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Music Concert Report

by: Kumar Jyoti

Music Concert Report Music 1300

Kumar Jyoti
GPA 3.3
Music Appreciation
Dr. Scott Pool

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About this Document

Music Appreciation Concert Report 4
Music Appreciation
Dr. Scott Pool
Class Notes
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This page Class Notes was uploaded by Kumar Jyoti on Tuesday December 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Music 1300 at University of Texas at Arlington taught by Dr. Scott Pool in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 47 views.


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Date Created: 12/29/15
Music Appreciation Concert Report Name Kumar Aman Jyoti 1 What aspects of this concert did you nd most interesting This Music concert gave me a lot of good aspects Some of which are listed below It can make us see feel and hear the world differently39 It is storytelling at its most vivid and manipulative The art form that comes closest to expressing pure emotion It was like a quotnostalgia effect but reminiscing about enjoyable past experiences This only seemed me to improve over time 2 Which was you favorite piece on the concert Why quotWA Mozart Allegroquot was one of the best pieces of the concert that I liked very much Basically for me it offered the muchmorethanexpected complexity and range of style and ability that made up a truly an artist There is a variety of articulation that limits use of the sustain pedal The music like opera shifts dramatically from major to minor light to heavy and I like that very much 3 How did the performers engage you as an audience member The music they played let me in a different world of emotions Seriously I just got carried away along with the melodious music they both played I am not a devoted music follower to be frank but on the concert day l was in love with everything what we call Music especially Concert Movie 4 What are the elements of this concert that would bring you back for another concert What are the ones that would keep you away from future concerts First of all I would like to mention the answer of the second part of the question as I told you that this being my third live concert of my life was one of the nest and unforgettable experience which will last till my last breathe of my life And each and every moment I sat on the chair is still refreshing and I don t remember a single moment that will keep me from future concerts I am in love with this Applause was long an enthusiastic and after the concert a long line of audience members waited to share their excitement with the performers Enthusiasm joy call it what you will To me the evening was one of quotWA Mozart Allegroquot There were many elements of this concert that will bring me back for every other concert following are some of them listed below Simplicity but yet intensive This is one of the main elements I would like to go to every concert now Attractiveness For the whole time the music carried me along with the different emotions and that was amazingly incredible r UT rlingt n l D p ftm t of Witl i panama J


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