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Week 5 notes Tuesday

by: Dianna Montzka

Week 5 notes Tuesday PPPM 280

Marketplace > PPPM 280 > Week 5 notes Tuesday
Dianna Montzka
GPA 3.8
Intro to the Nonprofit Sector
Dr. Mason

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About this Document

On Tuesday of week 5 we had a guest speaker form Oregon Wild and we discussed Advocacy in the nonprofit sector
Intro to the Nonprofit Sector
Dr. Mason
One Day of Notes
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This 4 page One Day of Notes was uploaded by Dianna Montzka on Thursday February 5, 2015. The One Day of Notes belongs to PPPM 280 at a university taught by Dr. Mason in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 221 views.

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Date Created: 02/05/15
Week 5 Feb 3rd 2015 Guest speaker from Oregon Wild Chandra LeGue 25 years first worked at Mt Pisgah Arboretum 8 years on board of directors for Mt Pisgah 11 years working for Oregon Wild 2 years on the board of directors for the Middle Fork Willamette Watershed Council opal grove oldest old growth forestused to be used for timber industry now protected protecting places for others to enjoy and just to protect the natural world oregon wild works on public lands almost exclusively about half of oregon public organizations that own the land bureau of land management us forest service national park service preserve these public lands for recreation solitude and peace economy outdoor recreation generates 13 billion in consumer spending clean water mackenzie river filteringimportant for the city of eugene to do minimal water treatment and have clean water to begin with before treating municipal watersheds overlap greatly with forest service or national park lands climate stability wildlife habitat 196080 extensive clear cutting on federal lands and it still is on private lands wilderness untrammeled by manoff limits to development logging any mechanical equipment authority comes from congress highest level of protection however only 4 of oregon is protected as wilderness over the last 20 years there has been more collaboration between conservation groups public land managers the timber industry and other stakeholders can lead to restored forests and watersheds as well as a healthy economy Ongoing threats and setbacks legislation in congress to increase logging on BLM lands without scientific basis plan revisions for western oregon BLM lands that will dismantle long standing northwest forest plan congress trying to weaken environmental laws like endangered species act resource extraction and anti wildlife advocates generating fear and misinformation among the public Actions want to make it easy to take action salsa allows oregon wild to describe issues and have petitions or something similar for people to add their name atter of engagement trying to bring people into their organization to move their activity level up a step events and photo contests to get people involved hikes and outdoor program top 10 carbon forests 1 Willamette OR 2 Olympic WA 3 UmpquaOR 4 Gifford Pinchot WA 5 SiuslawOR 6 Mt Hood OR 7 Mt Baker WA 8 SiskiyouOR 9 Tongass AK 10 Rogue River OR Advocacy in the nonprofit sector Advocacy educating interested people getting public support reveal the issues they are trying to prevent raising awareness about most prominent issues showing support by getting signatures to constituency making a stronger larger voice form the publiceffect to policy makers generating votes to elected officials advocacy can be defined as an effort to change public or corporate policy at the local state national or international level what is included in advocacy work public education phone calls door to door workers advertising speaMng vo ng attending towncity meetings special events to raise awareness direct action disruptive action that is usually quite effective petitions and letters voter registration drives boyco s public hearings press conferences picketing canvasing Are nonprofits engaged inadvocacy yes providing opportunities for people to get together to make a bigger voice and a bigger impact protected by the first amendment gov goes out of its way to treat all perspectives equally no viewpoint discrimination IRS scandal gov does regulate behavior by giving difference tax breaks advocacy is more than lobbying advocate for a specific piece of legislation charitable groups 501c3 can engage in advocacy and lobbying but only as long as it s not substantial taking the 501c3h election allows for up to 20 of budget social welfare 501c4s can engage in unlimited lobbying nonprofits can be involved in elections depends on your classification charitable groups can do get out the vote campaigns and voter education but cannot cross the line of endorse social welfare groups the above quotA can endorse candidates and make contributions to superPACs PACs and Super Pacswhere tons of money is coming from in the past years of elections also where a lot of negative ads come from as well the above quotA independent expenditures on behalf of campaigns uncoordinated Summary nonprofits should be engaged in advocacy to support their missions should also be involved in elections to support all the causes policies and other things they fight for in their mission Notes are taken from lectures by Professor Dyana Mason Some sentences are copied directly from lecture slides available on Blackboard Further analysis of lecture materials are of my own thoughts and considerations and include what is discussed by the class


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