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PY 372 week 4 notes

by: Lauren Gray

PY 372 week 4 notes PY 372 William Hart-Social Psychology

Lauren Gray
GPA 3.0
PY 372 William Hart-Social Psychology

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About this Document

Hey guys here is week 4 of the notes!
PY 372 William Hart-Social Psychology
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Lauren Gray on Friday February 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PY 372 William Hart-Social Psychology at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa taught by in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 138 views.

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Date Created: 02/06/15
232015 2 selfpresentation theory the need to maintain a desired selfimage we want to appear consistent tot others we don39t want to appear untrustworthy or hypocritical 3 selfaf rmation theory the need to assert our own selfadequacy because inconsistency makes us feel foolish we seek consistency we don39t want to feel foolish 4 selfperception theory we simply infer our attitudes from our behavior primarily a theory of attitude formation BEM 1972 just as we infer other people39s attitude by perceiving their behavior conformity and social in uence 3 types of social in uence 1 conformity a change in behaviors or beliefs to agree with others 2 compliance yielding to a request for certain behaviors 3 obedience a change in behaviors or beliefs as a result of the commands of others in authority 252015 conformity types 1 informational social in uence the need to be right sheriff 1936 autokinetic effect negotiating reality with others study on the information of group norms using the autokinetic effect initialy P39s show 5 lot of variety in their answers but each group will create it39s own range 2 normative social in uence the need to be liked Asch 1955 line study When do peoble conform 1 group size greater group size usually produces more conformity 2 unanimity with even one dissenter conformity decreases substantially 3 cohesion members of tight knit groups conform more 4 status if group members are high status more conformity 5 public response peope conform more when they must respond publicly 6 public commitment making a public commitment to your own position decreases conformity to an alternate position is it good or bad to conform norms help establish and maintain social order good mindlessly following these norms can be a problem bad compliance getting people to say quotyesquot 1 doorintheface technique after a person turns down a large request people are more likely to comply when the requester offers a more reasonable request bood donor study donate blood for a long term commitment or donate tomorrow 50 agreed to donate tomorrow after having been asked about the longterm commitment only 32 agreed when asked to just donate tomorrow 2 reciprocation norm of reciprocity an expectation that people will help those who have helped them request in the mail w gift 35 donate money without gift 18 donate money 3 principle of social proof we determine what is correct by looking to others tip jars bestselling item 4 scarcity things that are tough to get are perceived as more valuable imited edition obedience how obedient can people be


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