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Ecology Week 5 Notes

by: Shannon Kiss

Ecology Week 5 Notes BIOSC 0370

Shannon Kiss
GPA 3.4
Anthony Bledsoe

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About this Document

Anthony Bledsoe
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Shannon Kiss on Friday February 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BIOSC 0370 at University of Pittsburgh taught by Anthony Bledsoe in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 174 views. For similar materials see Ecology in Biology at University of Pittsburgh.


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Date Created: 02/06/15
Ecology Week 5 Notes 2 Habitat Selection behavioral choice of whether or not to live in a certain place Ex Anopheles mosquitos 0 Breed in rice fields in India 0 Scientists noticed that mosquitos only were breeding on short stems in the fields 0 Did a transplant experiment put the eggs on tall stems put control on short stems 0 Treatment and control groups did equally well in terms of hatching success 0 Reasoning Short stems stood up straight Tall ones opped over one another to form a canopy Females in past had trouble with the tall canopies Heritable behavior of small stems evolved Directional 3 Biotic Interactions that limit distribution Predation 0 Ex common mussel Mussels are abundant in the open coast With small bodies Only some live in the Lough Ine Lough inland area of salt water connected to the open ocean by a narrow passage Large mussels live here only on steep rock slopes and streams that enter the lough Transplant experiment put mussels from open coast to where they didn t grow in Lough All treatment individuals died within 48 hours Now did an exclosure experiment keep mussels excluded from predators Treatment individuals did perfectly fine Biotic factor is limiting predator crab Why do they occur on stream and steep rocks Crabs couldn t reach the steep rocks Crabs can t tolerate low salinity in the river Why are loche mussels larger Open coast has heavy waves Couldn t efficiently feed Can feed fine in the Loche coast Crabs are sensitive to heavy wave action so are not in the open ocean 0 Ex Desmognathus salamanders Two species North Dusky salamanders and Mountain Dusky salamanders Observed zonation North dusky occur in the stream and on the stream banks and Mountain Dusky occur on the slopes in the ravines One day researcher Nelson Hairston Sr picked up a North Dusky salamander and observed it throw up a Mountain Dusky salamander Concluded North Dusky prefers the stream banks Excludes the mountain dusky from the stream banks through predation Moutain Dusky uses a suboptimal habitat Disease and Parasites 0 Ex Chestnut blight Dominant species produces chestnuts that were used by many organisms A fungus killed all trees to make them ecologically extinct a few remained with rare exception Fungus came to North American from Eurasia Unfortunate inadvertent transplant experiment


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