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SPAN 301, Chapter 1 Vocabulary list

by: Lacey Crain

SPAN 301, Chapter 1 Vocabulary list SPAN 301

Marketplace > Southern Illinois University Edwardsville > Spanish > SPAN 301 > SPAN 301 Chapter 1 Vocabulary list
Lacey Crain
GPA 3.2

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About this Document

It is the first set of vocabulary you will learn.
Spanish Comp and Conv 1
Rocha, Carolina
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Lacey Crain on Friday January 1, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to SPAN 301 at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville taught by Rocha, Carolina in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 23 views. For similar materials see Spanish Comp and Conv 1 in Spanish at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.


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Date Created: 01/01/16
Capitulo 1 vocabulario Para describir cualidades positivas o neutras Agradable – pleasant encantador(a) – charming Atrevido/a – daring hablador(a) – talkative Callado/a – quiet llamativo/a – showy, flashy Chistoso/a – funny reservado/a – reserved Culto/a – well-educated sensible – sensitive Dulce – sweet serio/a – serious Educado/a – polite tímido/a – shy Para describir cualidades negativas Bruto/a – stupid, brutish presumido/a – conceited Cursi – tasteless, pretentious, corny raro/a – strange Despistado/a – absent-minded tacaño/a - stingy Grosero/a – rude testarudo/a – stubborn Pesado/a – tedious, annoying tiquismiquis – picky vago/a – lazy Para hablar del cuerpo El arête/el pendiente – earring la peca – freckle La arruga – wrinkle el pelo – hair La barba – beard canoso – gray El bigote – moustache liso – straight La ceja – eyebrow rizado – curly La cicatriz – scar teñido – dyed Las gafas/los lentes – eyeglasses el piercing – piercing El lunar – beauty mark, mole el rasgo – trait, characteristic El ombligo – navel el rostro – face La oreja – ear el tatuaje – tattoo La patilla – sideburn calvo/a – bald pelirojo/a – red-headed Para hablar de las percepciones Caerle (irreg.) bien/mal (a alguien) – to like/dislike (someone) Darse (irreg.) cuenta de – to realize llevarse bien/mal con – to get along well/poorly with Estar (irreg.) de moda – to be in style parecer (parezco) – to seem, appear Estar pasado/a de moda – to be out of style parecerse a – to look like Ir (irreg.) a la moda – to dress fashionably verse (irreg.) – to look + adj./adv. Para describir las impresiones Alucinante – incredible, impressive emocionante – exciting Degradante – degrading preocupante – worrisome Deprimente – depressing repugnante – disgusting Otras expresiones útiles A primera vista – at first sight Las apariencias engañan – looks are deceiving Hablar por los codos – to talk a lot Meter la pata – to put one’s foot in one’s mouth No tener (irreg.) pelos en la lengua – to speak one’s mind Ser (irreg.) buena/mala gente – to be a good/bad person Tener buena/mala pinta – to have a good/bad appearance Tener (mucha) cara – to have (a lot of) nerve


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