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Music 130 syllabus

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1 review
by: Alexis Schwinghamer

Music 130 syllabus MUSC 180

Alexis Schwinghamer
GPA 3.7

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About this Document

It's a syllabus...
Introduction to Music Therapy
Natasha Thomas
Class Notes
25 ?




Star Star Star Star Star
1 review
Star Star Star Star Star
"Clutch. So clutch. Thank you sooo much Alexis!!! Thanks so much for your help! Needed it bad lol"
Gregory Schiller

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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alexis Schwinghamer on Friday January 1, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to MUSC 180 at University of North Dakota taught by Natasha Thomas in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Music Therapy in Music at University of North Dakota.


Reviews for Music 130 syllabus

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Clutch. So clutch. Thank you sooo much Alexis!!! Thanks so much for your help! Needed it bad lol

-Gregory Schiller


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Date Created: 01/01/16
MUSC  130:  Music  Theory  I   Fall  2015       T/Th  8:00-­‐9:15  a.m.  or  9:30-­‐10:45  a.m.,  HFAC  248           Instructor:  Whitney  Berry   Office:  HFAC  282   Phone:  777-­‐4716   E-­‐mail:   Office    Hours:    M/T/W/Th,  11:00-­‐11:50  a.m.  or  by  appointment     Co-­‐requisite:      MUSC  131:  Aural  Skills  I     Course  Description     This  course  deals  with  the  fundamentals  and  structure  of  tonal  music.    Emphasis  will  be  placed  on  the  development  of   music  notation  and  analysis  skills  through  practical  and  creative  experiences .     Course  Goals     1) Students  will  accurately  identify  fundamental  components  of  written  music.   2) Students  will  accurately  notate  fundamental  components  of  music.   3) Students  will  demonstrate  an  understanding  of  compositional  conventions  of  the  Common  P ractice  period.   4) Students  will  apply  their  knowledge  of  music  fundamentals  and  common  practice  conventions  to  original   music  composition.     Required  Materials     The  Practice  of  Harmony,  Peter  Spencer,  6th  ed.     (ISBN  978-­‐0-­‐205-­‐71719-­‐4)    *NEW  copies  only   Staff  paper   Pencil  and  good  eraser   Small  (1  inch)  3-­‐ring  binder  (for  handouts)         Grade  Distribution     Grading  Scale         Unit  Tests         30%   A  =  92-­‐100%   Quizzes     15%   B  =  83-­‐91%   Assignments   20%   C  =  74-­‐82%   Final  Exam   25%   D  =  65-­‐73%   Participation     10%   F  =  64%  and  below       Unit  Tests  and  Quizzes     •  There  will  be  4  unit  tests  during  the  semester ,  which  combined,  count  for  30%  of  the  final  grade.      A  fifth  unit  test  will  be            scheduled  at  the  end  of  the  semester  as  a  make -­‐up  test  for  students  who  have  missed  or  done  poorly  on  one  of  the              four  unit  tests.    The  dates  of  the  unit  tests  can  be  found  on  the  attached  class  schedule.       •    There  will  be  10  quizzes  during  the  semester,  which  combined,  count  for  15%  of  the  final  grade.    At  the  end  of  the              semester,  the  2  lowest  quiz  scores  will  be  dropped  so  that  only  the  highest  8  quizzes  will  count  toward  the  final  grade.                All  quizzes  will  be  on  a  "surprise"  basis  an d  will  be  based  on  material  covered  in   previous  classes.         Because  of  the  built  in  test  make-­‐up  and  dropped  quiz  score  opportunities ,  missed  tests  and  quizzes  may  not  be  made  up   during  the  semester  except  in  extreme  circumstances.      Appropriate  documentation  must  be  provided  in  such   circumstances.    (E.g.  Doctor’s  note)       MUSC  130  Syllabus  Fall  2015  –  Page  1    gnments   •Assignments  will  be  given   DAILY  and  will  be  designed  to  emphasize  the  concepts  learned  in  class,  and  to  give  the        student  the  opportunity  to  gain  further  competence  in  and   understanding  of  the  course  material.     •Students  will  be  notified  of  assignments  in  class  and  on  Blackboard.       •Assignments  are  due  at  the   beginning  of  class  on  the  due  date .    Late  assignments  will  not  be  accepted.         •Assignments  will  be  assessed  on  the  b asis  of  completion  only  and  not  assigned  individual  grades.    Students  are        responsible  for  checking  their  answers  with  the  answer  keys  provided,  and/or  for  incorporating  corrections  marked        by  the  instructor.     •The  assignment  portion  of  the  grade  will   be  determined  by  the  percentage  of  assignments  completed,  as  illustrated  by              the  chart  below:   Percentage  Completed              Assignment    Grade         95-­‐100%                      20%  (full  credit)   75-­‐94%                      15%   50-­‐74%                      10%   25-­‐49%                          5%   0-­‐24%                          0%           •Optional  assignments  will  be  given   frequently  for  extra  practice  and/or  to  make  up  for  incomplete  assignments.          The  assignment  percentage  will  be  calculated   by  dividing  the  student’s  total  number  of  completed  assignments  (both          required  and  optional)  by  the  number  of  "required"  assignments  only.   (E.g.  a  student  completing  5  required  and  3        optional  assignments  at  a  point  in  the  course  where  10  required  assignments  have  been  given  would  have  an          assignment  percentage  of  80%.)   