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by: Alyssa Leathers

COMMWeekFourNotes.pdf Comm. 3597.02 Media and Terrorisim

Alyssa Leathers
Comm. 3597.02 Media and Terrorisim
Jonathan Anderegg

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About this Document

These are the lecture notes from week four!
Comm. 3597.02 Media and Terrorisim
Jonathan Anderegg
Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alyssa Leathers on Friday February 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Comm. 3597.02 Media and Terrorisim at Ohio State University taught by Jonathan Anderegg in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 79 views.

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Date Created: 02/06/15
COMM 3597 Media and Terrorism 2615 1152 AM Social Identity and Intergroup Conflict and Characteristics of Terror Organizations Week Four February 4th6th News Item Super Bowl Commercials Media 0 911 Pizza Order domestic violence as o Understated 0 NFL football players abuse cases 0 Super bowl fun time serious ads 0 Propaganda o Primetime messages to get across Nationwide child dying from accident 0 Make safe happen commercial better understanding 0 Shock peoplestart conversationgrab attention 0 Insurance doesn t protect people protect finances News Item ISIS social media execution Burning alive of Japanese pilot News Item What is it like to try and leave ISIS Many people volunteer and regret it 0 Get killed because they try and leave the group Social Identity and Intergroup Behavior Experiment Time 0 Gym shoes vs Boots groups 0 Create lists of positivenegative reasoning Being in a group with similarities culture values etc makes it easy for people to demonize outside groups 0 Groups based on minimal membership lead to stereotypes etc o A part of a team actjoin in with team actions high school 0 Relate to dictatorships etc 0 Psychology experiment prisonersprison guards 0 Competition candy between groups A World of Competition 0 Real conflict of group interests causes intergroup conflict 0 Social groups compete for a limited set of resources Sports teamsmascots Red sox vs Yankees Social Comparison Feel bad about own team change what you re comparing to Interpersonal vs Intergroup Behavior Behavioral Continuum Interpersonal Behavior completely defined by the relationship between two individuals Intergroup Behavior completely defined by the individuals membership in social groups Ex treating others as a member of group waiters When do we treat people as individuals and when do we treat people as a member of a groupquot Understanding Identity Individual strive to maintainenhance selfesteem Social Identity will be positive or negative according to evaluations of group membership Ohio State religion group etc Evaluation of ones own group is determined in reference to specific other groups via social comparison OSU vs HarvardOSU vs Community College Understanding Social Groups Social groups changeable Have you selected membership yourself One group more dominant than other differences in groupsequally matched groups What are the costs of membership The more one sees social groups as highly stratified immobile to move up in groups and in competition those individuals will more likely treat others as members of a group rather than individuals The more you see social groups as negative low status the more likely you are to view the dominant group in competitive terms illegitimate power differential between groups Ex super bowl Seahawks were close to winning The more you see social groups as legitimate dominance the more likely to react with high degrees of discriminating practices when the subordinate group attempts to create insecurity in group dynamics Writing Prompt TerrorismTerrorist organizations as competing for Western nations what are they in competition forquot 0 Western nations US competing for the same thingquot Powerreligionpoliticsfreedomrespectequalityeconomyculture News Item 0 War with ISISquot 0 Burning Jordanian pilot alive and posting video 0 Video meant to inflict terror 0 Visciousbarbaricviolent group 0 Watch the video vs don t watch video Feeding into their power Successful terrorist action See how awful the group really is o How much info should the media provide 0 Happened about a month ago lying Boko Haram KidnappingSeeking Supportquot o Kidnapping of school age girls BringBackOurGirls Issues with strength of Nigeria Large gains by Boko Haram VERY irrational behavior 0 Discriminatory shootings Analysis of a Terror Organization 0 Role of Ideology o Businessorganizational background to the research 0 Whether others agreedisagree with violence is not within the bounds of this paper 0 Concerned with the decision making process and growth rate of organizations that survive on violence 0 Primary consideration of organizations solely focused on terror not as organizations using terror as part of a wider system 0 Growth Rate 0 Successful attacks benefit organization by increasing membership OOOO Differs from Pinker in this assertion Pinker large macro viewpoints Feinstein and Kaplan look at short term gainslosses Terrorist goal increase size of organization so that it becomes greater threat Small Attacks 0 Low fixed costs 0 Rising marginal costs 0 More cost effective for growing organizations Large Attacks 0 High fixed costs 0 Marginal costs don t increase as much as scaled updown o Vital for diminishing organizations Documentary on American Mafia 0 Not terrorist group necessarily but similar aspects style methods trying to accomplish Cultsecret societyoathcontract Five families crime gangs the commission etc Only way out death 0 Protecting familieseach other Some similarities between terrorists and mobs o Dominance through fear 0 Organizational size increases the larger the challenge they provide to law enforcement Primary differences discussion prompt 0 Mafia Economical money is god All Italian 100 culture Keep within system Profit from government Money Not as focused on growing Violence is willingness 0 Terrorist Power through publicity Based on beliefs 0000 000 Hurting innocent people Change government Control Always recruiting Violence is motivation 2615 1152 AM 2615 1152 AM


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