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First Upload Practice

by: Caylie Funk

First Upload Practice BIOL 2013

Marketplace > University of Arkansas > Biology > BIOL 2013 > First Upload Practice
Caylie Funk
GPA 4.0

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About this Document

Used to practice uploading notes during our meeting
General Microbiology
Adnan Al-Rubaye, Ali Khalaf
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Caylie Funk on Saturday December 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BIOL 2013 at University of Arkansas taught by Adnan Al-Rubaye, Ali Khalaf in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see General Microbiology in Biology at University of Arkansas.


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Date Created: 12/26/15
1 Art History, 1003­001 8­31­2015 Meeting online Wednesday (2 ) and Friday (4 ) th Next in class meeting will be Wednesday September 9  th Review:  Contemplated why humans tend to exaggerate human form (Venus of Willendorf) Today: Greek Art   Vase paintings   Pushing boundaries  Sculptures and naturalism Notes:  Area is around Athens  Ancient Greeks were storytellers  Influenced modern day democracy  Large focus on cultural identity o Pride in being Greek­Greek dominance and superiority  “Man is the measure of all things”  o Men were highly admired and this leads to the nudity in sculptures  o Women were never portrayed nude  Egyptians were fairly stoic in their art through time, whereas Greeks brought in multiple  cultures and styles changed through time. “Plagiarists”   Mentioned Greek culture represented in today’s society, specifically the Disney movie  “Hercules” Styles of Greek Painting and Pottery  Amphora vases were made on a potter’s wheel  Amphoras  were storage jars, grave markers, way to tell a story­used as both ornament  and function  Geometric Greek Vase (Figure 7.1 in textbook) o Very large­ Amphora jar o Some of the bands look Egyptian in nature  o Figures are geometric, triangle torsos  2 Art History, 1003­001 8­31­2015 o Limited color pallet  Orientalizing (Figure 7.2) o Amphora jar  o Odysseus attacking cyclops in eye o He is lighter  o Subordinate is a darker color and smaller  Archaic (Figure 7.2) o Dark characters­ typical of the Archaic   Classical to Hellenistic (Figure7.4) o Smaller vase o Body is proportioned o More realistic  o Broader range of colors­ white background Greek Archaic Figurative Sculpture   Kouros “Boy” (Figure 7.8) o In the round  o Could be a grave marker o Face was thought to be painted  o Nude  o Notice the differences to the Egyptian royal sculptures  Kritios Boy (Figure 7.10)                  Beginning of Classical Style o Face is void of expression  o Young­ Face and Body  Polykleitos of Argos “Spear Bearer” (Figure 7.14) o Originally Bronze – melted by Romans to make cannons/weaponry  o Romans copied it in marble  o S­Shape in body, Head tilted – “Contrapposto” o More realistic   Warrior from Riace (figure 7.13) o Detail in the face   Bone/stone and glass eyes   Silver lashes  o Bronze  *Posting a video to watch about the end of the lecture. It is not on the schedule*


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