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Dragon Knights Writing Sample

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1 review
by: Kathleen Smale

Dragon Knights Writing Sample LIT 250

Marketplace > Point Loma Nazarene University > Literature > LIT 250 > Dragon Knights Writing Sample
Kathleen Smale
GPA 2.85

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About this Document

This is an example of a chapter for a novel. Try to keep the grammar and spelling to an acceptable level.
Introduction to the study of literature
Bettina Pedersen
Class Notes
Writing Examples
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Star Star Star Star Star
1 review
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"You're awesome! I'll be using your notes for sure moving forward :D"

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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kathleen Smale on Monday December 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to LIT 250 at Point Loma Nazarene University taught by Bettina Pedersen in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 32 views. For similar materials see Introduction to the study of literature in Literature at Point Loma Nazarene University.


Reviews for Dragon Knights Writing Sample

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You're awesome! I'll be using your notes for sure moving forward :D



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Date Created: 12/28/15
Chapter 1 A small red lantern was hovering over the green field. As the lazy sun was setting in the distance, Lucy was launching paper lanterns with her friends. It was the end of September, on an exceptionally beautiful day. After the first few lanterns were floating in the sky, her friend Trevor suggested a game. “Let’s try to aim the lanterns at the hole in the fence!”, he announced, pointing his small hand towards the gapping hole near the top of the tall metal fence surrounding the elementary school. “The first one to get it through get’s ice cream!” “That’s stupid,” Sakura berating him as she lit a tiny purple lantern. “ The hole may be big, but it’s impossible to aim these lanterns. Plus, what if the trees caught fire?” Lucy sighed as she smoothed out her red dress. Her friends were always fighting, as usual. Trevor was impulsive; Sakura always was planning one step ahead. Still, she loved how Trevor always was cheering her up, and how Sakura was so smart. In order to make peace, she assumed that she would be tie-breaker, as usual. “Why don’t we try the game for ten minutes, and then see if we’re having fun? The trees are far enough from the fence so it should be okay to try it,” Lucy suggested in a soothing voice. She was the voice of reason of the three, trying to make everyone happy. She always had a calming effect on people, and her friends were no exception. “Fine, but only for ten minutes,” Sakura sighed as she lit another lantern. She gave a curious look. “Isn’t your brother supposed to come pick you up soon?” “That’s right!” Lucy’s bright blue eyes were gleaming as she prepared another lantern, being careful not to burn her small, fragile hands. She loved when her older brother came to pick her up from school. Since he started high school, he was only able to do it on Fridays. Lucy loved to show him the pictures she drew in her art class. Of course, her being in third grade meant they weren’t exceptional, but he loved them all the same and hung them in his room. She appreciated that even though he tried to act like he was cool among his friends, he always respected her artwork. Trevor threw his green lantern towards the gapping hole, but it fell near the bottom of the gate. He flung his head in shame until he started chasing a laughing Sakura around the field. Then it was Sakura’s turn to toss her lantern into the wind. It flew so high that it missed the fence entirely, blowing into the distance until it couldn’t have been seen. Sakura’s pale face turned beet red in contrast to her jet-black hair. She walked away in a huff, smoothing our her purple skirt to keep her hands from throttling a laughing Trevor, rolling on the ground getting grass stains on his jeans. Now it was Lucy’s turn. She lifted her little red lantern and with her tiny lips, blew it into the direction of the hole. As it gently flew towards its target, she wished with all her might “I wish my brother would come soon.” Trevor quickly stood up. “How? I think hers is gonna make it!” he cried as the lantern was just about to fly through the hole. Lucy stared in awe as the lantern was just about to pass, but then screaming in horror as it was cut in half with a menacing knife. As the broken lantern fell to the ground in a heap, dark figures peached on top of the fence leapt down, landing on the green grass with unearthly ease. The children screeched in horror as black goblin creatures started crawling towards them. Lucy and the others could only watch as a man in black also leapt down behind the creatures, with a mysteriously smile, as a beast about to catch his prey. He was a fearsome beast indeed, his black trench coat wrapping itself around him, in boots meant to crush little birds. He lifted up a pointed finger towards the kids, and the goblins began to sprint. “RUN!” Lucy cried as the others scrambled across the field towards the school building. She was desperate to find someone, anyone to tell about the man in black, or to find a phone to call for help. But who would believe her? As she ran towards the front office, she couldn’t believe what she saw herself. Lucy was lucky enough to open the front door before gasping in shock. No one, not even the secretary, who normally wasn’t supposed to go home until dark, was in there. She sprinted to the phone, and dialed 911. But to her dismay, there was only silence ringing in her ears. The phone line had been cut. “LUCY!” Trevor cried as a goblin managed to catch up to him and pin him to the ground. A moment later, a startled shriek from Sakura rang in the air as another goblin pounced on her back, ripping her blouse. Lucy ran out of the office and turned the corner to help her friends, only to stand mere inches from the man in black. She squeaked in terror, and spun on her heel to sprint, only for the man in black to grab her blond hair. As she squirmed and twisted herself in order to get free, he slammed her into the garden nearby, the plants ripping shreds off of her red dress. Lucy looked up in horror. She tried to move, but her arms and legs refused to obey her frantic commands. As she turned her head, she saw four vines holding her limbs down to the soft earth. As she turned her head, she gasped as she got a good look on the face of her captor. He had black straight hair, matching his grim outfit. His long, narrow face highlighted his high cheekbones. But easily the most horrible was his eyes, instead of normal human eyes, he had serpent eyes, gleaming ruby red as they became slits. “Why are you doing this?” she cried, trying to be brave. Her body was trembling in fear, so she didn’t look too convincing. “Why are you hurting my friends?” She noticed that her strength was failing her, it was almost like staring into his eyes was sapping her strength. The man in black grinned, revealing his fangs. “Well my sweet girl, we require a sacrifice to our great king…” he whispered into her ear. “Lord Onyx!” The goblin pinning Trevor was asking. “What should we do with the two others?” Onyx was stroking his chin before he made up his mind. “Bring them along,” he answered. “We will need more servants at the castle. Or…” he smiled his horrible smile, “I could use a snack after this excursion.” “Don’t you dare! ” Lucy cried in anger. She knew she only had a little bit of time before she passed out, so she had to make every word count. “If my brother was here, he would…he would” she trailed off. “Well then maybe it’s a good thing he is not here then,” he smiled back. She hated that smile. “And now,” he stated as his eyes glowed red, “it’s time for you to finally SLEEP.” Lucy struggled not to look into his eyes, but they became memorizing, almost like a spell. With the last of her strength, she gave one last struggle before giving in to his trance. Onyx then chained her with the vines, before charming them into black chains. “Are the others ready?” he barked before lifting up her small body onto his back. “YES LORD!” the goblins shouted in unison. “Carry them to the castle,” he ordered. “I need to carry a special delivery to the master himself.” He ran to the middle of the parking lot, letting his black leathery wings unravel to full capacity. As a unsuspecting secretary walked back from her snack break, she screamed in complete terror as a fearsome black dragon flew into the sky with Lucy on his back. Her last thought before becoming unconscious was “Mark…Help me.”


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