfare into its tactics o On may 7 1915 a German submarine attacked a British sailing vessel named Lusitania 0 Estimates say there were 128 American casualties deaths now it s personal 0 By January of 1917 German military leaders employed the following strategy 0 Unrestricted submarine warfare against America and allied ships In March of 1917 German submarines attack 3 American ships 0 In April of 1917 a declaration of war is passed in Congress Lusitania The British sailing vessel that was attacked by the Germans 0 Many Americans were involved and killed 128 US Involvement in WWI American ground forces signi cantly helped the ally cause 0 Subsequently Germany will begin to lose the war In November of 1918 the war will come to a close 112000 Americans lost their lives in WWI estimated The US Casualties Associated with WWI 0 112000 Americans lost their lives in WWI estimated Committee on Public Information CPI This committee supervised the distribution of printed materials concerning the war Journalists were encouraged to selfsensor their war reporting Most of the information given was what the government approved of CPI encouraged citizens to expose anyone deemed disloyal or unpatriotic The Espionage Act of 1917 o This act was a tool used to expose spying sabotage or obstruction of the war effort The Sabotage and Sedition Acts of 1918 0 Made it illegal to publically express opposition to the war Officials could prosecute anyone who criticized the President or the government Long essay question 1 l 14 point plan Summarize rst 8 points 0 Gives recommendations for adjusting postwar boundaries 0 The next 5 points covers the following 0 Freedom on the seas 0 Open covenants instead of secret treaties o Arms reductions 0 Free trade 0 Impartial mediation of colonial claims 0 14th point 0 Calls for a league of nations League of Nations 0 International organization designed to oversee world affairs and prevent future wars quotGreat Migrationquot Describes the millions of blacks who left the rural south and migrated to industrial cities during the war for factory jobs Marcus Garvey Garvey attracted a wide following Encouraged blacks to reject tting in and to develop pride in their own culture 0 His group the UNIA called for the creation of blackowned businesses UNIA Universal Negro Improvement Association 0 Marcus Garvey s group l called for the creation of blackowned businesses Chapter 22 The 192039s The American Psyche During the post war era the number of Americans who were af uentwealthy increased and consumerism experienced growth as well 0 With this new psychological changes emergedsurfaced 0 Anxiety and alienation became characteristics of this consumer age 0 This anxiety and the feelings of alienation paralleled the rise of new theories in psychology and psychiatry Behavioralism Therapy should reinforce what is acceptable and discourage what is undesirable Women During the 192039s 0 Many women began to reconsider their sexual relationships within their marriages and saw sex as a way to get pleasure and not just to reproduce Margaret Sanger o Credited with the being the pioneer of the American birth control movement 0 Her work began with working class women but would extend to middle class women as well quotFlappersquot o The Flapper was not rigid or traditional 0 She lived a liberated lifestyle expressed in her dress hairstyle her speech and her behavior 0 She smoked drank partied o quotthe New Woman Alice Paul Fought for women to believe that they were powerful and not powerless She was the leader of the National Women s Party The National Women39s Party 0 The group fought powerlessness through it s campaign for an equal rights amendment SheppardTowner Act 1921 Considered a small victory for women s rights activists It provided federal funding to states for prenatal and child healthcare programs Literary Expression During the 2039s F Scott Fitzgerald39s The Great Gatsby 1925 o It criticized America s obsession with material success Harlem Renaissance o It was a movement that involved poets novelists musicians and artists who created art that re ected their own heritageculturetradition Con ict in Culture During the 192039s o In the years following WWI immigration policies would become under scrutiny The National Origins Act of 1924 0 Banned immigration from East Asia entirely and reduced the quota for Europeans from 3 to 2 Modernists Mostly urban middle class people who attempted to integrate religious teachings with modern scienti c and secular ideas Fundamentalists Often times lived in rural areas 0 They fought to preserve their faith and keep it central within the context of their lives


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