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Psychology 105

by: Jaimee Farrell

Psychology 105 #3377 Human Development 101

Jaimee Farrell
GPA 3.8

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About this Document

Sleeping and Drugs
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jaimee Farrell on Friday February 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to #3377 Human Development 101 at Washington State University taught by in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 17 views.


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Date Created: 02/06/15
Pysch Sleeping and Drugs Chapter 4 Consciousness Sleep MREM Sleep nonrapid eye movement sleep dreamless quiet sleep 4 stages REM Sleep rapid eye movements dreaming voluntary muscle activity suppressed Why do we need sleep Promotes processes that restore rejuvenate body and mind rest to bodymuscles maintain immune system consolidate memory regulate mood emotions Species Variation Evolutionary Adaption conserving energy protecting from hazards Sleep Deprivation Restrict sleep 04 hours per night People think they re performing fine but abilities diminished Disruptions in Mental abilities Rxn Time Perception Motor Skills Mood Microsleeps sleep episodes lasting few seconds during wakefulness Sleeprebound deprived of specific stage of sleep body rebounds we need all stages of sleep Sleep Disorders Diagnosis of sleep impairment large genetic components Stress lnsomnia difficulty falling and staying asleep as well as not feeling rested tons of factors EX stress caffeine other substances Obstructive Sleep Apnea OSA person stops berating for short period of time due to temporary blockage of airway more in obese populations Narcolepsy excessive daytime sleepiness sleep attacks Cataplexy weakness in facial and limb muscles triggered by intense emotion treated with stimulant meds genetic Sleep Paralysis Inability to move temporarily between sleepwake hallucinations Night Terrors episode of increased arousal fearpanic no recognition in morning Stages 34 NREM stress is a strong cause Sleepwalking engaging in activities during nonREM sleep that usually occur when awake likely not acting out dream sleep eating REM Sleep Behavior Disorder RBD failure of brain to suppress voluntary actions during REM verballyphysically respond to dreams often in response to drug withdrawal or neurodegenerative diseases Drugs Psychoactive Drugs drug that alters consciousnessperceptionmoodbehavior Effects Physical dependence physically adapting to drug so you must take it regularly to avoid withdrawal Withdrawal unpleasant physical reactions intense drug craving Drug rebound effect withdrawal symptoms opposite of drugs rxn Drug tolerance need increasing amounts of drug to produce desired effect Note Substance effect different people differently weight height mindset etc Depressant Drug Effects depressant drugs slow the body down inhibits brain activity drowsinesssedation sleep relieve anxiety lower inhibitions Alcohol Psychological Effects depresses brain areas responsible for judgment selfcontrol depress motor areas Withdrawal note can possibly die from withdrawal sleep disturbance anxiety tremors shakes headaches confusion hallucinations seizures lnhalants inhaled substances that produce alteration in consciousness paintgasolineetc Depress CNS relaxation giddiness lower inhibition light headedness hallucinations loss of consciousness Dangers of inhalants suffocation toxic to liver organs brain hypoxia lack of oxygen Experiment performed worse than other hard drug users on cognitive tasks really impairs brains ability to work Barbiturates reduce anxiety and produce sleepiness note extremely addictive and lethal Downers Depress arousal wakefulness alertness Euphona Loss of coordination lmpaired mental functioning Tranquilizers anxiety relievers similar but less powerful than barbiturates Subscribed severe and immediate anxiety BarbituratesTranquilizers Withdrawal Respiratory depression REM Rebound Nightmares Anxiety Hallucinations Restlessness Convusionsseizures Opiates relieve pain and produce euphoria Opium derived from opium poppy Morphine active ingredient in opium Codeine derived from opium or morphine Svnthetic Opiates mimic natural pain relievers Heroine oxycodine painkillers Withdrawal Fe verchills Muscle Cramps Nausea vomiting Stimulants Increase neural firing and arousal caffeine nicotine etc Increase BP respiration heart rate alertness Can elevate mood and irritability Psychedelic Drugs hallucinogens Naturally occurring Mescaline peyote cactus Mushrooms psilocybin Synthetic note mindset is super important determine experience LSD Acid often more potent experience vary greatly Adverse Effects sadnessdepression flashbacks psychosis no addiction Marijuana derived from hemp plant Main psychoactive active ingredient THC CBD more medical properties Effects sense of wellbeing mild euphoria increased HR relaxation sensory enhancements distortions Medical Use legal in 23 states and DC Treats pain epilepsy hypertention nauseaappetite Glaucoma Impairment Learningmemory cognitive functioning Tolerance and withdrawal with high use


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