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Courtney & Specht, Week 1

by: Kiona Jones

Courtney & Specht, Week 1 T SOCW 501

Kiona Jones
GPA 3.22

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About this Document

These notes will help you write the first paper. But remember to ask a lot of questions. If you have Tom, he'll try to make you ask them during his office hours. Catch before or after class, though...
Social Policy and Economic Security
Dr. Diehm
Class Notes
social policy
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This 1 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kiona Jones on Tuesday December 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to T SOCW 501 at University of Washington taught by Dr. Diehm in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 9 views. For similar materials see Social Policy and Economic Security in Social Work at University of Washington.


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Date Created: 12/29/15
Courtney & Specht Week 1 10­11­2015 What is the difference between  Social workers are concerned with “enabling people to make use of social and  social work and psychotherapy? community resources: their families, voluntary associations, public services,  friends, and so forth.” (P. 3). “Psychotherapists are concerned primarily with helping patients deal with  problems that are intimately related to their selves. The psychotherapist helps the  patient to increase self­esteem—to have higher regard for the self and to care for  and protect the self in dealings with other people.” (P.3). Social workers are hurting their practice by not putting enough emphasis on community as a source of intervention and healing for clients. I disagree. “Americans are fair and generous people, responsive to appeals for charity… But, paradoxically perhaps, Americans turn away from relentless, enduring, grinding, persistent need.” (P. 5). “Social work… was founded on a strong belief in the perfectibility of society.” (P. 7) What’s the difference between American society responds to social responsibility depending on the recipients of “worthy poor” and “unworthy social and government assistance. If they see someone as “worthy poor”—people poor”? who cannot care for themselves” such as “the frail aged, the orphaned, and the severely disabled”—they are more understanding. If they see someone as “unworthy poor”—“[seemingly] able­bodied men and women” such as those who “are homeless, mentally ill, and addicted to drugs” as well as those that seem “just plain unwilling to work”—they are less understanding. However, there is a level of reluctance either way because of the widely held belief that helping others will cause them to become dependent on this help and less willing to help them­ selves even when they are or become able to do so. (P. 9) The presumption that social work is losing itself in psychotherapy is incorrect. While the two may influence each other, their  reasons for existing will always keep them separate. Moreover, social work will continue to sustain itself. As long as people  need help in a human service capacity, social work will continue to provide specific resources that other fields cannot.


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