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by: Ivy Noonan

ThirdWeekPsychology100Notes.pdf Psych 100-01 - Introduction to Psychology

Ivy Noonan
GPA 3.7
Introduction to Psychology
Tamara Rahhal

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About this Document

Third week of notes. Snow Monday so only notes from Wednesday and Friday
Introduction to Psychology
Tamara Rahhal
Class Notes
Psychology, 100
25 ?




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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ivy Noonan on Friday February 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Psych 100-01 - Introduction to Psychology at University of Massachusetts taught by Tamara Rahhal in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 75 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Psychology in Psychlogy at University of Massachusetts.

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Date Created: 02/06/15
242015 Neurotransmitters Acetycholine Movement learning memory Too little Alzheimer s dementia Endorphins Nature pain reliever Eating chocolate athletics stress We all want our endorphins Cracking knuckles will release endorphins Serotonin Mood sleep hunger arousal Too little depression Antidepressants are Dopamine Movement learning attention emotion Too much schizophrenia Too little Parkinson s Dopamine is very hard to regulate with drugs M Eating sleeping Too little anxiety disorders Inhibitory rather than excitatory DRUGS9 EFFECTS ON NTS Agonists mimic the action of the neurotransmitter Binds at neurotransmitter sites receptor sites Blocks reuptake of neurotransmitter leaving more Counteracts enzymes that clean out synapse Ex Valium XanaxGABA Prozac Zoloftserotonin they have to do with those neurotransmitters Antagonists m the action of the neurotransmitter Blocks neurotransmitter sites Destroys neurotransmitters leaving less Decreases effectiveness of the neurotransmitters Ex Haldol Dopamine CN89 brain Connection between the brain and behavior Early theory phrenology does size matter9 Scientists tried to relate behavior to bumps on the skull Problems with phrenology Shape of brain and skull don t match It s difficult to falsify Q Iohn isn t greedy but he has big bumps maybe he has an even bigger nongreedy bump somewhere Can t quotseequot the brain or its activity Neuroimaging CATscan MRI PETScan Catscan Xray of your brain example lots of headaches They take pictures in slides CAT scan of a victim of a car bombing they had a huge hole in their brain so they were blind Useful for seeing lesions holes and tumors MRI Bombard your brain with radio waves which affects the naturally occurring magnetic field of your brain Active areas produce different magnetic fields than inactive areas Ex had a nondrinker solve puzzles lots of activity Had a drinker do the same puzzle significantly less brain activity PET Scan Inject with radioactive glucose Active areas in the brain use the glucose and glow Task is music good 9Good activity Task 2 is this music higher in pitch than the other 9much less activity Frontal lobe Functions emotional behavior Ex phinneus Gage Strategic behavior Activity Organize these words into two groups table bed chair desk 1 organized them by object and animal Contains the motor cortex Sends information out to the body to move it Related to body Pareital Lobe Contains the Sensory cortex Receives incoming information Related to sensation Occipital lobe Functions vision Temporal Lobe Functions Auditory behavior Language Memory Strokes are very damaging to this part of the brain Brain localization an VlRI study 1 Look at face occipital and right frontal 2 Remember the face hippocampus Leftbrain practical strategy little guys at desks Right emotional risktaking little guys hanging out at the park Corpus Collosum Membrane that connects divide the brain Normal division of labor works very nicely In all of us Leftbrain9right side of the body and vice versa Left visual field is processed by right hemisphere and vice versa Left and right sides of brain can communicate with each other 262015 Nature vs Nurture How much of you is based on your genes and the way your parents raised you The Role of Genes Do genes in uence our behavior Ex thumb bending Straight thumbs are predominant in males and bent thumbs are predominant in females Ex Hand clasping your genes control which hand goes on top Certain personality traits are determined by genes example relatively anxious relatively laid back personality Evolutionary Psychology What is it Explain human behavior traits by examining the longterm reproductive dis advantages of said traits and behaviors Any TWO humans will have a 5 genetic variation 995 similar Key questions People will appear really different why then does the human genome display so little variability Why do we have so much in common So we see different patterns based on different environmental pressures Curly hair holds water better ancestors came from dry areas Dark skin ancestors came from a warmer environment Tall the colder it is the taller the people are 5 Questions that are very hard to answer 1 You are on the titanic with your 5years old and same sex You can only save one Which do you choose Reason You pick the 5 year old because the 5 year old has already survived all the infant diseases so the re chance of survival and assin on enes is ver hi h 2 Same question as 1 except now the two children are and 40 years old Now choose again The 40 year old has less time to reproduce than the 20 year old Want the most grandchildren more genes 3 Would you prefer to marry someone or younger than yourself pick one Woman choose younger men because they have their life together and will care for the child and men will choose younger woman because they are more fertile 4 Of the following alternatives which two are the most important in picking a mate A Good financial prospects B C Ambitious D Responsible F what we find attractive is better chance of passing on genes 5 You and your spouse have a baby Which set of grandparents maternal vs paternal who do you think will be nicer to the child Answer Moms parents can tell the grandkids are the mothers Paternal parents can t be 100 sure that the grandparents are theirs and share their genes With the daughter they can be Fact Men and women differ in their willingness to engage in sexual activity Men are less concerned about Having multiple partners Knowing their partners really well Their partner s level of commitment Ex An attractive male and female went around the college campus and asked if they wanted to have sex they asked 1000 of each Female success rate 50 Male success rate 0 statistically 3 or 4 said yes Evidence Male college students are more likely to think it s OK to sleep with a stranger 50 of college males say yes when propositioned by a stranger almost 0 women do Another example In a bar Male and female smile at opposite sex When female smile at men they think they want to have sex When a man smiles at a woman they think the man thinks they re pretty Men more quick to interpret attention as sexual intent Women have way fewer opportunities to bear offspring Need to be picky in choosing a mate Wealth status and power will protect the child promotes her genes Men can have a thousand kids if they wanted to If one partners turns out bad lots of other opportunities Want to have as many kids as possible to promote his genes Wants to find really fertile woman young attractive Problems with Evolutionary Psychology 1 Data are correlational 2 Just soquot stories and backward reasoning 3 There are variations in human behavior Behavior Genetics Why are people so different An approach to understanding the extent to which behaviortrait differences can be attributed to genetic differences Key ways to investigate Twins raised together Twins raised apart Adoptive studies Twin Studies Raised together Identical twins 100 same genes Fraternal Twins genetic similarity of siblings How this is done researchers compare the similarities between Identical twins reared together vs fraternal twins reared together General findings identical twins are much more similar to each other than fraternal twins Possible problem 1 Are identical twins raised more similarly than fraternal twins eg same environment Researchers compare the similarities between Identical twins raised apart General findings Identical twins raised in separate homes are remarkably similar to each other


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