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Sample Note Addition

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by: Taylor Notetaker

Sample Note Addition SPANISH 2172

Taylor Notetaker
GPA 3.5

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About this Document

Just a sample of uploading notes
Spanish Composition
Dominique Navarro
Class Notes
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1 review
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"I'm really struggling in class and this study guide was freaking crucial. Really needed help, and Taylor delivered. Shoutout Taylor, I won't forget!"

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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Taylor Notetaker on Monday January 4, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to SPANISH 2172 at University of Missouri - St. Louis taught by Dominique Navarro in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 118 views. For similar materials see Spanish Composition in Spanish at University of Missouri - St. Louis.


Reviews for Sample Note Addition

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I'm really struggling in class and this study guide was freaking crucial. Really needed help, and Taylor delivered. Shoutout Taylor, I won't forget!



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Date Created: 01/04/16
Spanish Oral Project Premise: I am going to be a radio announcer (Youtuber?) on a phone interview with Lola Lago (Use Note 5 to record, Iphone for ‘prop’ phone) What to use for a microphone? Headset? Settings? Clear off the desk in back room? (o.o’) Kitchen? Interview questions: (English) Is there anyone special in your life? How long have you worked as a detective? How did you get your start? What was it like to have a simple lost dog case become such a national case? (Reword) Script (English): Alicia Cortes : Hello Hello devoted listeners of Alicia Cortes in the Afternoon! Coming at you from Barcelona. Every day I bring you the latest news and strange happenings in Spain. Today I have a real treat for you! I had a chance to get the lovely Lola Lago on the phone for an interview. Unless you’ve had your head buried in the sand for the past few weeks, you’ll surely recognize the famous detective from Madrid with a talent for breaking the strangest cases. Lola, are you there? Lola: I’m here. Alicia: Thank you so much for being on the air with us today. I must say, I haven’t found anyone yet who isn’t impressed with your uncanny ability to bust the big cases—and all by walking into them! Lola: (laughs) I don’t know about all’s just a case of good detective work and good fortune. Alicia: I’ll say. In just the past few weeks you have been the lead detective in a housing scandal in Costa Brava and just last week busted a huge dog-knapping scam. There’s got to be more to the story. Lola: I just have good people on my team. We’re like a family, and we work together really well. That helps. Alicia: A super crime fighting family. Where do you go from here? Lola: Not sure. We are getting a new office space to prepare for an expansion of my private detective practice. Hopefully I will continue to help the people who come through my doors. Alicia: Right on! If anyone Madrid needs the help of a private detective, feel free to visit the lovely Lola at her Madrid location. Visit my website on barcelona for more information on Lola Lago, her private practice, and her contact information. Srta. Lola Lago, Thank you for talking to us. Lola: Thanks for having me! Escritura Español Alicia Cortes: ¡Allo y buenos tardes a los oyentes de Alicia Cortes en el tarde, Yo estoy hablando a vosotros en vivo de Barcelona. Todos los días yo te traigo las noticias más recientes y más extrañas de España. Para hoy, yo tengo un algo muy interesante para vosotros. Tuve la oportunidad de hablar con la hermosa Señorita Lola Lago por el teléfono para una entrevista. A menos que haya tenido la cabeza en la arena durante las últimas semanas, reconocerás seguramente el nombre de la detective famosa de Madrid. Ella tiene un talento para resolver los casos más extraños. Lola, ¿estás ahí? (44) Lola: Estoy aquí.(45_ Alicia: Muchas gracias para venir en el aire con nosotros. Tengo que decir, yo no creo que haya nadie que no se impresiona consigo. Tiene una habilidad extraña para averiguar los casos grandes. ¡Y todo por acidente! (1:02) Lola: (laughs) No sé si eso es la verdad…es el buen trabajo de los detectives y la buena fortuna. (1:10) Alicia: Aye sí. Usted ha sido la detective primera en un escándalo de vivienda y un gran caso de los secuestros de peros. Todo en el lapso de solamente unas semanas. Tiene que haber más en la historia. (1:24) Lola: Sólo tengo buenas personas de mi equipo. Paco, Miguel, y yo somos como una familia. Trabajamos bien a juntos, lo que ayuda. (1:34) Alicia: Una familia que lucha contra el crimen. ¿Qué hace ahora? (1:41) Lola: No estoy segura, todavía. Nos estamos preparanda para renover mi oficina para una expansion de mi práctica. Espero que pueda seguir ayudando la gente que viene a través de mi puerta. (¡;55) Alicia: ¡Maravilloso! Si alguien necesite la ayuda de una detective privada , se sientan libre para visitar la Hermosa Lola a su oficina en Madrid. Visita mi sitio Wed en hablabarcelona (punto) co (punto) es para más informacion de Lola Lago, su practica privada, y el información de contacto de ella. Srta. Lago, gracias para hablar con nosotros. (2:26) Lola: Gracias por tenerme.(2:30)


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