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Lab 3

by: Kumar Jyoti
Kumar Jyoti
GPA 3.3
Gregory K Turner

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About this Document

Lab Report 3
Gregory K Turner
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kumar Jyoti on Sunday December 27, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to EE 1106 - 001 at University of Texas at Arlington taught by Gregory K Turner in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 76 views. For similar materials see ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING FRESHMAN PRACTICUM in Electrical Engineering at University of Texas at Arlington.

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Date Created: 12/27/15
Name Kumar Aman Jyoti Lab Report 3 UTA Id Number 1001241332 EE1106 Introduction to Electrical Engineering Practicum Lab Report Grading Rubric To be attached as a coversheet to EVERY report FORMATTING see comments in graded report for more explmtion Formatting Evaluation Kev Lab 1 2 3 4 0 Absent 1 Extremely Lacking 2 Poor 3 Fair 4 Good 5 Excellent Formatting Evaluation Kev Lab 5 and all succeeding labs 0 Extremely Lacking 1 Poor 2 Fair 3 Good 4 Excellent 5 Perfect Primary Structure Proper marginsspacing is used throughout the report IEEE format Proper formatting of section titles and subtitles IEEE format Proper font and font size IEEE format Overall consistency of formatting throughout the report FiguresTables Figurestables are appropriately named and numbered IEEE format Figurestables are appropriately sized and spaced Screenshots are neatly cropped and clear Spelling Grammar and Writing Style Spelling Passive voice is used throughout the ENTIRE report Sentence Structure Paragraph Structure IEEE format References IEEE Format CONTENT see comments in graded report for more explanation Content Evaluation Key 0 Absent 1 Extremely Lacking 2 Poor 3 Fair 4 Good 5 Excellent Abstract provides endtoend coverage of the obj ectives and purpose of the lab experiment Introduction demonstrates a working understanding of major theoretical concepts required for the experiment Procedure is sufficiently detailed and clearly describes all steps taken during the lab experiment Results are sufficiently detailed and data is neatly organized Discussion is a thoughtful analysis of all experimental results and data Discussion demonstrates a working understanding of the purpose of the experiment performed Conclusion sums up the overall accomplishments of the experiment Conclusion sums up the benefits to the student of performing the experiment Total Grade Lab Report 3 Introduction and Applications to Digital Multimeter and Voltage Generator Kumar Jyoti Electrical Engineering University of Texas at Arlington Arlington Texas kumarjyotimavsutaedu Abstract This paper is about learning how to use NI MyDAQ as a Digital Multimeter DMM and how to output a signal to a specified output port on the MyDAQ verifying its functionality We will also Design a Digital Multimeter and Voltage Generator to be used on later labs Finally we will use the DMM to measure several resistor In short you can say that this experiment introduces the two basic electronic instruments we will use in the course the voltage generator and the digital multimeter I INTRODUCTION Any time you develop a new circuit repair an electronic instrument or measure the performance of an electronic component or system you will need to use one or more items of test equipment Among which the digital multimeter measures voltages currents and Resistance In this lab work we measured resistance using the following DMM 0 Voltmeter 0 N1 MyDAQ 0 Lab View 0 Resistors II PROCEDURE We will go through two major steps in the Following Manner 0 Building a Digital Multimeter First of all we go to the block diagram and use Quick Drop CtrISpace to nd Multimeter where we have to select NI ELVISmX Digital Multimeter It s called an Express VI because it has its own con guration screen which comes up automatically In the second step we con gured for DC Voltage measurement Auto scale expanding the Express VI down to see all the inputoutput terminals We then created Control for While Loop followed testing by measuring a battery or 5V DGND pins on MyDAQ using DMM probes Add Current and Resistance measurements to your DMM Firstly on the block diagram we dragged a Case Structure around the DAQ Assistant and then on front panel used Quick Drop to create an Enum Label it as quotMeasurement Typequot On front panel right click on Enum and select Edit Items adding Voltage Current and Resistance as the three 3 items on the list On block diagram we wired the Enum to the Case Selector Right clicked on border of Case and selected Add Case for Every Value This will create all three cases you need neatly labeled to match the Measurement Type list Added NI ELVlSmX Digital Multimetervi to the Current case and set up the measurement as shown The NI MyDAQ has an internal shunt resistor to measure current through the analogto digital converter Finally add NI ELVlSmX Digital Multimetervi to the Resistance case and set up the measurement as shown Resistance Measurements with your NIMyDAQ In order to measure Resistance using an Analogto Digital converter we supplied an excitation current through a Shunt Resistor NI MyDAQ has an internal current source allowing the measurement of Resistance Then we wired the Data output of each DAQ Assistant to the white tunnel on the Case Structure When all Cases are properly wired the tunnel turned solid and VI started running Now we tested our DMM for all three measurements Voltage Current and Resistance This is how we created your own Digital Multimeter using LabVlEW and MyDAQ mg 1 I ll I 39 i Mcmuur Figure 32 Multimeter Block Diagram Fig 1 Lab View Image Measure Resistance using NI MyDAQ We took the plastic bag containing 5 quarter watt axial lead through hole metal film resistors of various values and tolerances from the Lab and recorded the number of bags at the top of Table 1 shown below in the Calculation Part After installing resistors on your toolbox breadboard so that the resistor leads are not shorted we used only the resistor color guide filled out columns 2 through 9 for each resistor s specified value and tolerance After powering up the DMM and measuring the actual resistance of each corresponding resistor we recorded these values in column 10 of the Table below 7 Nob on banana plug connectedto quot y blackterminal III Digital Multimeter Nil Emsma T39laauraraa1E l t aaa 39 H Mada Banana lad Cannac ana Ania r 1 f r 7 ll 7 HI mm H i Mull fsat 39 Maura TEI IL aa39tr ai Z e Acquai aa Mada t Z j a Run Carmnunualiy Film Stair Ham T I w IV CALCULATION The calculation is attached with the Lab Report ICONCLUSION After doing this Lab Work we were able to learn about Digital Multimeter applications and how to measure resistance using it along with that we learned about LabVIEW Programming Tools Debugging and Handling Errors Data Types and Structures and Execution Structures Also learned about the Voltmeter use too and finally understood and applied the concepts of measurement accuracy and measurement precision


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