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by: Micah Notetaker

StudyGuide PHY 101

Micah Notetaker

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About this Document

Intro to Physics
Class Notes
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This 1 page Class Notes was uploaded by Micah Notetaker on Sunday December 27, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHY 101 at Arizona State University taught by Krueger in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 22 views.


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Date Created: 12/27/15
ARS  100   STUDY  GUIDE  for  QUIZ  4  &  EXAM  #3  (Chapters  9,  10,  11,  12)   Questions  on  the  exam  are  not  limited  to  the  content  of  this  study  guide.  Questions  are  derived   not  only  from  the  study  guide,  but  also  from  lectures,  and  readings.   You  should  know  the  definitions  and   also  be  able  to  identify  whether  they  apply  to  an  image  listed   in  the  image  list.   Quiz  4  Focus  of  Study   Different  types  of  sculpture —(kinetic,  readymade,  monument/public  art/high  relief,   low  relief/ephemeral)  (Chapter  9  &  Sculpture  Lecture)   Two  main  processes  for  sculpting  (Chapter  9  &  Sculpture  Lecture)   Ceramics  (Chapter  12  &  Craft  &  Design  Lecture)   Main  types  of  sculpture  (Chapter  9  &  Sculpture  Lecture)   Categories  of  design  (Chapter  12  &  Craft  &  Design  Lecture)   Vietnam  Veterans  Memorial  (Chapter  10  &  Site -­‐Specific  Lecture)   Exam  3  Focus  of  Study   KEY  TERMS/CONCEPTS   craft     Ceramics     porcelain   fiber     glaze   design     coiling     patina     arch     dome     logo       Mixed  media     Keystone     flying  buttress       clerestory     architecture   voussoir     kinetic   Readymade       Geodesic  dome     typography     relief  sculpture   (high/low/bas)         Post-­‐and-­‐lintel       vault/groin       vault   Also  know:   Sculpture  processes  (casting,  carving,  assemblage,  modeling,  mold,  etc.)   Types  of  sculpture  (site  specific/environmental  art,  public  art,  etc.)   Reinforced  concrete/cast  iron  construction   Know  the  different  methods  of  working  with  clay   Know  what  glass  is  made  from   Know  the  two  basic  sculptural  categories/processes   Know  the  different  types  of  design  (graphic,  industrial,  etc.)   Images   1.  Michelangelo,  The  Cross-­‐Legged  Captive,  (Fig.  9-­‐2,  pg.  179)   2.  Louise  Bourgeois,  Portrait  of  Robert  (Fig.  9-­‐3,  pg.  179)   3..  Pablo  Picasso,  Mandolin  and  Clarinet   (Fig.  9-­‐13,  pg.  186)   4.  Louise  Nevelson,  Royal  Tide  IV  (Fig.  9-­‐15,  pg.  187)   5.  Janine  Antoni,  Gnaw  (Fig.  9-­‐22,  pg.  191)   6.  Robert  Smithson,  Spiral  Jetty  (Fig.  10-­‐2,  pg.  197)   7.  Andy  Goldsworthy,  Ice  Star  (Fig.  10-­‐3,  pg.  197)   8.  Anish  Kapoor,  Cloud  Gate  (Fig.  10-­‐21,  207)   9.  Maya  Ying  Lin,  Vietnam  Veterans  Memorial  (Fig.  10 -­‐26,  pg.  211)   10.  Machu  Picchu,  Inca  (Fig.  11-­‐4,  216)   11.  Eero  Saarinen,  Jefferson  National  Expansion  Memorial,  Gateway  Arch  (Fig.  11 -­‐7,  pg.  217)   12.  Gustave  Eiffel,  Eiffel  Tower  (Fig.  11-­‐15,  pg.  222)   13.  Louis  Sullivan,  Wainwright  Building,  (Fig.  11 -­‐17,  pg.  223)   14.  Frank  Lloyd  Wright,  Kaufmann  House  (Fallingwater)  (Fig.  11 -­‐22,  pg.  226)   15.  Robert  Arneson,  Jackson  Pollock,  (Fig.  12-­‐8,  pg.  239)   16.  Dale  Chihuly,  Icicle  Creek,  (Fig.  12-­‐14,  pg.  243)   17.  Philippe  Starck,  Juicy  Salif,  (Fig.  12-­‐32,  253)   18.  Pont  du  Gard,  (Fig.  14-­‐22,  pg.  315)   19.  Pantheon,  (Fig.  14-­‐28,  pg.  318)           Version  2.0  Updated  Summer  2015      


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