Updated  assignment  totals  will  be  posted  periodically  on  Blackboard  as  a        convenience,  but  it  is  the  student’s  responsibility  to  monitor  his  or  her  own  completion  of  assignments.       •  EXTRA  CREDIT  (up  to  5%)  will  be  given   for  assignment  totals  that  exceed  100%  as  follows:         Percentage  Completed              Assignment    Grade       100-­‐124%                        21%  (1%  bonus)   125-­‐149%                      22%  (2%  bonus)   150-­‐174%                      23%  (3%  bonus)   175-­‐199%                      24%  (4%  bonus)   200%  and  over                      25%  (5%  bonus)             A  Special  Note  About  Assignments  and  Absences     If  a  student  is  excused  from  class,  it  is  expected  that  he  or  she  turn  in  the  assignments   both  due,  and  given  that  day  on  the   next  class  period,  unless  special  arrangements  have  been  made  with  the  instructor.     A  current  list  of  all  required  and  optional   assignments  will  be  posted  on  Blackboard  after  each  class  period.    It  is  the  student’s  responsibility  to  check  this  list  for  any   missed  assignments.                     MUSC  130  Syllabus  Fall  2015  –  Page  2     Participation     •  Due  to  the  emphasis  placed  on  group  discussion  and  learning  from  peers,  it  is  essential  that  students  attend  every                  class.    If  a  student  needs  to  be  absent  from  class,  he  or  she  must  notify  the  instructor  (by  voicemail  or  e -­‐mail)  no  later              than  one  hour  prior  to  the  class  period  for  the  absence  to  be  excused.    In  extreme  circumstances,  an  absence  may  be          excused  after    the  class  period  with  appropria te  written  documentation  only  (E.g.  Doctor’s  note).     •  All  students  are  allowed   TWO  UNEXCUSED  absences  without  penalty.    The  THIRD  unexcused  absence  will  result          in  the  loss  of  HALF  of  the  participation  grade  (5%)  and  the  FOURTH  unexcused  absence  will  result  in  the  loss          of  the  remainder  of  participation  grade  (5%).    At  any  time,  a  student  may  request  an  update  on  the  number  of          unexcused  absences  recorded  by  the  instructor.    It  is  the  STUDENT’S  responsibility  to  keep  track  of  this          information  to  avoid  penalty.     •  Students  are  responsible  for  getting  the  notes,  handouts  and  assignments  they  missed  from  the  instructor,  other              students,  or  the  course  Blackboard  site.        sroom  Etiquette   •  If  the  classroom  doors  are  closed  upon  your  arrival,  please  wait  outside  in  the  hallway  until  you  are  invited  in.     •  Please  SILENCE  all  mobile  devices  and  refrain  from   inappropriate  usage  during  class.     •  Use  of  laptop  or  tablet  computers  during  cl ass  is  prohibited  unless  specifically  requested  by  the  instructor.     •  Be  supportive  and  respectful  of  your  classmates.    You  will  be  working  in  groups  most  of  the  time  and  it  is  important            to  be  cordial,  courteous  and  helpful  to  others.           Communication     All  course  related  communications  will  be  sent  via  e -­‐mail  to  the  address  students  have  set  as  their  preferred  address  on   Blackboard.    Students  are  responsible  for  providing  a  working  e -­‐mail  address  on  Blackboard  and  checking  it  daily .    In   addition,  a  Blackboard  site  has  been  established  for  this  course  which  will  contain  course  materials,  announcements,   assignments  and  grades.       Disability  Accommodations     If  you  have  emergency  medical  information  to  share  with  me,  need  special  arrangements  in  case  the   building  must  be   evacuated,  or  you  need  disability  accommodations  in  this  course,  please  make  an  appointment  with  me.      My  office  is   located  in  Hughes  Fine  Arts  Center  room  28 2  and  my  office  hours  are  T/R  9:00 -­‐9:50  a.m.  If  you  plan  to  request  disability   accommodations,  you  are  expected  to  register  with  Disability  Services  for  Students,190  McCannel  Hall,     777-­‐3425  (v/tty).       Statement  of  Academic  Integrity     Students  are  expected  to  practice  the  highest  form  of  ethics,  honesty  and  integrity  in  all  their  academic  work.    Any  form   of  academic  dishonesty  (plagiarism,  cheating,  misrepresentation)  will  be  handled  as  as  detailed  in  the  UND  Code  of   Student  Life,  Section  IIIa-­‐3.         MUSC  130  Syllabus  Fall  2015  –  Page  3     TENTATIVE  COURSE  SCHEDULE   (subject  to  revision  as  necessary )       Tuesday,  September  29   Unit  Test  1             Clefs  and  Pitch,  Scales,  Key  Sig natures  (Chapters  1-­‐3)       Tuesday,  October  20     Unit  Test  2           Intervals,  Triads  &  V7  (Chapters  4-­‐5  &  supplemental  material )       Tuesday,  November  10     Unit  Test  3             Rhythm  (Chapter  6)           Thursday,  November  26   Thanksgiving  Recess  -­‐  no  classes       Thursday,  December  3     Unit  Test  4           Four-­‐part  Vocal  Writing,  Primary  Triads  in  Root  Position             (Chapter  7-­‐8)       Thursday,  December  10   Test  5  (Unit  Test  Make-­‐up)           Final  Exam  material         Friday,  December  11     Reading  and  Review  Day  –  no  classes           *Possible  additional  exam  review  session  on  this  day       FINAL  EXAM  SCHEDULE         9:30  SECTION     Tuesday,  December  15       8:00  a.m.  -­‐10:00  a.m.   HFAC  248     8:00  SECTION     Thursday,  December  187   8:00  a.m.  -­‐10:00  a.m.   HFAC  248       MUSC  130  Syllabus  Fall  2015  –  Page  4  


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